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Mystery Illness Solved September 18, 2007

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So as some of you have heard by now, a meteor crash in Peru has apparently made some Peruvian residents ill.


Residents were complaining of headaches and vomiting as a result of “foul odor” caused by the meteor crash.

However I’m a little skeptical of that. Meteors are friendly glowing objects that just happen to put holes in our surface. There’s nothing wrong with a little crater here and there along the surface of the earth. Plus isn’t the point of skin care products to make our skin glow every now and again. No one ever said what color it had to glow.

Crater Chris proves that craters are a good thing for your skin

I personally think Peruvian residents could have had it a lot worse. They could have been exposed to a bad batch of ceviche. That would have given them a bad odor to complain about!

How can one person be this knowledgable about odors, caused by not only food but by meteors as well you ask? Well, that’s simple my friends, especially when you’re a certified Tetris master!

Eat your heart out Ken Jennings, I’m a certified Tetris Master!


Garbage Pail Kids July 27, 2006

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So in talking to Kristen today (Bridget’s BFF from Verizon for those who haven’t met) we started talking about Garbage Pail Kids. Well lo and behold, doing a little research, I found the mecca of Garbage Pail Kids collections.

http://www.gpkworld.com has the collection of all of the names on record. Just scroll a little down the main page.

http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/9622/ has a collection of all of the cards! Awesome.

I definitely had every card in the first three series. Easily. Here’s some samples based on those who visit this blog frequently (in no particular order – if i missed you it was by accident…i promise 🙂