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WTF??? Is right!!! October 26, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in bathroom humor, food, funny, humor, video, weird.

Umm…so…once again Ration Reality will be supplying the video fun for this Friday (mainly because I have to jet to the airport in an hour for a flight to Austin….Texas…not Massachussetts). That and I laughed pretty much an hour straight after watching them so it unfortunately sapped all of the humor from me. Thanks alot guys.

Today’s video installment comes courtesy of our neighbors from the north, who apparently have raised the bar for commercials which blatently cross the line between…well let’s just say these commercials would never fly in the good ole prudish U S of A.

The series of commercials are for convenience store beverages from a chain store called Mac’s. They are branding this drink called WTF which is supposed to be short for What’s the Flavour? But clearly the WTF is not purely coincidence, considering they also have a slogan that was OMFG which stands for Oh My Froster’s Gone.

I must say nicely done by the Canadians. Way to take advantage of this acronym language society we’ve become over the years. Before I give away too much of the plot, here are some snapshots from the commercials:

Two girls getting a giant tree of liquid “off”

A girl licking a “berry flavored” zit

A man giving birth to an egg filled with juice

A bloody attack that rivals Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding

And finally my favorite…

A robot who fucks a pommelhorse to produce juice

You can go here to view these video clips in all their glory.

I mean…talk about some fucked up marketing approaches! Could you imagine 7-11 going this route for promoting their Slurpies? Or maybe the next reincarnation of Slush Puppies for ‘adults’ where a girl is ‘redrocketing’ a puppie to produce the flavors for the slush puppie?

Slush Puppies new marketing campaign could be entitled “LOL” – short for Lick our liquids.

I mean the possibilities are endless! Although I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere Sonic is producing a whole line of drinks labeled LMAO or some other acronym that is overly used this days.

Anyway, I’m off to Austin for faithful reader Rich’s bachelor party. Assuming my liver doesn’t explode I’ll be back for more fun on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!



1. roger - October 26, 2007

wow…um…just wow. those are some fucked up commercials right there!

2. Mr. Blogger - October 26, 2007

jesus christ…those would never fly in the USA!! may have to move up north 😉

3. candice - October 26, 2007

eww….those are so gross!!!

4. howie - October 26, 2007

that robot one is the best! haha

5. janet - October 26, 2007

I love how sad the robot is at the end…it’s like he fucked the pommelhorse and hooked the kid up, but now he’s just sad and lonely again! hahaha

6. tiffany - October 26, 2007

umm…this is not helping my sexual frustration…i think i want that robot to violate me! 😉

7. bubba - October 26, 2007

yeah…the canadians are pretty fucked up…that’s all there is to say!

8. keywork. - October 26, 2007

Tiff, you really need to get laid. Seriously.

9. melissa - October 26, 2007

hahaaha…LMAO (although hate to throw acronyms around now given how f’d up those commercials were!)

10. chris - October 26, 2007

key: can you make it one of your campaign promises to get tiffany laid…i’m a little worried about her mental state at the moment. word is she tried sucking on the nipple on the screen last night.

11. dean - October 26, 2007

Or maybe the next reincarnation of Slush Puppies for ‘adults’ where a girl is ‘redrocketing’ a puppie to produce the flavors for the slush puppie?

fucking gross dude…Red Rocket! Red Rocket! haha

12. candice - October 26, 2007

hahahahaah…tiffany, you licked the nipple???? hah

13. carlos - October 26, 2007

umm…i think i need some time alone after watching those girls make out!

14. keywork. - October 26, 2007

Yes, getting Tiffany laid seems to be a matter of National interest. Will do, Chris. Real nipples are on their way, Tiff.

15. nincompoop - October 26, 2007

no wonder how slush puppies get the flavors to be so good!

oh and tiffany…i’m here for you girl.

16. tiffany - October 26, 2007

WOW…a campaign to get ME LAID!!! Awesome KEY!!! You have my vote.

Now excuse me while I go ‘pretty myself’ up 😉

17. keywork. - October 26, 2007

I assume that is code for masturbate, Tiff. But yes, it’s a campaign promise.

18. janet - October 26, 2007

tiffany you’re such a slut!!!!!!! 😉

j/k…we love you. hope they find you a ‘few good men”

19. keywork. - October 26, 2007

I spent four years as one of the few.

20. tiffany - October 26, 2007

actually i was going to “freshen up” to start my work day…but maybe i have a quick moment to …um…well you know…hee hee 😉

21. keywork. - October 26, 2007

knew it.

22. gary - October 26, 2007

so we have two guys vying for tiffany’s “service” huh…a “nincompoop” and a presidential candidate. This should get interesting!

23. trent - October 26, 2007

tiffany i say you should fuck the presidential candidate…why would you waste your time with a nincompoop?

24. nincompoop - October 26, 2007

gary it’s a no contest…what the hell is a raccoon gonna do to pleasure her? fetch her some garbage?

