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What a week it’s been! November 20, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in nintendo, sports, video games.

So again, apologies for the lack of updates recently. Been a crazy time at work and it seems like just about every agency is in “hurry up and put their 2008 plans together before the holiday” mode. So needless to say there hasn’t been much time to blog, let alone have any energy left at the end of the day to say something productive.

Then when I finally thought I had something funny to say, I came across that whole girls in a cup phenonemon that’s all the internet rage these days. If you haven’t seen it, consider yourself blessed. It’s pretty nasty. If you really, really wanna be grossed out go to http://www.2girls1cup.com/

I was told that my blog would be boycotted if I showed the video or pictures of what transpires on the site. So I guess I’ll refrain.

So onto more cheerful stuff that doesn’t involve girls licking what appears to be coffee ice cream.





Sorry B…had to do it….sorry.

Anyway, this past weekend I was feeling very lazy after an exhausting week so I decided to hook up the ole Nintendo and take a pass at trying to finally achieve “my lifelong dream” of throwing a shutout in Nintendo Baseball.

I know…after giving up a Homerun with 2 strikes in the bottom of the ninth (that was all caught on video no less) I decided to give it another whirl. The ole’ college try as they say.

After taking my first shutout bid into the 7th inning with the “Y” (Yankees) vs. the “C” (Cardinals) I gave up a double and then a two out single that broke up the shutout. Undeterred, but extremely pissed off, I tried again and this time took out my frustrations on the “P” (Phillies) by pouring the runs on. Instead of trying to keep the game close to avoid that “Nintendo cheat” where the losing team always comes back, I figured I’d try to demoralize the hell out of my opponent. Would they be lifeless if I put up a 10 spot on them? I was determined to find out.

I jumped on the computer very early putting up 5 in the first and 5 more in the second. I hadn’t scored more than 22 runs before in Nintendo Baseball and I already had 10 in the first two innings! Meanwhile I worked 1-2-3 innings in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

After tacking on 4 more runs in the 4th I had a nice 14-0 lead. Here comes the cheat.

After a leadoff double I tried to bear down. I threw some really good curve balls (amazing how you could make the ball move even in 1985 crappy Nintendo Baseball) and got back to back K’s. Then I got a grounder to SS to end the threat. The 5th inning was uneventful but my bats awoke in the 6th, putting up 5 more runs. 19-0 now. If the computer wasn’t devasted now, I don’t know when they’d ever be.

I got into minor trouble in the bottom of the 6th, but a nifty DP took care of business. I figured up 19-0 it may be time to record this puppy for immortality. Hopefully I wasn’t bringing on the jinx. But first it was time to go for 20.

After putting runners on the corners with 0 out, 20 was in definite reach. After scratching home the 20th run, I got two quick outs. But then the big blow came in leiu of a nice 3 run homer to break my personal record of runs scored in a game.

A three run homer gave me a new high in runs scored

Up 24-0 I was beyond amped. Only 3 innings to go and I wasn’t about to blow this opportunity. After getting two quick outs on sharply hit balls I gave up a double in the gap. Shit…had I pissed the computer off to the point that my shutout was doomed?

Whew…bullet dodged there. With renewed vigor the bats continued to pile on the offense in the top of the 8th.

Holy shit, 27-0. Unreal. 30 was a definite possibility at this point! But more importantly I wanted the shutout.

After adding another run to make it 28-0, to the bottom of the 8th we went. 6 outs away from a dream fulfilled. Again I found myself in trouble, giving up a one out double. After inducing a popup it was 2 outs with a runner on 2nd. Here’s the play:

You could hear the excitement in my voice. It was a mixture of glee and anxiety. And disbelief.

After going scoreless in the top of the 9th I took my 28-0 lead into the bottom of the 9th. Just 3 outs away.

Here’s the entire 9th inning in it’s entirety:

Unbelievable! Can’t believe I did it. Sure I screamed like a little girl. But who cares. It more than made my day. I think I was more excited about that then the Yanks or Cowboys winning a championship.

With my new found Baseball success I tried to complete another feat. Going an entire season in Tecmo Bowl without giving up a single point.

Was I successful? Tune in later to find out!



1. Jason - November 20, 2007

Thanks a lot Chris! I am sending you a bill for a new keyboard as I just tossed my dinner all over it after clicking your 2 girls 1 cup link! Holy shit man, in the future you have to put NFSW or something there.

Chris, did you commentate the whole baseball game? The real joy comes when you give the play by play in various voices.

2. roger - November 20, 2007

welcome back brother! you were missed!

3. candice - November 20, 2007

yeah you’re back!!!! i was worried you left us for good 🙂

4. Mr. Blogger - November 20, 2007

Nerd alert…haha. j/k. good to have you writing again.

Oh and that 2 girls in a cup thing is fuckin gross. Seen it once, and that was enough thanks.

5. chris - November 20, 2007

jason i wasn’t kidding…that’s why i wasn’t allowed to post pictures or video on my site of that “shit” (pun fully intended) lest i want to be regulated to sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future.

sorry again guys…i’ll never desert you like that again…well maybe never…but not as often. 🙂

6. victor - November 20, 2007

haha…nice. Congrats on finally throwing the shutout! look forward to the tecmo clips.

7. fred - November 20, 2007

Nintendo Master!!

8. trent - November 20, 2007

you know you make us wait this long and then you show us girls shitting in a cup and video of you playing nintendo. dude, what’s this world coming too!

9. abarclay12 - November 20, 2007

What pushes is back in action . . . me like. And yeah, you kind of sounded the nerd alert, but in a hot way for sure. My brother used to play this game endlessly when we were kids. We were certain he’d go blind, but instead he just masturbates a lot. I don’t know how that connects, but it just does.

Congrats on a stellar game.

10. tiffany - November 20, 2007



11. bubba - November 20, 2007

man the drama…you did scream like a little girl! haha

12. neil - November 20, 2007

i’m with you jason, i nearly ralfed on my computer. who in there right mind woud do something like that???

good to have you back chris, don’t they know that your blog is more important than work?? you have readers depending on you!

13. andyfox1979 - November 27, 2007

Since you clearly have an NES and enjoy baseball games i’d suggest “Baseball Stars”. The action was way before its time (dives, jumps, etc) and is quite fun to play but does lack the major league stars instead the teams are all themed and pretty stupidly at that.

Good stuff here.

14. chris - November 27, 2007

Hey Andy,

I love Baseball Stars…one of my favorite games of all time…unfortunately, the copy i have doesn’t save…so i could develop a kick ass team getting money from “prestige” points by playing the lovely ladies..and play a whole season…but the second i turn off the game, everything erases. very annoying.

Have to get another one off ebay one of these days.

thanks for stopping by.


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