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“Cult” of Personality October 31, 2007

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So I’m stealing a line from one of my most favorite songs of all time, Living Colour’s Cult of Personality.

Although the cult I’m referring to are the fans that inhabit Darrel Royal Stadium at the University of Texas, Austin.

I was last at a Longhorns game about 5 years ago and was amazed by how every single fan knew every single chant and battle hymn. Coming from a I-AA football school, we were lucky if students remembered when the team was actually at home.

Anyway, I had the chance to go to another Longhorns game this past weekend, as we were down in Austin celebrating Rich’s bachelor party. We saw UT take on perennial powerhouse Nebraska, who themselves have been struggling of late.

The hotel we stayed at (the Days Inn University) was packed full of Nebraska fans who made the trip down south. However, not wanting to be the enemies of 80,000 fans that pack into the stadium, we decide to don the home burnt orange and white.

The crew donning the burnt orange and white

We ended up tailgating at Sholz Garten before the game…which was this huge facility with a large backyard picnic type area with hundreds of peeps packed in. They had a large indoor hall with a big screen TV, where diehards were glued to one of the games. Outside they had a few bars with bbq grills. After waiting in line for 20 minutes for a pulled pork sandwich at one of the pits, I grabbed a seat and took a bite. However said pulled pork was kinda cold and very fatty. Definitely not an appetizing snack whatsoever, especially added to the fact I waited 20 minutes to get it.

The disappointing pulled pork at Sholz

Other than that the beer was great (kudos for having Spaten Oktoberfest on draft!) and the atmosphere was pretty kick ass!

(side rant coming: everything in Austin is made to order. Nothing is cooked ahead of time. While this is a nice touch, it adds completely unnecessary delays, especially at a tailgate or even at the game itself. The lines all day were ridiculous, because even soda from the fountain was made to order. They even ran out of hotdogs and pretzels before half time because they didn’t keep filling the machines. At Sholz, they made the burgers to order. So they waited for someone to order before throwing it on the grill. Now, when you have a line, of lets say 50 people or so, good planning dictates more than half of them will be getting a burger when it’s one of the 5 items you offer up. Dont’cha think you should have a bunch grilling and ready to rock, instead of having people stand there for 20 minutes? I mean I appreciate the “human touch”, I really do. But let’s talk about efficiencies here people. Think ahead. Prepare. Don’t run out of fuckin hotdogs at a football game. Thanks).

Back to football. Even though the team is struggling a bit this season, the fans were rapid from the opening ceremonies. The old PeeWee favorite “The Stars at Night are Big and Bright…Deep in the Heart of Texas” gets the crowd singing along, young and old alike. Not even at a professional football game will you find the crowd as pumped up before the game even starts than you will at UT. Case in point, when the players emerge from the tunnel and head across the field for a pre-game prayer, the fans pray with them.

It’s not all that surprising considering that in a state like Texas, football and god go hand-in-hand.

The Longhorns ended up winning the game 28-25. Nebraska actually had a lead in the second half with momentum, but couldn’t capitalize on a Interception around midfield as their drive stalled and ultimately UT took advantage of their superior talent in the game.

There’s some more stories to share, including how it took us over an hour to get food served to us at two different locations over the weekend…so stay tuned!


1. bubba - October 31, 2007

everything is much slower down in texas…that’s just how they are!

2. roger - October 31, 2007

hah, your right about being annoyed them running out of shit. Just a little planning will go a long way. I can’t believe they didn’t just have soda ready to go. Maybe they would get confused by the flavors?

3. Mr. Blogger - October 31, 2007

looks like you guys had some awesome seats!!

4. dean - October 31, 2007

i like that girl’s tat!

5. candice - October 31, 2007

oh it’s totally a cult down at UT…it’s insane…the fans know these secret chants and signals…soooo weird!

6. gary - October 31, 2007

holy shit, there’s not a cloud in the sky in any of those pics! must’ve had awesome weather!!!

7. daubin - October 31, 2007

look in my eyes, what do you see.

a cult of personality.

awesome song!

8. carlos - October 31, 2007

holy s*it that scoreboard looks ridiculous!!! how big is it??

9. trevor - October 31, 2007

dude…that sandwich is nothing but fat! disgusting

10. chris - October 31, 2007

Roger: you could be right…was just annoying to wait 10 minutes for a soda. you think they’d get a system down, being that, oh, 80,000 fuckin people were there and there’s basically 0 concession stands.

Mr. B: 13 rows off the field my friend

Candice: I thought we’d be hung for not singing along with the rest of the crowd. It’s like they brand these songs into you so you’ll never forget them.

Gary: 77 and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky.

Carlos: Fuckin huge! And clear as anything! Scoreboard was pretty sick.

Trevor: it was like chewing on fatty rawhide…barely any meat whatsoever. huge letdown

Daubin: I’m A Cult of Personality yeah

11. keywork. - October 31, 2007

The eyes of Texas are upon you…good memories.

12. victor - November 1, 2007

makes me wish i didn’t go to a DIII school!

13. Laurie Kendrick - November 1, 2007

Look at you CJ all decked out in your burnt orange and white cotton poly blend Y and slammin’ back some pre and post game swill at Scholz’s Beer Garden.

You know I went to Texas and lived in Austin for years. I don’t get back there much. It’s a young city and alas, I am not, but it was fun when I was still just a zygote with a really great rack!

UT games are legend.

Thanks for sharing a little of your Big T experience with your readers you beer drinkin’, Lone Star wishin’, football watching, Colt McCoy is no Vince Young, cheering; BASTARD!!!

14. chris - November 2, 2007

thanks LK…

I’ll be sure to take you to the Back Page when you visit NYC since it’s a UT bar and you can relive all of the cult chants and hand signals.

Maybe I’ll flip the horns to give everyone an Aggie salute and see what happens.

you got my back right? 😉

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