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Wear it loud…wear it proud! October 11, 2007

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There’s a shirt I’ve been looking for recently after watching a documentary on the Brooklyn Dodgers. It’s an old “Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn” shirt. It had the Dodgers logo and was given to fans back in the 50s as a rallying cry to keep the Dodgers from moving from Brooklyn to L.A.

John found a replica of the shirt from this company called No Mas.

While it wasn’t the shirt I was looking for, it is based on an authentic shirt that fans used to wear back then:

Their website had a ton of other really random, cool t-shirts.

Here’s a few of them I personally love:

The Amazing Mess

Even though the shirt is referring to the 86 Mets, I think it’s quite appropriate given this year’s collapse!

Tecmo Bo

Who can forget Tecmo Bo and he unstoppable hijinks in Tecmo Bowl! If you need a reminder on how good Bo was in Tecmo Bowl, here’s a reminder for you (click to play).

Rated Rookie

Donruss’ Rated Rookie cards were a hot commodity back in the days. I know I jumped for joy when I found a McGwire rated rookie in a pack of Donruss.

For those who don’t remember what the cards looked like, here’s an example:

Btw, is it just me or does Greg Maddux look strikingly (get it – he’s a pitcher – strikingly – I’m a fuckin genius!) like Pedro in that picture?


Love the sarcasm of the whole “say no to drugs” and Strawberry angle. If only the picture had him AND Doc Gooden leaning against a “Coke” vending machine. Now that would be classic!

Although I think this picture would more exemplify a “Say No to Drugs” campaign!

And to think all three of those guys were the biggest stars in the heydays. How the mighty fall sometimes. Speaking of the mighty falling…received this candid picture of Jay Squirrel, Keywork’s opponent in the presidential race.


No doubt about it…the Yankees Suck October 10, 2007

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I haven’t busted out the shirt yet, but I’m very tempted to:

Good job coming through in the clutch yet again. Way to manufacture those runs guys. No need to attempt to steal a base or bunt someone other. Nah, just hit into double plays all night. That’ll light up the scoreboard for sure.

Oh and to all the assholes who said to start Wang over Mussina even though Mussina is a grizzled veteran who is accustomed to playoff baseball – nicely done. Pricks. No one ever asks for my advice on the Yanks, but they should. I’ve been following the team for 25 years. Youth wins. Small ball wins. I’d rather try with the likes of young players like Andy Phillips and Bubba Crosby then lose with over the hill veterans like Gary Sheffield and Tony Clark. Lot of good those assholes did in 04.

It’s time for change. Let the youth play. Even if you have to absorb a few losing seasons, i’d rather do that than watch “the highest paid team in baseball” fail to deliver time and time again.

BTW big props to the talented folks over at Boston Dirt Dogs (http://www.bostondirtdogs.com) for their humorous twist on the Yankees saga:

Good luck to the Sox dealing with the upstart Indians…hopefully they’ll prove to be a better opponent than the 04 Cardinals. Maybe Borowski can channel some inner Ricky Vaughn and start blowing away the Sox.

Chokesada at it again October 5, 2007

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Good job Posada way to strike out after being up 3-0 with the bases loaded and 1 out. Way to put the ball in play. Good work.

Keep hitting .400 during the regular season, you’ll always be Chokesada in the postseason to me!

As usual, Posada looks lost during the playoffs

Let the “War” Begin September 14, 2007

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So this weekend is Yankees vs Red Sox. While I’m trying to not play too much into the importance of the series for the Yanks playoff hopes, my Boston friends have fired the first shot in the war.

Good ole ‘Thos’ knows for years how I was complaining Posada never came through in the clutch. Things seem to turn around last May when he got his bell rung by Mark Texeira on a collision at home plate…but postseason wise he hasn’t been the most clutch of players.

Realizing this and seeing how popular he is as a player, Boston fans have taken the insult to a higher level (as usual) with their latest t-shirt:

This of course isn’t the only disparaging shirt Sawx fans have resorted to recently.

Yankees fans, even for all their crassness at times haven’t been able to respond with crude shirts of their own. Why? Well those types of shirts are banned at Yankee Stadium. Yep, for those who forgot they passed that “decency act” at baseball games, so no more insulting tshirts or signs could be brought into the stadium. Nothing like stripping the one thing born and bred new yorkers have ingrained in them from childbirth – the insult.

