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Finally a bill worth passing! November 12, 2007

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Firstly…how bout them Cowboys! Big win for the boys over the weekend knocking off the Giants, who basically spent the last 4 weeks playing Junior Varsity. Glad they finally got knocked back to earth.

Now, onto the news of the day. I read in AM New York this morning that Councilman Simcha Felder from Brooklyn is looking to put a ban on feeding pigeons.

As reported here back in July, pigeons have become bigger and nastier in recent days. I reported that due to steriod based grass fertilizers, pigeons have been on a eating spree, gobbling up as much steriod infused seeds as they can get their beaks on. Also it’s well known that pigeon shit is highly acidic and causes the rotting and decay of our bridges, buildings and infrastructure.

A pigeon performing a “shit and run” in NYC

So this bill would effectively ban all feeding of pigeons. Furthermore the bill calls for the creation of a “pigeon czar to be held accountable for all the city’s pigeon-related complaints”.

Now if the city had any brains at all they’d appoint me pigeon czar. Just give me a shotgun and I’d effectively end the pigeon overpopulation problem for good. And anyone caught feeding a pigeon would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

What would that punishment be? I’d unleash a gang of ugly, unruly pigeons, lock them in the offender’s house or apartment for a week, feeding them nothing but Ex-Lax and Metamusil. I’d lock the violator in the house as well, leaving them to defend themselves against the shit fueled rage that would transpire. Then after the week was up, I’d “humanely execute” all of the pigeons in the house leaving the homeowner to clean up the mess of shit and pigeon carcasses. I bet your bottom dollar that the violator of pigeon law would never, ever feed a pigeon ever again!

If they did violate a second time….they would be met with death. No questions asked.

Think I’m the only one with these thoughts? Think again.

Take a look at the Royal Society for the Preservation of Pigeon Killing, which is better known as KillthePigeons.com

There’s countless stories on this site of how pigeons destroy our every day lives and also reports on the “heros” who help rid the world of pesky pigeons.

Are you sick of pigeons shitting on your new coat the first time you wear it? Are you tired of having to dodge swarms of pigeons on the street as soon as someone so much as feeds them a small piece of bread? Speak up. Support Councilman Felder’s proposal ban on pigeon feeding! Join the cause and let’s keep the damn pigeon population under control!

Wear it loud…wear it proud! October 11, 2007

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There’s a shirt I’ve been looking for recently after watching a documentary on the Brooklyn Dodgers. It’s an old “Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn” shirt. It had the Dodgers logo and was given to fans back in the 50s as a rallying cry to keep the Dodgers from moving from Brooklyn to L.A.

John found a replica of the shirt from this company called No Mas.

While it wasn’t the shirt I was looking for, it is based on an authentic shirt that fans used to wear back then:

Their website had a ton of other really random, cool t-shirts.

Here’s a few of them I personally love:

The Amazing Mess

Even though the shirt is referring to the 86 Mets, I think it’s quite appropriate given this year’s collapse!

Tecmo Bo

Who can forget Tecmo Bo and he unstoppable hijinks in Tecmo Bowl! If you need a reminder on how good Bo was in Tecmo Bowl, here’s a reminder for you (click to play).

Rated Rookie

Donruss’ Rated Rookie cards were a hot commodity back in the days. I know I jumped for joy when I found a McGwire rated rookie in a pack of Donruss.

For those who don’t remember what the cards looked like, here’s an example:

Btw, is it just me or does Greg Maddux look strikingly (get it – he’s a pitcher – strikingly – I’m a fuckin genius!) like Pedro in that picture?


Love the sarcasm of the whole “say no to drugs” and Strawberry angle. If only the picture had him AND Doc Gooden leaning against a “Coke” vending machine. Now that would be classic!

Although I think this picture would more exemplify a “Say No to Drugs” campaign!

And to think all three of those guys were the biggest stars in the heydays. How the mighty fall sometimes. Speaking of the mighty falling…received this candid picture of Jay Squirrel, Keywork’s opponent in the presidential race.

