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1. Crazy Legs Conti - July 24, 2007


I normally communicate by typewriter and carrier pigeon, but since you ate the secret message I left in your P’Zone, I have no choice but to post here (on your blog in cyberspace or wherever we are now). All are invited…sorry for the short notice.

I would have emailed sooner, but I just got back from Las Vegas and the Home Media Expo where I ate popcorn in conjunction with the DVD release of, “Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating”. I ate 10.5 buckets of Popz microwave popcorn in ten minutes (and two errant soggy napkins at the bottom of buckets 6 and 7 – gross). Call it, “Fear and Digesting in Las Vegas”.

Oyster Productions has always been at the forefront of ridiculous and preposterous ways to party and now for the DVD release of, “Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating” (www.crazylegsconti.com) we have invented a whole new culinary and cinematic scenario…TASTE-O-VISION! That’s right, Taste-O-Vision. All the details are at http://www.taste-o-vision.com, but if you want to experience the, “Movie in your Mouth” then we will see you:

Tuesday Night
7:33 PM
Millennium Theater
66 East 4th street (between Bowery and 2nd Ave)

You will be amazed and astounded…see oyster eating, taste oyster, see hot dog eating, taste…you get the idea.

Also in attendance, The Mount Rushmore’s of the Stomach:
Don “Moses” Lerman (7 1/4 sticks of butter, ten minutes),
Ed “Cookie” Jarvis (18 inch Pizza, 3 minutes, 59 seconds),
Eric “Badlands” Booker (24 1/2 Matzoh Balls, five minutes twenty five seconds)
Hungry Charles Hardy (fifteen feet of sushi)
and Beautiful Brian Seiken (5 1/2 pounds strawberry shortcake in eight minutes).
As well as Tim “Eater X” Janus (13 Groupies, twelve hours) and Crazy Legs Conti (72 plugs for the DVD in four minutes).

You are on the list. The Password is “Swordfish”


Coyote Ugly
1st ave @ 9th street

If you can’t make it, you can experience Taste-O-Vision on the DVD extras as well as Kristy and Maria, wearing only burger bikinis and, ahem, dunking their buns. DVD available online for sale, Netflix for rent, and in most stores July 24th.

Also, The July 4th Nathan’s contest was one for the ages. Joey “Jaws” Chesnut broke the 4 minute mile of competitive eating by downing 66 hdbs and Kobayashi was a true champion even in defeat (and 63 hdbs). I did 23 1/2 which was important because I didn’t get “tripled” by Joey’s amazing 66. The entire field did over the deuce for the first time in history. It was a great day (in my opinion, more historic than 1776) and it’s going to be a wonderful July because the DVD of the documentary, “Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating is finally available. Its online now and will be in stores July 24th. Plus its in Taste-O-Vision ( http://www.taste-o-vision.com)

In conjunction with the DVD we have a couple great events that you may be interested in. On July 24th at the DVD release will will screen some scenes in Taste-O-Vision, where what you see me eat on screen, the audience gets to eat (color coded jelly beans for hot dog, oyster, butter, etc). It is also a feature on the DVD. On July 28th, I will be in Brownsville, Oregon for the outdoor screening of “Stand by Me” (by the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Picture Roadshow http://www.originalalamo.com )
with the first ever hands-free blueberry pie eating championship. Corey Feldman will be the head judge.

It’s a great summer to be a Major League Eater. You can glean background info at http://www.crazylegsconti.com, http://www.majorleagueeating.com , and http://www.ifoce.com

Eat All You Can,

Crazy Legs Conti

July 4th Coney Island, Official after party @ Ruby’s on the boardwalk. DVD pre-release party
July 17th Las Vegas, Home Media Expo – I attempt to break Sonya’s shortform popcorn world record (9.5 bags in ten minutes)
Tuesday, July 24th DVD release screening in Taste-O-Vison, Millennium Theater 7:33 PM (66 East 4th street between 2nd ave Bowery). After-Party @ Coyote Ugly (1st ave and 9th street).
Saturday, July 28th Brownsville, Oregon “Stand By Me” screening and blueberry pie eating championship with Corey Feldman.

2. Beautiful Minds - December 19, 2007

its getting difficult to maintain the blog in Blogger 😦

thinking of a migration to WP.!

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