Shirts like these are now banned in Yankee Stadium

So Yankees have mostly answered with their “Got Rings?” line of shirts touting the overwhelming number of championships the Yankees have won compared to their Boston foes.

Regardless, the series this weekend will be a war. A bloodbath. The Sox haven’t won the AL East since 1995, with the Yankees finishing in first every single year since then. While the Sox have a nice 5 game lead over the Yanks, Sox fans won’t rest assured until they win a few more from the Yankees. A Yankees sweep would be a heartbreaking ordeal for Sox fans this weekend, even though they still would be a few games above the Yanks in first.

Anyway, more importantly today is the big Cannoli eating competition down in Little Italy.

Those who know me know I’m a cannoli addict. It’s my single most favorite dessert of all time. I could eat them by the dozens. While I’m far off from competing at the lighting speed as the IFOCE eaters do…I’ll be keeping my eye open for the results.

My boy Crazy Legs is vying for the title (I saw him “warming” up on the news this am, eating 3 cannolis in 45 seconds). The world record is 26 cannolis in 6 minutes, which is shared by Cookie Jarvis (2005) and Tim “Eater X” Janus (2006).

Good luck to all the competitors today…the next round of milk is on me!

The big “trade” of the day July 31, 2007

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So as some of you know (and some don’t) today was MLB’s trading deadline and activity across the league was fast and furious. The Yankees shedded beloved everyday pitcher Scott Proctor for utilityman Wilson Betemit from the Dodgers. The Red Sox were winners in the Eric Gagne sweepstakes shedding away two minor leaguers for an former All-Star and save machine. The Braves and Rangers traded mexican for italian, as Mark “Tex-Mex” Teixeira was traded to the Braves for a few players including Jarrod “Saltimbocca” Saltalamacchia. I’m sure the folks in Texas will just LOVE pronouncing his last name for years to come.

But the real winners today my friends weren’t any professional sports teams (including the Celtics who traded about 30 players and half of Southie for Kevin Garnett). No…the real trade win came today in New Jersey, where needle users got the right to exchange dirty needles for clean ones!


No longer should intravenous drug users have to suffer with dirty needles they pick off the streets! Now they can get that shiny ass, clean as a whistle, pointy ended new needle in which to inject drug after drug into their already drug ridden bodies!

Apparently New Jersey was the last state without a “legal way for drug users to get clean syringes”. Never knew that. Although I’m sure they’ve had tons of other problems to deal with. Like asshole drivers who nearly kill their Governer or drive into toll booth barriers. Or fits of rage over a TV show who brought back the infamous “cut to black”. Yes, the “armpit of NYC” had much deeper problems to worry about rather than spending tax dollars on supplying drug addicts with clean needles.

But I guess in medical terms, this “clean needle exchange” program was the trade of the day. Now I just need to find that pile of syringes I collected from the beach last week so I can trade them in for some new ones!

Still ringing… June 14, 2007

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So its 1:45pm and my ears are still ringing. Somebody make it stop!!!

This wasn’t the first time my ears were left ringing (in a bad way) after a Yankee game. As you’ll remember back on April 30th, when I spoke about those “children” (i.e. heathens) who got into a screaming match above and below me.

So far today I’ve thought someone called my name, twice (neither time it was for me), I’ve heard the phone ring a few times (wasn’t ringing) and I think I even heard someone whisper “Rosebud” (I haven’t seen Citizen Kane in over a decade). So needless to say my ears are still way out of tune.

The only salvation I’ve had today was a nice plate of chicken parm from Bella Napoli.


You don’t get much better than Bella Napoli as far as chicken parm is concerned (i haven’t gotten around to my story on the best chicken parm in the city yet…i will soon though. promise!). You can either get a chicken parm hero or a plate matched with ziti or salad. I opted for the salad today since I can’t afford to be sleeping on my keyboard this afternoon. The salad with nice and fresh, with big beefy tomatoes and fresh cucumbers, despite the fact that I splashed balsamic vinegar all over my desk. Definitely worth a visit for a nice lunch (and reasonable too – under $7 for the combo) or quiet dinner if you’re over in the midtown area. They make some mean pizza too, as evidenced by the lines that are out the door on a daily basis.

If you donta go to the bella napoli i’m gonna send the vito afta your assa. Capice?

Btw…just looked up Capice (pronounced ka-pea-shh) in the Urban Dictionary:

“Capice: Asking for agreement, understanding, belief. Answered with itself. Often used in italian mafia-type settings to emphasize understanding.”

