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Vacation – a brief recap December 22, 2007

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I may have misled some of you into thinking we took an exotic vacation based on the previous pics of the beach.

Well we did go down Souf to Florida. But only to the extremely exotic location of Orlando, Florida.

Our trip was to Universal Studios, to which I have never been.

Since we got down there a few hours before our hotel opened, we decided to do what anyone else would do in Orlando in the late morning. Play mini-golf.

However the mini-golf gods weren’t pleased with our playing mini-golf at 11am apparently, as they caused my shorts to rip. How you ask? Well I straddled a bench to get my ball that had gotten away from me and into the water. And then psssssffft. We got a ripper.

As you could image I was pretty despondent after my “wardrobe malfunction”

But I finally sucked it up, and we went to play in the park.

Right off the bat we went for the Hulk ride…which is a looping, twister fast coaster. Ordinarily I would have laughed my way through, but only after popping some motion sickness pills. Sans pills the ride was still fun, but I was definitely a little nauseaus afterwards.

Luckily I resisted the urge to blow chunks

After finally settling down, we grabbed drinks at Pat O’Brien’s, home of the famous hurricane.

After treating myself to some shrimp gumbo

and a muffaletta, day one came to a peaceful end capped by a gorgeous “moonset” over Universal

and checking into our “futuristic” hotel.

Day two found more fun at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, where we met some four legged friends

The pug you may recognize as Frank from Men in Black II.

After passing on some turkey legs for lunch

we took a quick drive over to Hollywood.

After returning from our drive, the rest of day was full of attractions and rides, such as the standing roller coaster Dueling Dragons and the most soaking water rides you’ll ever go on. Seriously. We were drenched for about two hours.

Day 2 capped off with a Macy’s themed parade where we saw some interesting friends

Nice dance move there

Shrek knows I’m the man

How did they know I just love a girl in cake?

Day 3 was filled with even more rides and fun, including going back to double dip on the Hulk ride, Doctor Doom and Spiderman’s virtual reality ride. After 6 hours of non-stop action, we needed to break for a well needed drink

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details from our trip but overall it was a great mini-getaway. Plus the park was EMPTY! There were no lines and we were able to go from ride to ride with ease. Definitely advised to go there the week before the week before xmas. In fact the only people there other than us were pretty much European tourists.

Before I depart, wanted to share some of my mad photo skills with y’all (Don’t say you’re not impressed 😉



1. BetteJo - December 22, 2007

I’m impressed. But I’m new here.

2. roger - December 22, 2007

nice pics…sounds like it was a good time!

3. candice - December 22, 2007

welcome back!

4. mr. blogger - December 22, 2007

share a few more pics why dontcha 😉

j/k Happy Holidays!

5. Laurie Kendrick - December 23, 2007


Getting to know you has been one of the highlights of 2007. Thanks for everything..your support and your bullshit too, you funny blogging, writing, NYC living bastard!

Here’s to joy–REAL JOY—in ’08, Babe!

All the best,
Laurie Kendrick

6. Thos - December 24, 2007

LMFAO yet another pair of shorts falls victim to Chris Jette.

looks like a good time. the Hulk ride is a lot of fun!!!

7. Stiletto - December 26, 2007

Embryo books? WTF?

Hey, Merry Christmas. Man, that vacation looks Chevy Chase influenced.

8. mklasing - December 28, 2007

The last time I bought an embryo book it grew up to be a book on gay fashion–last time I do that I tell ya.

9. keywork. - December 28, 2007

See, and I was under the impression that the books were made out of embryos. Stupid raccoon.

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