Life’s a “breeze” July 24, 2007

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So on Saturday, Avi, Lauren and I ventured off to do some fishing. Instead of hitting one of the party boats in Sheepshead Bay I suggested we take a trip to Breezy Point (Queens) and fish off one of the jetty’s on the beach (which would also double as a beach day)!

So we headed to Brooklyn to pick up my mom’s car and some equipment and headed out to Breezy Point, which I haven’t been to in years. For those who don’t know Breezy Point, it’s basically a very small neighborhood at the western tip of the Rockaways adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. If it wasn’t for the Rockaways and Breezy Point, most of Brooklyn would be like the lost city of Atlantis because the water would surge completely inland.

Anyway, we drove to the end of the penisula and parked next to the Breezy Point Surf Club. I figured it would be a short walk from there so we unloaded the car and carried our gear towards the beach.

Well, small problem was that we had a cooler full of beer, ice and bait, bags of beach towels, rods and other equipment to fish with. So we weren’t exactly carrying light. The other small problem? I failed to remember that we had to walk over 1/2 mile in the sand dunes to get to the beach.

Everytime we thought we were close, we had another twist and turn in the path. Buzzards were circling over us waiting for the moment we dropped in exhaustion. It really felt like another world, with 10′ tall grass and thick as molasses sand dunes. Sweat poured down our brows as the gear became heavier and heavier. It was crazy…I never remember the walk being as long or as tedious.

Finally we got to the beach and dropped our cooler and bags straight down. We took a few deep breaths and tried to catch our bearings. People were laid out on the sand, sunning themselves and playing in the surf.

I looked to the right and figured the jetty would be right near us. Nope. Not even close. The jetty was farrrrrrr in the distance. Like another 1/2 mile or so!

The jetty was barely seeable from here!

You have to be kidding right? How big can Breezy possibly be? We should have been in Jersey by now with the amount of walking we did!

That was a big discouragement to say the least. We were dying of heat and fortunately Lauren and I came prepared by wearing bathing suits (Avi wasn’t as thoughtful) and headed into the water to cool off. I normally like to dive right in, but it was still fuckin cold! Felt good initially, until my nipples started to freeze over and then I headed back to the sandstorm (true to the name, there’s always a brisk ‘breeze’ in Breezy). Seriously, it felt like we were in the middle of a sandblizzard. Sitting down, the sand whipped into your back. Laying down the sand pounded your face. The only salvation came when we opened the cooler and busted out the 6 pack of refreshing Light Mike’s Hard Tea!

Awesome stuff! It’s a little less sweeter than the previous versions of Mike’s Hard Tea and goes down supersmooth. I think I drank two bottles in 2 minutes top. Probably could’ve drank another 20 or so. Definitely worth trying, especially on a hot summer’s day.

After about an hour or so of laying around we decided the trek to the jetty would be too far, so we decided to surf cast. We only had 7 foot rods, where normally surf casting requires a 15-20 foot rod. So needless to say we were in trouble. I ventured into the ocean and attempted to cast past the waves, which failed miserably. Avi had better luck casting, until the reel popped off the rod and the line snapped off, taking the weight and hook with it. Not only happened once, but twice. Hmm. Note to self, you can’t overhand cast a fluke rig. I guess there’s a reason you only fish for fluke off boats, you’re supposed to drop the line deep down and let the fish bite. We learned this the hard way. Twice.

Anyway I had another 5 pounds of squid that I didn’t know what to do with. And since everyone else I asked wasn’t fishing for fluke (I guess they were fishing for syringes?) I ventured out into the water and let the squid go. The seagulls ate the squid in about 2 seconds so so much for feeding the fish!

Anyway…no catches of note for us. Besides catching plenty of sand in our eyes, nose and ass. Ok, maybe not ass…but I wouldn’t be surprised if some ended up there! Heading back from the beach we cut through the Breezy Surf club where we were able to walk on concrete and not sand. No wonder why they charge their members $50 per visit!

