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What Are the Odds??? November 28, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in current events, movies, new york city, opinion, photos, pictures, subways, world news.

Before I begin, let’s have a quick moment of silence for Mr. Gatorade himself, Dr. Robert Cade, who passed away at the age of 80:

Gatorade is far superior to Vitamin Water or Powerade or any other “performance drink” out there. Plus Gatorade is the next best thing for a hangover besides a Bloody Mary! So thank you, Dr. Robert Cade for your invention. You’ll be missed.

So once again I saw our favorite friend on the subway last night: the David Koresh/Bruce Vilanch look-a-like in the flesh!

Albeit the last picture of him was a little clearer but can’t believe I was actually sitting across from this guy again. What are the odds of that happening in a city of 10 gazillion people?

Speaking of NYC and people, I’m actually pretty psyched to see the movie “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. Especially since I recently read a book entitled “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman. Actually I read the book back in the Spring, months before it even was out on the presses (I got my hands on an advanced copy). The book is now a New York Times Best Seller! Talk about being ahead of the curve!

The book was definitely enthralling and spoke about what would happen to the world if humans ceased to exist right now. It got to be a bit scientific regarding chemical compounds and how it related to objects disintegrating, so if you like that sort of thing, this is right up your alley. But it also offered a great view back throughout time and spoke about the evolution and migration of species, which facinated the hell out of me (I eat that shit up). My favorite part was the discussion of what NYC used to be like, populated by Bear and Wolves. Apparently bear used to fish for salmon down in a spring that bisected lower Manhattan (now known as Spring Street).

The website for the book is pretty cool as well, full of multimedia to depict possible scenerios should humans cease to exist today. Here are some pictures depicting what NYC would look like if humans ceased to exist right now:

After 2 days of no humans

After 2-4 years of no humans

After 5 years of no humans

After 300 years of no humans

After 500 years of no humans

After 15,000 years of no humans

The book explains why this would happen, ranging anywhere from habitat reemerging by way of weeds, plants and animals and the lack of humans to keep up maintenance in our subway tunnels, buildings and bridges.

I’m sure all the pigeon-fuckers out there would be thrilled with this scenerio…although then they wouldn’t be around to fuck their pigeon friends up the ass, so they’ll miss out.

Anyway the book is definitely a must-read if you like to read about scientific and reality based “what-if” scenerios and are a fan of the world and its environment in general.



1. roger - November 28, 2007

pretty crazy shit on that website. i’ll have to pick up the book!

2. Mr. Blogger - November 28, 2007

it really is fascinating to think what would happen should the human population cease to exist. no more worries about “global warming” should that happen huh? 🙂

3. candice - November 28, 2007

Can’t believe you saw that guy again…that’s freaky!

4. trent - November 28, 2007

pourin some ‘ade out on my desk in honor of the doc

5. mklasing - November 28, 2007

It’s clear that if this were to happen, a race of super-pigeons would emerge and peck and crap their way all over the Country. Of course, the giant build-up of their crap would create massive amounts of carbons in the air which would rapidly speed up global warming (or start it) and the ice caps would melt, the seas would boil and the earth would explode. Stupid pigeons.

As for Gatorade–the guy that invented it at U of Florida was a graduate of University of Texas–Hook ’em.

6. holly - November 28, 2007

not for nothing, you’d probably get through the city faster whitewater rafting through the subway tunnels rather than waiting for the F train all night!

7. chris - November 28, 2007

Murph: yeah, i’m extremely worried about the super pigeon race…perhaps that’s something will smith can eliminate in “I AM LEGEND”.

Why is it that in every movie Will Smith is saving the world? Can I ask that? Is he the next coming of Christ we didn’t know about.

Holly: That’s an awesome idea! Let’s replace the trains with a high powered whitewater tube system! Everyone gets their own raft or tube and at each subway stop the water slows to allow people to climb out or in. I’d be down for that! How fuckin awesome would that be?

Key make that happen for us buddy!

8. jake - November 28, 2007

I’m down for that idea as well! Key’s campaign could be: Two kayaks in every kitchen and a chicken in every pot! or whatever the slogan would be.

9. nincompoop - November 28, 2007

i think it’s time the rats of the world unite and take over! long live the rat!

10. keywork. - November 28, 2007

Chris, Jake: I love it. Everyone will kayak. And kill squirrels.

11. janet - November 28, 2007

thanks for making your blog lead free…you’re truly a pioneer! 😉

12. bob - November 28, 2007

i noticed this is much more of an enjoyable reading experience without the lead. thanks 😉

13. Thos - November 29, 2007

I have to agree with the blog being led free and chuck norris approved, but what I want to know is when will you be able to say “Now with Splenda”

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