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I’m from Hollywood…Florida??? November 14, 2007

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So probably 0.0000001% of you saw this today (well yesterday by the time this post goes up in WordPress land), but thousands of cranky NYC commuters did. On page 6 of AM New York (too bad it wasn’t the “other page six”) I was quoted in the “Sound Off” area of the paper.

My quote was my response to the feeding the pigeon ban fiasco as reported here on Monday. I was engaged in a heated debate on the AM New York site about the ban and seemed to be the only one in favor of it.

In the message board I was called “an animal hater” and basically told to go to hell by some pigeon fucking assholes.

But nonetheless, in plain print was my opinion on the matter:

If you want to see the paper in its entirety you can view it here: http://www.amny.com/media/acrobat/2007-11/23136028.pdf

Now, I’m definitely honored that they would select my quote to appear in the newspaper. I haven’t been quoted in a newspaper since my college days, and that’s when I was quoted as saying Marv Albert was my role model just a few days before he was found biting prostitutes in the back. So this ink was decidely much more positive.

Actually my full quote on the site was: “I wholeheartedly agree with the ban. If you grew up in any part of the city you know that by and large pigeons are for the most part pests. Their shit literally rots away our bridges and buildings. They don’t contribute anything to the city. They’re not pretty and “bird watchable” by any means. Anyone feeding a pigeon should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Perhaps their punishment should be having a gang of pigeons shitting in their house for a week and we’ll see how they like it.”

So AM New York did some censorship on my behalf. But whatever. These days you can’t even print the word shit without the Federal Cocksucking Commission coming down on you. But to see what the discussion forum was where they grabbed my quote, you can view it here: http://www.topix.net/forum/source/am-new-york/TPG285OEGMQ7RGO4F.

It’s definitely worth a laugh seeing how stupid these pigeon fuckers are. Especially this douchebag Adam quoted besides me in the paper. Does his quote even make sense? Seriously. “Does anyone even know the price of gas? Anyone know what the implications are?”. What the fuck does that have to do with eliminating pigeon shit asshole? Way to make a complete asshole out of yourself. If this was a debate I would have wiped the floor with him.

Anyway, what pissed me off was the quote said I lived in Hollywood, Florida. I mean I’m not knocking Hollywood, FL. I’m sure it’s a lovely community of dinosaurs and retired Jews from up north.

I mean, it’s on the ocean. It has its own government. And its welcome sign is a lot nicer than that shitty sign that greets you out in the “other Hollywood”:

You sit there and tell me that sign is not nicer than this piece of shit:

I rest my case.

But still, it was a little bizarre to see someone quoted on a NYC pigeon shitting problem from Hollywood, FL. I just about lost all my street cred with that one.

Thanks alot AM New York.

Move bitch, get out the way October 18, 2007

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Today’s post is dedicated to all of those assholes who get in the way.

Like the guy who was arrested a few years back for blocking traffic on the sidewalk.

The pedestrian in question, Matthew Jones, “was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest — by flailing his arms– on June 12, 2004. Police said other people “had to walk around” him, and he wouldn’t move when asked.” He is currently appealing his arrest.

Well I’m glad he went to the slammer. Had he followed the proper rules of pedestrian engagement and wasn’t a douchebag maybe he would have avoided getting a plunger stuck up his ass.

Next up is this fat ass who got in the way of a sixty-nine:

Good job 55. Fuckin fat ass. All I wanted was a picture of a 6-9 and you ruined it. Don’t you know there’s only two people in a sixty-nine…unless you’re in a Utah porn or something (btw, someone got to my blog recently by searching for Utah porn. Not sure why Utah porn is so special. Maybe it’s because of all the mormons. hmm…)

Another guy who needs to go the fuck home is this guy:

“The protest was not without its superfans. Joaquin Ferreira, 54, of Brooklyn, arrived decked out in a Yankees hat and jacket. A fan for 10 years, he said, “I’m here to support Joe Torre. If Joe leaves, the Yankees will go to hell.”

Wait a minute…Superfan? 10 years?? Are you fucking kidding me?!? So let’s see…hmm…10 years ago was 1997. Oh WAIT, that was ONE year AFTER the Yankees won the World Series. OH so that qualifies him as a superfan??? That Bandwagon jumping muthafucka? Un real. So he’s been a fan just as long as Joe Torre has been a manager with the team. Nice. Good intelligent writing AM New York. Oh and look, the person who wrote the article is a Newsday writer. The pinaccle of sports journalism. What a joke. Calling him a super fan is like calling boobsinjuriesanddrpepper.blogspot.com/ funny. (LK- there you go, I took a shot at her. Third in the voting for funniest blog my ass.)