However, since I never published the pictures from our trout fishing trip a few months back, to make me feel better about fishing, here’s Avi with his trophy wild trout caught at the Morsston house back yard stream in Livingston Manor, NY

And here’s my big catch from that weekend’s fishing trip!

Pretty sweet huh? Needless to say that branch was able to feed us for weeks!

“Coming Out” Party July 5, 2007

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So as you all undoubtedly saw, my man Joey Chestnut took home the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship yesterday, bringing the coveted Mustard Belt back home to the USA for the first time since 1996.

It was crazy. Some of the most riveting, suspenseful, jaw-dropping live television I’ve seen in a long time. Fuck the Sopranos…if you wanted drama, you should have watched the end of the hot dog eating contest. You had everything you could ask for in a showdown of epic proportions.

It began with the Don King style “pre-eat” weigh-in.

You had the classic USA vs Japan matchup. A storyline that the WWE would just about kill for these days (no pun intended…since they tried that whole “death” angle recently and it failed. Miserably.)

You had the 6 time Nathan’s defending champion Kobayashi vs the new world record holder Chestnut.

When the contest started I turned to Bridget, Avi and Lauren (we were watching the festivities at Bar Coastal) and said Chestnut’s good for 60 today.

60 dogs? Chestnut’s previous best was 59 1/2. Kobayashi? 54 1/2. Kobayashi would need to best his personal best by 6 dogs just to stay close with Chestnut. No way he could do that with a sore jaw right?

Translation of look on Kobayashi’s face: Me have to eat 60 dogs??? Holy shit!

But there they were. Standing toe to toe. Going dog for dog. 60? You bet. Both competitors hit 60 with 2 minutes to go.

Both competitors try to keep it together with time running out

Kobayashi even took a slight lead 63-62. No way. Chestnut was on the ropes. Panic set in. Kobayashi was giving the performance of a lifetime. The TV announcers were comparing it to Curt Schilling’s bloody sock effort in game 6 of the ALCS.

Then it all came out. Well not all. But some.

Yep…Kobayashi had reached capacity. Trying desperately to keep up with Joey, Kobayashi was pushing himself beyond the limits. It was a gutsy performance, but in the end his stomach and mouth couldn’t handle it. But he kept going. And kept eating. And ESPN (of course as they always do) cut to commercial before the official decision was announced. When they left on break it was 63-62 Chestnut. But what about the puke? That’s a DQ in competitive eating terms. Or as they like to call it “a reversal”. So no matter how many hot dogs Kobayashi shoved in his mouth post puke, he would only be credit with those eaten up to that point. In the end it looked like Chestnut had him, by at least a dog or two.

It was the grittiest, most mano y mano performance you will ever find in any sport. Two warriors battling it out till the last second. Echoing shades of the epic battles between Ali vs Frazier and Sosa vs McGwire, Kobayashi v Chestnut II was an instant classic (people seem to forget Kobayashi narrowly defeated Chestnut by a hot dog and a half last year when Chestnut was a virtual unknown).

But more remarkable was the amount of hotdogs eaten. Both shattered their personal and world records. 54 1/2 was Kobayashi’s previous best. He ate 63. Chestnut downed 59 1/2 earlier this year. How about a 66 spot. In 12 minutes. That’s one hotdog and bun roughly every 10.9 seconds! That’s fuckin ridiculous.

Chestnut posing with 66 hot dogs after his victory

If you didn’t think competitive eating is a real sport, think again. These guys pushed their bodies past the limits in a competition for world supremacy. Let that be a lesson to all of the other “athletes” out there who collect their fat paychecks and give 50% of their effort. Long live the IFOCE and all hail King Joey!

Still ringing… June 14, 2007

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So its 1:45pm and my ears are still ringing. Somebody make it stop!!!