25. chris - October 26, 2007

Key: i’m glad we’re getting Tiffany “taken care of”…although nincompoop could prove to be a tough competitor for her ‘courtship’.

Ok y’all…I’m off in a few to head down to Austin.

Make sure you guys behave…don’t want the Federal Cocksucker Corporation shutting me down for “indecency”…this ISN’T canada after all! 🙂

26. tiffany - October 26, 2007

well i’m off for the day boys…thanks for giving me a good start to my morning…the shower pressure never felt so…well…

i hope to have a pic of me to share soon so i can spark a national “manhunt”.

oh and keywork, i have a thing for furry creatures and anyone who looks good in uniform 😉


27. nincompoop - October 26, 2007

YES! we would love to see that pic tiffany. hopefully you look as good as you talk

28. roger - October 26, 2007

what does that even mean nincompoop???

29. dan - October 26, 2007

umm…no thank U for making our morning better tiff!!!! =]

30. fred - October 26, 2007

she was MASTERBATING…frank and beans!

31. jake - October 26, 2007

hahaa nice fred!

32. steven a. jacoby - October 26, 2007

you guys are all pretty fucked up…thanks for the laughs today

33. Anonymous - October 26, 2007

Knew it. Done and done.

34. saskboy - October 26, 2007

Saw your post on the Weblog awards about it being fixed. I have my suspicions too. Even more mysterious, I couldn’t post when signed in as WordPress, but managed to get one nomination post published as anonymous. I tried asking what went wrong anonymously, but got no respsonse, and that comment wasn’t published.

35. The Bagel of Everything - October 26, 2007

Slush Puppies for ‘adults’ where a girl is ‘redrocketing’ a puppie

Wow. No more Southpark for you!

Thanks for the love, dear.

36. Soylent Ape - October 26, 2007

Great post, but the whole “redrocket” thing was a bridge too far, my friend. Let’s hope the guys at Mac’s don’t get wind of that. I mean, bestiality’s just a few steps down the road from the suggested consumption of robot jizz or the ejaculatory response to extreme sadomasochistic stimulation.

All this …for slushies.

37. abarclay12 - October 26, 2007

OH man. I am not ok with that robot doing the pummel horse. And the man giving birth to the juicy egg?? Outrageous. However, I do love the WTF commercials. Does that make me weird?

38. keywork. - October 29, 2007

Chris, I assume you are busy today, so I will leave random comments on this post until someone stops me. Tiff, four paws are better than two hands any day.

39. roger - October 29, 2007

dude – where you at…want the deets from austin this weekend!

40. tiffany - October 30, 2007

Hi boys…sorry i’ve been MIA. Let’s just say i’ve been having my share of fun for the last few days. 😉

Feel lots better though…but still a little horny. hee hee.

key, i agree, more “paws” the better…gets those hard to reach places.

41. chris - October 30, 2007

Saskboy: I’m not saying it’s a complete hoax…but just a little less than perfect…then again anything judged by people is bound to be that way 🙂

Abarclay: yeah, very sick and perverted…i only wish our country wasn’t full of prudes who complain at every fucking little thing.

Bagel: yeah, love that south park episode…haha….red rocket red rocket. haha.

Ape: yeah…i’m sure they’ve had ton of ideas in the hopper..i’d hate to see the ads that actually got rejected!

42. nincompoop - October 30, 2007

key – um, yeah, but your four paws barely equal the size of my two hands…remember size counts my friend!

43. keywork. - October 30, 2007

Tiff, I’m glad you agree. Nincompoop: Apparently, raccoon anatomy is not your strong suit. If it were, you would know you don’t stand a chance.

44. nincompoop - October 30, 2007

Well I have big bear claw type hands key…the better to fondle tiffany with!

45. keywork. - October 30, 2007

I’m sure she’s excited about that fondling, too. Google ‘prehensile’ and then research how it pertains to a certain part of the male raccoon anatomy. You can’t compete with it, trust me. Tiff, feel free to jump in at any time.

46. francesca - October 30, 2007

Don’t know about you but I sure wouldn’t want a raccoon nor a bear fondling me! 🙂

47. keywork. - October 30, 2007

You speak from inexperience, francesca. Don’t knock it until you try it. At least twice.

48. tiffany - October 30, 2007

hmm…i’ll have to do my research here. but i’m all for having an animal “sandwich”. LOL

although you guys probably won’t play nice. so maybe i’ll just let you battle it out to the death for moi 😉


49. keywork. - October 30, 2007

I always win.

50. nincompoop - October 30, 2007

somehow key, i think my bear claw would pretty much be the end of you…i mean call me naive.

51. nincompoop - October 30, 2007

plus we’ve all seen what your current health status is key….and it ain’t pretty!

52. keywork. - October 30, 2007

Oh, the smearing. Let me know when you find something interesting. Oh, and here’s what you’re dealing with: http://kywork.blogspot.com/2007/09/resistance-is-futile.html

53. nincompoop - October 31, 2007

that’s merely a flesh wound compared to what i’d do to you key.

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