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Race Day November 6, 2007

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So as everyone knows yesterday was the NYC Marathon and while I’m not a runner in any sense of the word, I’m proud to say I was able to jump in with Rich for a few miles. I’m surprised I even made it as far as my apt on 100st to the Willis Ave Bridge on 125th (which was over a mile). But I went further, and actually made it into the Bronx and back into Manhattan, cutting out of the race around 125th and 5th.

Honestly just having the people watching and rooting you on is a great experience and keeps you motivated to keep going. I honestly don’t know how marathoners can keep that up for all 26.2 miles, but I can see where you get the thrill and adraneline to keep pushing yourself to the finish. If my knees ever hold up it would be cool to run the entire marathon. Maybe I’ll just get a job as one of those bikers though…seems to be a little easier on the knees 🙂

Waiting for the call

Into the crowd

Off and running

Even though I’m extremely sore, I definitely won’t complain. I got to meet and hang out with a man who, despite his physical disabilities, just completed his 40th marathon on Sunday.

Jason Pisano is an extremely gifted athlete from Rhode Island who has cerebal palsy. He pushes well beyond his physical limitations however and is on a quest to finish 50 marathons in their entirety. Most athletes will only attempt a handful of marathons in their lifetime, but Jay is only 10 short from completing his goal of 50.

Jay on the road during Sunday’s marathon

Not only is he an extraordinary athlete, he lights up the room with his smile and personality. He is very well known and instantly recognizable, and just last night during dinner we had a few people come up to our table and offer their congrats to him on finishing the race.

To read more about Jason and his quest for 50 marathons, you can go to: http://www.teampisano.blogspot.com/

If you would like to support Jason or Disabled Athletes in general, you may do so through the National Disability Sports Alliance.

To specifically help support Jason’s training and racing through the NDSA (a 501C(3) non-profit organization) you can make checks payable to:

NDSA Travel and Training Fund (Jason Pisano)

Mail Checks to:
Jerry McCole
National Disability Sports Alliance
25 West Independence Way
South Kingston, RI 02881

If you have questions about the fund please contact Jerry McCole 401 792-7130.

I hope to be present for his 41st marathon quest in Boston and maybe even jump in for a few miles to improve on my NYC marathon experience.



1. candice - November 6, 2007

Jason’s truly an inspiration to us all!

2. roger - November 6, 2007

nice work…you must be sore as hell though!

yeah, jason is an inspiration…may have to go out and start running myself.

3. nincompoop - November 6, 2007

the only thing i run to is the bathroom! haha

4. janet - November 6, 2007

wow…he’s unreal! i can barely walk up my apt stairs without being winded!

5. howie - November 6, 2007

only 3 miles huh? you suck! haha

6. tegdirb - November 6, 2007

jay is amazing! i’m so glad i had the opportunity to meet him and can’t wait to see him race in Boston next year. 🙂

7. tiffany - November 6, 2007

jason is awesome!!!!!

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