This wasn’t the first time my ears were left ringing (in a bad way) after a Yankee game. As you’ll remember back on April 30th, when I spoke about those “children” (i.e. heathens) who got into a screaming match above and below me.

So far today I’ve thought someone called my name, twice (neither time it was for me), I’ve heard the phone ring a few times (wasn’t ringing) and I think I even heard someone whisper “Rosebud” (I haven’t seen Citizen Kane in over a decade). So needless to say my ears are still way out of tune.

The only salvation I’ve had today was a nice plate of chicken parm from Bella Napoli.


You don’t get much better than Bella Napoli as far as chicken parm is concerned (i haven’t gotten around to my story on the best chicken parm in the city yet…i will soon though. promise!). You can either get a chicken parm hero or a plate matched with ziti or salad. I opted for the salad today since I can’t afford to be sleeping on my keyboard this afternoon. The salad with nice and fresh, with big beefy tomatoes and fresh cucumbers, despite the fact that I splashed balsamic vinegar all over my desk. Definitely worth a visit for a nice lunch (and reasonable too – under $7 for the combo) or quiet dinner if you’re over in the midtown area. They make some mean pizza too, as evidenced by the lines that are out the door on a daily basis.

If you donta go to the bella napoli i’m gonna send the vito afta your assa. Capice?

Btw…just looked up Capice (pronounced ka-pea-shh) in the Urban Dictionary:

“Capice: Asking for agreement, understanding, belief. Answered with itself. Often used in italian mafia-type settings to emphasize understanding.”

Frank: “If you dont shutup, im going to bust your frickin head open with a baseball bat, capice?!”

Tony: “Capice”

Haha…awesome…gotta love the Urban Dictionary! Wonder if I can use Capice as a Scrabble word someday??? Hmm…I can imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Capice (on the board)

Opponent: Capice? That’s not a word!

Me: Capice is a fuckin word you fuckin asshole. Now that’s 27 points with the Triple Word Score. Put it in the fuckin books. Capice?! (brandishing my baseball bat, pocket knife and molotov cocktail).

Opponent: Ok…ok…it’s a word.

The Surprise is on Me?! June 11, 2007

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So yesterday I headed down to Brooklyn for what was supposed to be a surprise welcome home party for my sister who was returning home from her six month stay in London. So imagine my surprise when I peered over the gate and had everyone yell “Surprise!” Thinking it was one of those mistakes or jokes until I looked and saw more of my friends than my sister’s friends. So indeed the surprise party was for me! Shocked I was, especially since my 30th birthday had passed a few weeks back.

Although I think I was able to shock a few of you in my own special way by wearing my “I Eat’M Raw!” Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar t-shirt to a family function. I know, how appropriate for a family function! Although it would have been perfect had their been some oysters or shrimp cocktail for me to devour while wearing the shirt. Maybe next time!

Leave it to me to wear an “I Eat’M Raw!” shirt to my own surprise party

Anyway, thank you to all those who made the trek to Brooklyn to celebrate. Although a big booo for everyone lying to me over the past few weeks and telling me they already had plans this weekend. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

It was the first time, at least that I can remember, that I had a surprise party thrown for me. I mean I’ve had other surprises thrown at me in life, such as showing up to work one day and “surprise – your magazine is closing! Here’s your severance pay. Bye bye now”. Or the one time I went to the doctor’s office and he said “surprise – you’re pregnant!” (ok…maybe I’m making one of them up…bet you can’t guess which one though!). But on the scale of surprises, this was definitely a good one. I was definitely caught off-guard. Unaware. Hoodwinked. Pretty crafty move I may add, especially when the surprise was supposed to be for someone else.

So big thanks to my girlfriend Bridget for gathering my friends together, albeit behind my back. And big thanks to the parents and sisters who put together the festivities and organized the party. And thanks to all my family and friends who took time out of their days to spend the day with me. It was greatly appreciated. And thanks again for everyone reminding me that I’m 30. Much appreciated!

Btw this is one of the few times you’ll see me be sentimental on this blog…so soak it up now while you have the chance!