Frank: “If you dont shutup, im going to bust your frickin head open with a baseball bat, capice?!”

Tony: “Capice”

Haha…awesome…gotta love the Urban Dictionary! Wonder if I can use Capice as a Scrabble word someday??? Hmm…I can imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Capice (on the board)

Opponent: Capice? That’s not a word!

Me: Capice is a fuckin word you fuckin asshole. Now that’s 27 points with the Triple Word Score. Put it in the fuckin books. Capice?! (brandishing my baseball bat, pocket knife and molotov cocktail).

Opponent: Ok…ok…it’s a word.

“Bat” Man June 14, 2007

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Last night sitting in the bleachers at the Yankees game I was sitting in front of this older couple, probably in their 50s. They looked like they just got off the bus from Woodstock, with their long white hair and shoddy clothing. However they seemed nice and they were definitely avid Yankee fans. The lady however was cheering for everything. She even cheered loudly when the corporate sponsor for umbrella day was acknowledged before the game. Who cheers for the corporate sponsor??? But the worst part was her whistle. She emitted this ultra-high pitched whistle that I think most dogs would cover their ears listening too. It was deafening. I’m still hearing some of the feedback in my ear. She whistled and clapped for everything. Mussina threw a ball? “Come on Mooooseeee let’s get it back” followed by loud claps and her shreiking whistle. Wil Nieves struck out again? Whistle, clap, whistle. “Get em next time Willie!”

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m all for cheering at games. But jesus christ lady…be aware of people sitting in front of you when you’re whistling. And there’s really no need to whistle for a foul ball. Honestly. If Mussina’s pitch count was 66 by the 5th inning, her whistle count was in the 100’s. Eventually I became deaf enough in my right ear that it stopped fazing me. But 2 or 3 people actually moved their seats because of her loud cheering. Thankfully I left in the 7th inning to avoid any further damage to my ear drums. What’s that? Huh? Sorry thought someone was calling my name.

Anyway, sorry to vent about that…I think that’s just my ear speaking out in frustration. Although it could have been worse. I could have been this guy (go to the Blogger site for larger image):


I think the funniest part of the picture is how he’s the only one not defending himself from the bat. People a few seats over have their hands raised or are covering themselves. The people on the left side look like they’re watching a horror film and are screaming. But this guy just took the bat on the chin. According to the caption he suffered a broken rib…but not sure how he didn’t break his jaw. Then again he’s wearing an Ireland shirt, so I’m sure he’s used to getting hit in the face. (I’ll take Irish stereotypes for $200 please).

Ooooh…what’s that, someone just said there’s donuts in the conference room. I’m so there. Be back with more later…


Post blog note: hmm…so turns out I’m just hearing things…no donuts. damn…that lady really fucked my ear up!

Furthering the Rivalry June 5, 2007

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When you think Yankees and Red Sox you think rivalry.

Intense rivalry.

Rivals on the field.

Rivals in the stands.

Rivals in ice cream?

On my trip to Boston this weekend to historic Fenway, which I’ve actually come to appreciate more in my “older years”, I noticed an ice cream stand outside of the stadium. Walking towards it I expected it to be no other than Dippin Dots, the self proclaimed “ice cream of the future” that is served at Yankee Stadium (which you’ll remember I spoke about a few weeks ago after trying them for the first time). But lo and behold it wasn’t Dippin Dots but something called Itti Bitz.

“Little Bitz of Ice Cream Fun”

What kind of fuckin name is Itti Bitz??? Can you imagine a child asking his mother for Itti Bitz???? Hell no. Asking for some Dots is much cooler! Just see for yourself:

“Yo ma…get me some Itti Bitz”

“Yo ma…get me some Dippin Dots”

Case closed.

So while Fenway by and large has better concessions than Yankee stadium (if you haven’t been, they’ve done tons to improve their concessions in the past few years while Yankee stadium has some of the worst concessions in the league. Average wait time for a beer in Fenway is about 2 minutes. Average wait time in Yankees Stadium about 30 mins. Trust me on that one.) a point in the rivalry does go to the Yankees for better ice cream concession. A small victory for Yanks fans to hang their hats on considering we don’t have much else going for us these days!

In other news, Bridget forwarded me this viral video Bud Light produced called the “Swear Jar”. Pretty funny…employees have to donate a $1 for every swear word they say in the work place, which gets pooled to buy cases of Bud Light.

View Swear Jar video here

Pretty funny stuff. Something to implement in your own workplace perhaps???