Another person who needs to get out of the way is this asshole that had a sign that said “Cowboys Bound 4 Superbowl”.

Good job genius. Hope some Patriot fans shoved that up your ass after the game. Moron. Why don’t you wait until we’ve actually made the playoffs before declaring a trip to the Superbowl. Oh, wait…you must be a “superfan” too like the douche above. Let me guess, you started being a Cowboys fan in ’93? And no true fan goes to the game with a sign that calls out the network that’s calling the game. Fuck face.

Oh and btw…why that girl was announcing to the world that she’s a Homo Sexual is beyond me. I mean she’s cute and all and some chick would be lucky to have her as a partner. But seriously, honey, saying you’re a homo sexual with a big sign is probably not the best way to get on TV.

Googlezon October 12, 2007

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Sorry guys, been a crazy work day today. That and I’m off to Dallas for the weekend to watch my beloved Cowboys try to hang in there vs the Patriots.

But some “quickies” to share before I depart (and not of the sexual kind unfortunately).

First, on the train this morning I’m standing against the door. I’m wearing a green t-shirt and off-white cargo shorts (yes shorts…it’s still in the 50s/60s which is still shorts weather in my book. Keep looking at me like I’m a freak there assholes). Anyway this blond chick gets on the subways wearing the same color combination as me! She’s wearing a similarly colored green top and white pants! Not only that but the bitch has the audacity to stand right next to me! Unreal.

So now we’re standing there like two dofusses dressed alike.

THANK GOD she got off in just two stops. I mean really…who the fuck wears white pants after labor day? Com’on now!

Speaking of unreal and outfits. This lady sitting across from me on the train the other night had on one of those straw hats.

Everytime she moved her head, she’d poke one of the straws into the guy or the lady sitting next to her. They were getting so pissed. Who the fuck wears a hat like that on the subway (well unless you want space of course). I was trying not to laugh so I just calmly whipped it out and took a picture.

If I were sitting next to her though I probably wouldn’t have been laughing. Nothing like getting poked in the eye with some straw to start your evening commute home!

Anyway saw an article today that General Electric is looking to part ways with NBC. According to the article in MediaPost Publications by Wayne Friedman, “GE will consider an NBC sale after the network airs the Beijing Olympics next year…
Who would buy? Surely the usual suspects, like Time Warner, have been bandied about, since it’s a large media company without a full-fledged broadcast network — just one-half of one, the CW. Previously, Time Warner wholly owned the WB. But consider other bigger, perhaps more unusual players. There’s Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or some other new contraption of a media company looking to put a new spin on an old — but still promising — entertainment platform. This would make sense. While those new Internet/tech companies always get the buzz, they really aren’t ready to delve into the tricky world of TV program – or content — development. Yahoo tried to go that route and didn’t get very far. Even for a company like Google, which seems to grow larger and larger by promising advertising networks and marketing solutions to smaller and smaller companies, NBC – or for that matter any network — is still an attractive option because those old entertainment companies can still get big mass audiences with one hit show.”

Now this is exactly what I’ve been telling anyone who listens to the shit that pours out of my mouth. Google is looking to take over the world.

If you haven’t seen this video piece from the Center of Media Research you should. It talks about Google merging with Amazon to create “GoogleZon” which would basically control all the custom content you read and receive. It also talks about the New York Times eventually trying to sue Google and losing, leaving Google as the only powerhouse left in the media world.

Click here to view the video.

It may not be all true…but definitely interesting, especially given Google’s desire to snap up everything in it’s power.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

GO COWBOYS! You can do it!

Wacky Wednesday October 3, 2007

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So on the subway this morning this guy sits next to me and starts reading the Post. He pulls out a carrot and starts chomping on it. Like, a full grown carrot, complete with brown spots and everything. I watched him out of the corner of my eye and it took him like 30 seconds just to chew and digest each bite before he’d chomp into the next bite.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone just start chewing on a carrot like that in the city…let alone on the subway. Most citiers get those presliced carrots…or they wash the carrots they buy and maybe peel off the outer layer. But this guy was chomping through, dirt and all.

Then on my way into my building I’m walking behind this woman who is obviously having a tough morning. She’s juggling her two bags, laptop and cup of starbucks and pretty much holding up pedestrian traffic. Oh and she’s also on the phone, one of those ear piece thingys. Anyway I overhear her say “yeah, it sucks, my space bar isn’t working…i mean how can you not have spaces. It’s like an important key. It’s not like an A or something”.