Pump it Up May 9, 2007

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So taking the subway back from my mom’s house in Brooklyn late last night I spotted something I hadn’t seen in a while. No, not someone taking a piss on the train (although come to think of it I haven’t seen that in a good few months). I saw a pair of Reebok pumps. You know the old school pumps that were all the rage back in the day.

I spy a pair of Reebok Pumps

The guy wearing them was a tall white guy who looked like a cross between Randy Johnson and Tom Hanks, complete with the Randy Johnson half mullet. There was also a lady on the train who looked like Hedda Nussbaum, without the bruises all over her face (ouch – although I think that reference is wayyyy too random for mostly anyone…but me of course!)

Anyway this guy was also wearing some highwater acid washed blue jeans so he obviously just stepped out of 1987. The only thing that could have made him a man of the “double zeros” is some Jovan Sex Appeal!

For those guys who weren’t born with “sex appeal”

Cause you know nothing says “sex appeal” like some good ole Jovan Musk. I love the line: “This provocative, stimulating blend of rare spices and herbs was created by man for the sole purpose of attracting woman. At will.”

Rare spices and herbs. Nice…cause you know I’ve also wanted to smell like ground cumin mixed with oregano and lilacs. Come to think of it, I think I threw away every bottle of Jovan Musk I’ve ever gotten as a present. Or used it to ward off those imaginary vampires I battled as a child. I mean for christ’s sake, was that the only cologne that was produced in the 80s? (Along with Stetson for Men or Brut of course). Seriously, the shit smelled like formaldehyde. I think funeral directors used it to embalm corpses. No joke.

I saw this bottle of Jovan Musk “Sex Appeal” at Walmart last weekend – which explains everything of course – because nothing says upscale cologne like a cologne sold at Wal-Mart. I resisted putting on some Sex Appeal lest I want to be followed around Wal-Mart by some lady named Betsy with bad teeth. And wouldn’t you know…right next to the Jovan Musk on the Wal-Mart shelf was – you guessed it – Stetson.

Stetson Black – Finally you too can smell like a mixture of wilting catcus and three day old chewin tobacco

Okay. Okay. I’ll stop with the Wal-Mart cracks and the knocks against Stetson and Jovan Musk. I know there’s millions of guys out there who unfortunately wear the shit. Plus last I checked I wasn’t on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and therefore don’t qualify to make fun of Rednecks. Although I give Wal-Mart some props – the store does have some damn good values. Mmm…hmm…that’s right child.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy day today as I cram in some last second projects before heading off to London on Thursday night. And suddenly today has become meeting day which hasn’t really helped matters much. In fact off to another 2 hour one right now. Great…thanks Milton. Don’t they know I’m busy. I have a meeting with the Bobs’.


“Good Humor” Friday? April 6, 2007

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While I have nothing in particular to complain about on this “Good Friday”, I have an interesting thought. Shouldn’t Good Humor, the ice cream company, sponsor Good Friday?

For those who have never heard of Good Humor it was a staple of my childhood in Brooklyn. You’d hear the bells ring and you ran inside to get whatever loose change you could find to buy your $1 Toasted Almond, Strawberry Shortcake, King Cone, Buffalo Bill, Fat Frog, Chocolate Eclair or Astro Pop, among other tasty treats on a stick from the Good Humor man (those who were “richer” could splurge for the $1.50 ice cream cookie sandwiches or those WWF Superstars of Wrestling bars they came out with back in the 80s). I personally liked Buffalo Bill because it had a vanilla and chocolate ice cream and as an added treat, a gumball for a nose – extra sugar rush!

This may or may not be a picture of me enjoying some Good Humor as a child!