American “Idle” May 23, 2007

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So I’m probably the only person in America (or the world for that matter) who didn’t watch American Idol last night. Well make that Bridget & I since we went to grab dinner at the Barking Dog. We got back at 9:15 and I flipped on Fox to see some guy giving a monologue type performance on stage. Then I remembered Idol started at 8 not 9. Oops. Oh well…I’m sure I didn’t miss much and I don’t really need to watch tonight to know who wins. Cause I know. It’s Jordin Sparks.

How do I know? Well the two best female singers got knocked out already in LaKisha and Doolittle, and Blake is basically playing the Clay Aiken to Jordin’s Kelly Clarkson winning role. I read online this morning that she even shed a tear while singing the new Idol single – “This is my now” or something like that.

So she pretty much just wrapped it up. America loves a crier.

I won’t be watching tonight. I have better things to do. Like laundry. That and I won’t be voting either. Mainly because I can’t vote for Jordin. Why…because I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and her dad, Phillippi played for the Giants. Although Sparks did play one season for the Boys in 2000, hauling in 5 INTs. Although they didn’t win the Super Bowl that year and by and large he was a Giants player for his whole career. So can’t root for the enemy and thus can’t vote for her. Sorry Jordin. Although you’re gonna win anyway. Sorry to ruin the surprise for everyone.

IF I did have to vote…I’d vote for Gretchen Wilson.

My “Idol” vote goes to Gretchen Wilson

And don’t give me this bullshit that you can’t vote for someone else besides the final two. I’m voting for Gretchen simply because her song “All Jacked Up” has popped into my head more than any other song over the past few months. So I’m basing my decision on that.

Don’t know the song? You should get to know it. It’s a boot stomping, head nodding, rootin-tootin good tune. Great also for working out in the gym and perfect for sculpting those abs for the summer. I think it should be the official song of the Jersey Shore for the summer. Hell, maybe even the MLB should adopt it in a new marketing campaign.

Bonds will star in the new MLB Marketing Campaign – “All Jacked Up”

Makes perfect sense, since all of the players have gotten “Jacked” over the past 10 years off steriods and human growth hormones.

Actually I think I may even go ahead and produce the marketing video for them. Would be pretty easy to do. You could just flash before and after pictures of Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, Giambi, Sosa, etc. You can start out with them as they came into the league, skinny and non-muscular and show pictures of them downing vitamins or injecting the HGH into their asses gradually becoming bigger and bigger. All while “All Jacked Up” plays in the background. Not a bad concept…maybe I should get a job in marketing someday 😉

If 50 is the new 40… May 21, 2007

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So as they say these days, 50 is the new 40 (largely thanks to advances in “wrinkle cream” cosmetics, botox shots and plastic surgeries galore). Also it is commonly said that 40 is the new 30, due to 40 year olds being more active and looking younger these days (which is largely thanks to the recent explosion of 40 year old “hot” female stars, like Madonna, Teri Hatcher, etc. Read this article for more details)

Drilling down even further, it’s been also widely said that 30 is the new 20. In that case, happy 20th birthday to me! I’ve been waiting sooooo long to turn 20. I mean thank god I can finally put those dreaded teenage years behind me and sound much more “adult-like”. People take you so much more seriously when you say you’re “20 something” rather than being a “teenager”.

To celebrate my “20th birthday” this past weekend we went where any responsible “20 year old” would go: Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse. Being that it’s also my mother’s birthday (yes, I was born on the same day as my mother. And please no more jokes about “that’s the best present she’s ever gotten” or “wow, what a birthday present for her”) we made a group decision to go out to eat. Instead of picking anything in Brooklyn or going to a “chain” like Cheesesteak Factory or Olive Garden, we decided to take a trip out to Staten Island to eat at the good ole’ family fun destination of Charlie Brown’s. I personally had voted for Burger King so I could get a crown, but I was overruled.