But of all letters she chose to call out, why the letter A? Don’t the vst mjority of the words we use contin the letter A? (3 A’s would have been used in that sentence alone!) Why didn’t she just say it’s not an important key, like the F11 button. Or the letter Z. Or any of those useless keyboard keys, like Pause/Break or Windows Start?

So I’m dedicating today’s blog post to the letter A.

A is in, asshole why don’t you think before you speak next time.

In other breaking news, a “coon” is running for president.

Now WAIT…before you go running off calling me racist and think I’m talking shit about Obama…I’m talking about a raccoon. As in the animal.

Can a raccoon be our next president?

It’s true. A raccoon by the name of “Key Coon” has already been endorsed by several influential bloggers, including one of our favorites, Laurie Kendrick.

In fact, early polls out of “Coonecticut” indicate that Key Coon has 68% of the popular vote, due to the fact that he has campaigned hard through the “Coonstitution State”.

Here at WhatPushesMyButtons, we have held back from declaring our support to any of the candidates for the ’08 election. But hopefully KeyCoon will be here to answer some very important questions our readers have in mind, like:

Would KeyCoon promote the growth of coontinuing education among today’s workers?

Could KeyCoon gain coontrol of the senate and the house?

What are KeyCoon’s plans to ease urban coongestion?

If he can answer those questions in a positive light, we may have no choice but to throw our support behind KeyCoon, who has unofficially been labeled, “The People’s Coon”.

And for those who have questions about the KeyCoon sex scandal, hopefully KeyCoon can address the issues upfront and honestly. Last thing we need is another president with a love of cigars and interns.

Can Keycoon overcome the sex scandals and make a run for presidency?

So go over to KeyCoon headquarters and let him know what your thoughts are about his run for presidency and stay tuned for more answers for your questions on his coongenda.

No hugging zone October 2, 2007

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So another place in this country of “freedom” communism has adopted a hugging ban. This time the principal of a Oak Hill, IL middle school has placed a ban on hugging in the hallways.

Principal Victoria Sharts of Oak Park’s Percy Julian Middle School is quoted saying, “Hugging is really more appropriate for airports or for family reunions than passing and seeing each other every few minutes in the halls.”

Sharts is further quoted saying: “Last year we would see maybe as many as 10 students on one side (of the hallway), 10 on the other and then, going in opposite directions, would sort of have a hug line going on and you could see where that would be a problem,”

Sharts also says that “rampant hugging is creating bottle necks in the hallway and making kids late for class…although hugs are supposed to be handshakes from the heart some times they don’t seem so innocent. Too long, too close, and usually between boys and girls.”

Before I rip into how ‘ass’inine this principal’s comments are, can we just focus on something for a quick second. Is her last name Sharts? As in I just Sharted myself?

Principal Sharts, the anti-hugger

I mean I’m sure she must get bullied non-stop from the children. I’m sure they be like, hey principal, here’s some Febreze for your ass. Or how’s the skidmarks treating you these days.

No wonder why she’s anti-hugging. Poor thing. But just because your name implies that you sharted yourself doesn’t mean you have to take it out on other children.

Furthermore since when are hugs “handshakes from the heart”? A hug, by and large, is supposed to be an intimate thing. A handshake by nature is quick and formal. I mean I’m not sure what types of hugs she’s gotten but obviously she wasn’t one of the more popular kids growing up. Nor was she shown much love from friends and family. Hugging is a sign of flirting and friendship, at least among students. Normally girls hug each other as a sign of friendship like guys slap five. But something girls and guys hug too. I mean you gotta assume some of these kids are already having sex. Isn’t that just like one giant hug between body parts?

Needless to say “Ms. Shit for Brains” is none too popular in her school these days. Now that the story is out the shit has really hit the fan for her. With all of the negative attention, I’d hope she gets canned soon. Maybe she’ll get the shit end of the stick in this deal. (ok that’s enough).

Before I go I need to gripe about something. Why the fuck did Poland Spring make their new bottle caps so hard to open. Seriously. You need a fuckin pair of pliers just to open the top.

I nearly sliced my fingers open and lost two teeth trying to pry the cap off.

The ingenious design of the new Poland Spring bottles

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve had major problems with them. Then again we all know Poland Spring is made from springs of natural concrete so not sure why I’m drinking that shit anyway.

Gimme More Collard Greens Mutha Fucka September 27, 2007

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So y’all heard by now Bill O’Reilly done said some racist things in the past few days.