Mike was our Good Humor truck driver for 20 years. Business started hurting once the Mr. Softee truck came around, but back in the day, no one cleaned house like the Good Humor man. The one benefit was that the Good Humor truck came down our blocks, which for those who have visited Gerritsen Beach before know how tiny the blocks are (for those who haven’t, our “blocks” or streets are pretty much driveway sized, with only room for a car to park and a car to pass). Mr. Softee only stayed on the “wider” avenues (which was probably a smart decision anyway to save on gas money) and let the children run to him rather than have the truck come to the children. I also found it very shady that Mr. Softee sold Good Humor product in addition to their soft serve cones, basically rendering the Good Humor man obsolete.

The Mr. Softee truck blatently selling Good Humor ice cream product, causing the demise of the Good Humor truck

Anyway, there are some instant synergies between Good Humor and Good Friday:

1) The name “Good” is already there.

2) Ice cream is allowed on Good Friday as long as it doesn’t contain any meat.

So naturally, there’s a connection. But taking it one step further, the reason we loved Good Humor so much was that once you finished your ice cream there was a printing on the stick. Some of the sticks were “lucky sticks” and if you had one you’d get a free ice cream. You were also the shit if you got one – you felt like the king of the block. And everyone knows there’s nothing better than some free ice cream!

Anyway, getting back to the point, as a special prize, Good Humor can work with the Catholic church to distribute special “lucky sticks” for the holidays. Instead of getting a free ice cream with your lucky stick, these specially made Catholic Lucky Sticks can be your “get out of not eating meat” card for the day. How cool would that be? I mean I’m not religious at all so I don’t really follow the rules, but I’ve always thought the whole “not eating meat on Friday thing” was a stupid idea. Like if you eat a piece of steak on Friday’s for Lent, God would smite you? I’m sure he/she/it is up there somewhere eating a nice, meaty Filet Mignon tonight with a big glass of Merlot, laughing at the rest of us.

Anyway, since people by and large “play by the rules” and follow their religion, Good Humor would be the “savior” by stepping in and issuing these “lucky sticks” which would be your pass to eat meat for the day. Good Humor would benefit because ice cream sales would go through the roof (and maybe the Good Humor truck would regain popularity and start taking away market share from the Mr. Softee truck). The Catholic church would benefit from all of the PR their “Good Humor Fridays” campaign would generate (and lord knows they need the positive PR these days). Of course we would make sure none of the priests were driving the Good Humor trucks. That would be a nightmare for obvious reasons!

An extensive background check would ensure no priests were masquerading as Good Humor men

So Mr. Pope Benedict Arnold, or whatever your name is, if you’re reading out there…this may not be a bad idea to consider!

Adventures in Brooklyn April 2, 2007

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So yesterday Bridget, Rich, Erika and I took a road trip to Brooklyn to visit Deb in her new neighborhood (Cobble Hill). Being that I used to reside in Carroll Gardens this was a little of a homecoming for me. Although the area is MUCH trendier than when I lived there 8 or so years ago. For example, Smith street is now lined with trendy cafes and shops instead of pawnbrokers and “mobfronts”. The 5 of us had brunch at this trendy place called Apartment 138, which looks like it was once someone’s actual apartment. The place was hopping and the food was really good. $10 got you any brunch special plus a drink (choice of Bloody Mary, Mimosa or Pabst Blue Ribbon. Not quite sure where the PBR fits in, but nonetheless it’s awesome they even offer it as an option).

Anyplace that serves PBR for brunch is ok in my book!

The food at Apartment 138 was definitely return-visit worthy, as the portions were large and the quality was high. I had fluffy buttermilk pancakes that filled me up before I could even finish. Eating a few fresh corn muffins for an premeal snack i’m sure didn’t help any. I tried the omelette which was good as well. They actually sauteed the onions and mushrooms and used roasted red peppers in their omelettes which was a different touch.  The bacon was extra crispy (huge bonus) and the potatoes were flavored nicely.  The Bloody Mary’s went down smoothly too…and the fact that I didn’t get charged for my 2nd one was definitely an added bonus! The main dining area gets busy so its good they have a bar available for those long waiting periods (we actually sat in this side nook which was nice…it was like our own private enclave). They also have a downstairs game room with a Foozball and Pool table, so there’s fun for the kids (or adults) if you’re waiting an hour for your table! But overall the experience was very good!  And very reasonable, since brunch for 5 only cost $58 plus tip (and since Rachel Ray was no where to be found, we were able to leave 20% instead of 20 cents). 