That bitch stole my Burger King crown

Before you make fun, let me just tell you there’s no knockin the Charlie Brown’s. The fun atmosphere, good food, and fair prices make it the ideal location to celebrate a birthday, as evidenced by the “Happy Birthday to You” songs that seemed to be sung every 5 minutes by the staff (of course we got ours too…but we didn’t get a balloon so I was disappointed about that). But fun atmosphere aside, for a family of 5 to eat dinner, which included appetizer, salad bar, steaks all around (filet mignon’s, porterhouses, prime rib, sirloin and shrimp, etc), two hulking pieces of dessert (including the world’s biggest piece of carrot cake) and 2 rounds of drinks, the total bill was $150 bucks. That’s it. $150. That would have cost like $500 in the city. Our first round of drinks, which included 2 beers, a martini and a jagerbomb only cost $20. That’s like highway robbery right there. They even advertise a margarita night, with $1.50 margs. They also advertised a new “Carlito’s Taco Salad” for just $9.99. Which prompted me to say “Say hello to my lil’ salad”. Although I guess you had to be there to appreciate it. It’s much funnier after a few beers – trust me. But all in all, if I had a car or lived on S.I. or in N.J, Charlie Brown’s seems like the place to be!

The other highlight of the weekend was going to Tea & Sympathy with Juliana and Bridget. Tea & Sympathy is located in the “Little Britain” area of NYC, down on Greenwich Avenue. If you’re not familiar, some of the stores, along with Virgin Atlantic want to rename this area of the West Village “Little Britain”. Albeit there are only a few British shops such as Tea & Sympathy and A Salt & Battery on this one block stretch, so it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.

Since we had to wait over 30 minutes for a table at Tea & Sympathy, I was starving so decided to get some Fish & Chips at A Salt & Battery. I was especially after craving them after devouring Fish & Chips in London last week (plus I was curious to see what all the hype was about, after seeing Bobby Flay challenge them and lose on one of his Bobby Flay Throwdowns. I got a small order to go with a coke and the total price was over $10. Pretty hefty but there’s not too many places to get authentic Fish & Chips in the city so you’re definitely paying a premium. The fish was deep fried and crispy and the fish was tender. Although it definitely paled in comparison to the authentic British version. The “chips” or fries weren’t that good and we threw half of them out. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate them a 6.5 (with the fish getting a 7/8 and the chips getting a 4/5). The one cool thing was all of the beers they had available to drink, including several British favorites such as Kronenburg, Old Speckled Hen, Boddington’s and Carlsburg. So that’s a bonus. But overall, definitely disappointing as a package though and if I wasn’t starving I probably would’ve been more disappointed.

Even if the fish & chips were “so-so”, A Salt & Battery had quite the beer selection

Anyway, it whet my appetite for some tea, scones and tea sandwiches at Tea & Sympathy. After the wait we were crammed into a small area that neither of us could really fit into. I mean I was practically sitting on both Bridget’s and Juliana’s laps at the same time. Plus my ass was practically on top of the table behind me. Definitely not the place to be if you’re over 200 pounds. Especially since their seating capacity is only 23 seats and they use every square inch of their dining area. Plus everything is so delicate, so if you’re clumsy please stay away. The food was ok, although it may have been more enjoyable had the space not been so confined. The scones were delicate and tasty and the claddaugh cream and jam were a good compliment. The tea sandwiches were good too, although a little disappointing compared to the afternoon tea was had at the Ritz Carlton in London. The dessert was good as well, but the pieces of cake were huge and rich and definitely put us over the top as far as fullness is concerned. Overall, I’d give it a 7 out of 10. If they gave you more room to eat the experience would’ve been a lot more enjoyable.

Tea at “Tea & Sympathy” couldn’t hold a candle compared to tea at the Ritz Carlton

The other food related highlight of the weekend was seeing a Captain Softee truck. Yes, Captain Softee. Not Mister Softee (as Juliana wittingly said, perhaps he was promoted from Mister to Captain). Anyway I would have taken a picture of the truck but I was told that “I’ve beaten the whole Mr. Softee thing to death on this blog already” – which I begrudgingly admitted too. Although I wonder if the ice cream at “the captain’s” tastes superior? I guess I’ll need to find out someday.

Anyway, it was a good “20th birthday” weekend for me. My favorite present was from my lovely girlfriend Bridget, who bought me a trip to Dallas to see my beloved Cowboys play the Patriots in October. Thanks Bridge! Although maybe this time Romo will hold onto the ball.

Speaking of sports…if the Yankees don’t come out with a “do or die” attitude tonight against the Red Sox I’m gonna be pissed off. I mean, 2 or 3 losses against the Sox can pretty much bury the season. Even though it’s “only May”, mentally its tough to come back being 14 games down. I know its been done before but this team needs to take at least 2 out of 3 from Boston this week, especially with Anaheim coming to town, a team they never beat. So I’ll be there tonight…don’t disappoint me Jankees!