If you haven’t heard, O’Reilly was having dinner with Rev. Al Sharpton up at Sylvia’s, which is a soul food restaurant in Harlem (one of the best soul food restaurants around).

O’Reilly was quoted saying “couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronship.”

O’Reilly continued “You know, I mean, everybody was — it was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun. And there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all,”

O’Reilly even added: “There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M-Fer, I want more iced tea.”

Now I don’t know what types of restaurants O’Reilly has been in before with black folk, but its plainly clear he was out of touch. What did he expect, people to be climbing all over the seats, swinging from the chandeliers, stealing food off each other’s plates? I mean bitch, this ain’t no Chuck-E-Cheese or IHOP, this is Sylvia’s. Soul Food at it’s finest. If you wanted chaos and people cursing at each other then you need to go to Popeye’s or the B-K up in Harlem. Then people be all up in ya grillz asking for change and throwing chicken bones around.

I mean I’m joking of course but you get my point. It’s crazy that someone in this day and age thinks it’s an “amazing thing” that a restaurant run by “blacks” and frequented by “blacks” can be just as “civilized” as a “white run restaurant”.

I mean, Bill…last time I checked you were a business guy and you surely know that “blacks” hold CFO, President, CEO, and other highly influential positions in business. Hell aren’t there special publishing features and media reports devoted to the top companies run by minorities? I can’t believe you’d be that out of touch with civilization that you think every establishment run by a “minority” is run like a zoo. Now granted there is your occassional exception or two but seriously man…I’m disappointed.

Yo bitch, where my collard greens at?

All I know is that I’m thinking about wearing a Bill O’Reilly costume for this Halloween. I’ll show up to Sylvia’s or some other “black run restaurant”. I’ll scream at the workers “yo, motha fucka, where the fuck my chitlins and collard greens at”. Everyone will have a good time and laugh. And then I’ll take off my costume and sit and enjoy my meal like a civilized human being.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to seek out some fried chicken for lunch. All this talk about it has put me in the mood for some finger lickin goodness!

Ding Dong the Witch is dead! August 20, 2007

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Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!!


The wicked witch of the east, the “Queen of Mean”, died this morning due to heart failure. Frankly, this is 87 years too long in the making.

Why should I say such evil things about a person? Well because I have a personal vendetta against Helmsley (as do millions of people). Firstly, instead of being a philanthrophist and doing good with her empire of millions (like Brooke Astor), she was a greedy bitch who cared nothing about the less fortunate including her own workers.

Secondly, back in the early 90s when Madison Square Garden was undergoing renovations, she owned (and still does) all of the property across the street from the garden (where Bar Local now stands). Back then the sports bar on the corner was the “Good Old Days”, a true NYC sports bar in which every celebrity, past and present would come in to personally sign autographs and memorabilia that hung throughout the bar. Boxing gloves signed by Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. Basketballs signed by Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe and countless others. Wrestling trunks signed by Hulk Hogan. Ice skates signed by Peggy Fleming. If they performed in the garden, odds are you found a piece of their outfit or equipment at the Good Old Days.

The place was filled with sports memorabilia including old pennants, pictures, baseball cards, etc. You could spend hours (which I did) walking around the bar admiring the history on the walls. I personally had a bunch of the banners given to me from the bar since that was one of my father’s top accounts for his airconditioning/refrigeration servicing job. Anyway, once the garden took a year off for renevations business was slow. The bar appealed to Helmsley to give them tax relief to be able to remain in business until the garden reopened for business. Helmsley being the raving bitch that she was said no and the bar was forced to close. The owners reopened bars throughout the city including the now defunct West 4 st. Saloon and the Stoned Crow (in which I stumbled upon a few weeks back, with some of the banners I knew as a child in tact! – more on that at a later date).

Helmsley in her typical fashion crushed the spirits of the corner bar, allowing a upscale Chinese fusion restaurant called Beema Grill to move in. I graduated H.S. from the Garden in 1994, in which I walked across the street and spit on the restaurant numerous times, cursuing Helmsley in the process.

Those who know me know my personal dislike for the Queen of Mean. Think I’m alone? Just ask the thousands of workers she personally screwed throughout her career. Or her houseworkers, who quoted her once as saying: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”

That pretty much sums her life up. Fuckin bitch…I hope you rot in hell. And they better bury your ass far away from the city…you’ve done enough damage here over the years. Stay in Greenwich with the rest of the rich and wealthy assholes who hoard their millions and build their mega houses. I hope they rename all of your properties too, your name doesn’t deserve to be anywhere in this city.