However the real adventure of the day came when we tried to find Buffalo Wild Wings


For those who haven’t seen their ads, they’ve been playing them on tv constantly…with the female waitress who trips and loses her tray of buffalo wings in the air. However she recovers in time to make a diving lunge and collect all of the wings unharmed on the tray. Afterwards she gets a standing ovation by the patrons. Anyway, Rich and I were talking about the place last week after Rich saw the commercial for the umpteenth time and decided to look it up online. (Btw that’s so annoying…when national restaurant chains advertise in your area and you know there are none within a 100 mile radius. For example, Sonic. How many times have you seen their ads? Where’s the closest Sonic to NYC…Phoenix?). Well lo and behold BWW actually has two New York franchises, one in New Rochelle and the other in Brooklyn. Well when Rich told me the news about the Brooklyn location (we were at the Rangers game at the time) I had Bridget look up where the location was, and sure enough it was in downtown Brooklyn. I mean growing up in Bklyn there weren’t too many chain restaurants, nor should there be, especially since we have enough top-notch mom and pop type operations. However they have been springing up recently (mostly due to gentrification and the influx of big box retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Costco, etc). But a Buffalo Wild Wings? That’s just completely random. The only other chains in Brooklyn are Applebee’s, Friday’s, Outback and Houlihan’s (at least that I know of). But their new location makes sense, since its right in a mall, and right across the street from where the new Nets arena is being built.

Anyway, the place was nice…not as fancy as the Houlihan’s next door to it, but definitely a sports bar type of place. It was empty, albeit it was a Sunday afternoon with no sporting events going on. Even though we just ate brunch we figured we had to sample the wings while we were there. We had some honey bbq and regular buffalo mild wings. They were ok…definitely tendy and had some meat on the bones. The mild sauce was more tangy than spicy but nonetheless tasty. They have this thing called a blazin challenge, where you have to eat 12 of their blazin wings in six minutes without anything to drink or any dips (ranch, blue cheese, celery). Similar to Cluck U chicken, their blazin sauce is a habanero based sauce with cheyenne peppers added in. Eddie, our cool server, brought over a little sampling of the sauce for us. Having had the Cluck U chicken sauce before I was ready for the heat. It was definitely spicy and attacked the taste buds and your lips, making your mouth tingle. However wasn’t uneatable…although I wouldn’t want to eat a dozen without the relief of beer or blue cheese. Anyway, if you complete the challenge you get your picture on the wall and a T-Shirt. Although they don’t give out any Tums to the losers.

I just tried searching for the official commercial on YouTube but to no avail. But found this rather humorous “homemade” commercial produced by two kids who were obviously bored one evening.

But all in all seems like a cool place. There are tv’s galore and at least 8-10 of them are big screens so plenty of viewing room. Definitely a place to spend an NFL Sunday or a March Madness day in. Especially since you don’t even have to go outside, you can take the subway to Atlantic avenue (1,2,3,4,5,Q,B, among others) to Atlantic Avenue and pop upstairs directly to the mall. Definitely worth checking out at some point for a road trip if you want to venture out of the city. Plus there’s a Chucky Cheese in the mall as well, so those who have any children can feel free to venture there.

In other news, 10 years ago this past weekend we were trapped by a major snowstorm in Poughkeepsie that cut out power on the Marist College campus and left us “homeless” for a few days. It was a fun few days…as evidenced by this newspaper clipping. The day after the snowstorm was like 60 degrees which was crazy. Especially since we were able to get a few days without classes and plenty of time to just mess around. Anyway, know that’s not newsworthy or anything, just felt I’d mention for nostaglia’s sake!