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The votes are in… November 8, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in current events, humor, politics, sarcasm.

And there’s a new presidential candidate in town.

Fresh off Stephen Colbert withdrawing his nomination in the state of South Carolina for a possible presidential run, another candidate has filled his void.

This candidate is full of anger and hate but is a great debater and would instill fear into all who opposed him.

That candidate is none other than Angry Bear!

The Angry Bear has already been hitting the campaign trails with full force. His popularity, spurred by his appearance in the Borat movie, is growing by the day.

Although he’ll need to act quickly to get all the support he can before he hibernates for the winter.

And he’ll need to shed that grizzlied exterior too in favor of a softer look. Perhaps he can take a cue from Johnny Damon:

An appearance on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy wouldn’t hurt either 😉



1. whatpushesmybuttons - November 8, 2007

so it appears that due to his overgrowing popularity his site has been temporarily taken down. that’s a bummer.

2. roger - November 8, 2007

yeah i was gonna say doesn’t look like the link works!

3. howie - November 8, 2007

its been unusually quiet over here this week….everything ok with everyone?

4. chris - November 8, 2007

howie – i’ve been slammed with work…hence why the delays of updates and the lack of anything overly funny. it’s the last minute crunch before the holidays, before people go into screw it i’m not working for the rest of the year mode!

5. Mr. Blogger - November 8, 2007

yeah i’ve been fairly busy as well…it’s that time of the year!

6. melissa - November 8, 2007

yeah tell me about it…i’m in retail planning for the holidays now…not fun!

7. dean - November 8, 2007

haha nice sarcasm there…

8. keywork. - November 8, 2007

Alright, Chris, what’s with the bear? We all know at some point he will hibernate, so I’m really not going to bother with checking his credentials. Keywork in 2008: I Don’t Mortally Wound Campers.

9. Laurie Kendrick - November 8, 2007


I want you to know that I find this posting rather interesting. I know you support Key and as a reporter and arbiter of news and info, you are obligated in many ways to report that this bear has thrown his hat–is it??–in to the ring,

I want everyone to know here and now that as a woman who once shared abject carnality with the half man/half coon that Key is–that after having sampled his attempts at sensuality–and after having even shared an attic nest of rags and old New York posts with him, I can honestly say that I am—

voting for the fucking bear!!!

Vote BRUIN in ’08.


10. keywork. - November 8, 2007

You dirty bitch. I knew this would happen.

11. candice - November 8, 2007

haha laurie…the bear is kinda cute too…in a savage sorta way 😉

12. chris - November 8, 2007

key; i was waiting for the angry bear to make his nomination official…he did, and then suddenly the url stopped working. it was working a few days ago. very bizarre.

although if you go to http://www.angrybear.net/ you get a picture of some girl.

anyway, if i can get the damn bear to show up here for a political debate i will. i mean, once kendrick throws her support behind the bear, it’s gonna be tough to overcome that hurdle in the polls.

13. gary - November 8, 2007

dude…a bear is much more powerful than a raccoon…that could change my whole thinking here!

14. tiffany - November 8, 2007

oh, i’d totally do the bear! once those big paws got wrapped around you. uh, huh.

15. keywork. - November 8, 2007

chris, let me know if he can take a break from eating humans to debate the issues. voters-you’re a snack to this guy.

16. Laurie Kendrick - November 8, 2007


I’ve spoken with the bear. he just wanted Honey and as you know, I’m old…and.the OLD COMB just ain’t what it used to be.

So, of you’ll have me back, I’ll come back. I don’t know why I strayed.I was half crazed with frustration. Please Key, I love ya!

Take me back for the sake of Bagel, our daughter.

Please Key? I miss ya, ya big Raccoon!! You can even wash me first.

Human noises,

17. keywork. - November 8, 2007

Ok, Laurie. Just this once, for Bagel. I have had my share of half crazed moments myself. We all remember the beagle humping tangent I went on after my father passed.

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