What a “turd”! August 10, 2007

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So they are doing construction in our office right now and we’re packing up and moving downstairs. Half the floor has moved already so it’s just our half that’s left. So last night I figured I’d use the bathroom on the empty side of the floor since I had to do my “duty”.

Well imagine my surprise when I walk into the bathroom and immediately am greeted by a foul and unpleasant order (obscure Seinfeld reference for you there, 100 points if you can guess the scene). I walk past one of the stalls and see this large black piece of shit “drydocked” in the toilet (meaning above the waterline for those who need a visual). The water was yellow and apparently whoever left behind their mess didn’t bother to flush.

It was disgusting and appalling. I nearly threw up and turned to leave immediately. But then of course the blogger in me kicked in so I decided to share with you how disgusting this was.

I held my nose as I took the picture on my cell phone and ran out of there as fast as possible. Suddenly my urge to go was completely gone. The craziest part was how whoever took the shit got it to come out of their ass sideways? Seriously…that’s fucking crazy. And how they managed to get it drydocked is beyond me. Actually there is some traces of shit on the bowl so they literally must have been forward in the seat.

I wonder what this guy could’ve eaten to create such a thick and dense piece of shit? I mean it must’ve hurt like hell trying to push that through. Well, I may have found my answer. Walking back around the office, I saw a few boxes of food on a shelf.

Yep…the Thunderhead Venison Stew would probably explain it.

Anyway, I debated sharing this with y’all given how gross it really was. A picture doesn’t do it justice. But since I’ve never been one not to share such stories with my dearest and closest friends, consider this my gift to you.

No need to say thanks.

Anyway, I’m off to Michigan for the weekend for a work event. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll talk to you on Monday.

End of innocence August 6, 2007

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So apparently our beloved Mr. Softee was delivering tasty treats of a different kind in Queens. Mr. Softee driver Jermaine Jordan was recently busted for dealing pot and cocaine out of his Mr. Softee truck.

“People would approach and place their order,” a police source said. “The bottom of their cup would contain their purchase, either cocaine or marijuana.”

Sweet. But what about those people who purchased a cone? Were the sprinkles laced with coke? Was the vanilla and chocolate twist soft serve laced with some good ole homegrown pot?

So I guess only those who purchased their ice cream in a cup were lucky enough to get the drugs. That’s the biggest form of discrimination I’ve seen in years. I’m a cone guy through and through. Waffle or sugar. Doesn’t matter. Who could resist the crunch of a cone while you’re biting into some soft ice cream. But why would you discriminate against us when you’re dealing out your leafy and powdery goodness?

Of course I’m kidding about the cocaine though…although pot I wouldn’t turn down. I mean if it’s being offered and all. Especially Mr. Softee pot. The street value on that shit is off the hook.

Mr. Softee, serving the best pot for 50 years

“Was there a year one?” July 15, 2007

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So Bridget and I are taking the Metro North back to NYC tonight and these two teenage boys are sitting in the seats in front of us across from each other (like typical teenagers they were taking up a group of seats by laying across them). One of the boys says to the other: “man it’s crazy…we’re gonna be graduating college in like 2013. That’s crazy.”.

The other teenager just nods and says something like yeah, I can’t believe it.

The first teenage now says one of the stupidest things I’ve EVER heard come out of anyone’s mouths (and I’ve heard some stupid things heard over the years). The teen says: “Yeah, I don’t know why they just don’t reset years. Like start at 100 or 1000 or something. (long pause) Was there a year one?”

He honestly said that in all sincerity. Was there a year one.

The other teen didn’t answer right away and I noticed he shot his friend a “what the fuck” kinda look. Like are you serious dude.

Well the teen who asked said question waited for a response. No chuckle. No “I’m just fuckin with you”. He was dead serious.

So the obviously smarter teen said something like “umm, yeah dude…when Christ died they started the calendar after his death. But before that they counted years too.”

To which the dumber teen said…oh cool.

Oh cool. Nice. Dude…lay off the fuckin drugs. Seriously. Unless you’re planning on enrolling in P.C.U. then you should really make sure you’re living on this planet.

Anyway I found it kinda funny. I whispered to Bridget “did you hear what that kid just said”. Which she didn’t. And I don’t blame her. She was wrapped up in reading People magazine. Although after telling her we shared a laugh…and then went back to reading about things that matter most in this world…like celebrities.

I can’t believe Prince Charles was caught wearing all of Lady Di’s clothes. And Liberace was gay? Who would have saw that coming???