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Are You ‘Shittin’ Me? November 6, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in bathroom humor, common sense, current events, opinion, pedestrian behavior, stupidity, weird, world news.

So thanks to John for this ‘scoop’ today.

Apparently there’s a memo in Florida that was created by a sheriff’s office warning of a new drug called “Jenkem”.

This drug is “a homemade substance which consists of fecal matter and urine. The fecal matter and urine are placed in a bottle or jar and covered most commonly with a balloon. The container is then placed in a sunny area for several hours or days until fermented. The contents of the container will separate and release a gas, which is captured in the balloon. Inhaling the gas is said to have a euphoric high similar to ingesting cocaine but with strong hallucinations of times past”.

Although in doing some research, it looks like (according to Wikipedia), “the first media description of Jenkem came from an Inter Press Service wire report in 1995.”

The smoking gun just got their hands on this memo and posted it on their site.

The Smoking Gun hasn’t found verification of any student actually using the drug but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Actually it’s been reported this drug was often used in Germany just before prostitutes took part in shizer videos. Ok I can’t really back that up.

But could you imagine getting high off of a combination of stale feces and urine? No thanks. That smell definitely wouldn’t put me in an euphoric state. It may make me puke my guts up everywhere, but it’s doubtful if you could get that much of a buzz from the smell?

Anyone out there ever use it and if so what was your experience?


1. howie - November 6, 2007

that’s fuckin gross!!! no way i would inhale that shit…literally πŸ™‚

2. trent - November 6, 2007

can’t say i ever used it

although i’ve inhaled some crazy shit before, but not actual shit…at least not that i know of!

3. gary - November 6, 2007

fuck that shit

4. nincompoop - November 6, 2007

i’m inhaled worse than that for sure!

5. candice - November 6, 2007

why am i not surprised nincompoop.

i love the video link on the smoking gun website of the cheerleaders who was like anyone who uses it is an idiot.


6. tiffany - November 6, 2007

yeah, i don’t want to even know what that smells like…so gross!

7. Laurie Kendrick - November 7, 2007

Yeah..I just snorted a turd rail. I’m high as a kite but the inside of my nose smells like piss.


Thanks for informing us you DEA ragging, gack doing, Needle Park living BASTARD!!!!!

8. abarclay12 - November 7, 2007

Jenkem has totally changed my life. I don’t teach, socialize, or pray without a generous swig of this stuff. If not for Jenkem, I don’t know where I’d be. Probably in a construction zone somewhere still trying to get high off of porta-potty fumes. I highly recommend it.

9. keywork. - November 7, 2007

hello, tiffany. chris, you are aware of Bagel’s expose’ on this, right? Check it out. http://rationreality.com/2007/09/01/word-of-the-week-jenkem/

10. whatpushesmybuttons - November 8, 2007

Key: I must have missed that! crap…talk about being behind the times huh. sorry bagel! πŸ™‚

11. The Bagel of Everything - November 8, 2007

No worries, Chris.

Thanks for the love, KW.

12. Word of the Week: Jenkem « Ration Reality - November 8, 2007

[…] What Pushes My Buttons […]

13. The Bagel of Everything - November 8, 2007

Chris, since you’re always linking to us, I’ve updated my jenkem post to include this link. I put you between wikipedia and associated press.

14. chris - November 8, 2007

thanks bagel! i’m proud to say i’m just as authoritative of a newssource as wiki and the AP…that’s when i’m not 2 months behind on a story….

thanks for the love….love πŸ˜‰

15. Stiletto - November 9, 2007

Jenkem? You’ve got to be shittin’ me…

16. Jenkem saved my life!!! - December 12, 2007

Man jenkem is the stuff.
What is really good is when you let it ferment for a looong time.
you inhale the gas
and then drink the pee
and chew the poo
Don’t forget to slosh it around in your mouth! =D

17. Jekem jon - February 8, 2010

I had a go it wAs the shit

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