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What’s this world coming to? October 25, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in bathroom humor, common sense, critique, current events, fashion, humor, nostaglia, opinion, pedestrian behavior, random references, sarcasm, world news.

Seriously…first we find out that some neanderthals used to be gingers!

It that wasn’t bad enough, now we find out that kids are being bullied in middle school for wearing certain fashion labels.

Good thing these meddling middle schoolers didn’t get a hold of me in college. All I wore were windpants and sweats and crummy t-shirts. I would’ve gotten called names, like “frumpy-ass” or “not dressed so well kid” or stuff like that. That would have been too much to handle for my psyche.

I mean what the fuck is up with these kids anyway. You can blame the fashion designers for targeting youth. When I was a child I don’t ever remember kids caring if you wore Levi’s vs. Jordache. Back then a Sergio Tacchini track suit was considered fashionable as was a pair of Z. Cavaricci’s.

Actually back in Junior High School I think all I wore were Skidz.

I don’t remember any kid calling me “Skidmark” or making fun of the hideous plaid design I wore on a nearly daily basis.

But regardless, these youth have way too much pressure on them these days. They have to look the part, act the part and be the part. If not, they’re social outcasts and basically are resigned to a life full of name calling and asskickings. Not that that wasn’t prevelant in my youth, but I don’t think the pressure is on youth as much as it is today to look good and act cool.

Anyway, it’s fuckin freezing in here today. It figures they fix the airconditioning once the temperature drops into the 60s. Great work building management. My fuckin nipples have cut through my polo shirt already.

Random picture of ‘erect’ nipple

Actually they’re the one typing this blog as we speak. Although the left nipple is having a tough time with the shift key. I guess I lack the opposable areola that is needed to type correctly.

Ok…on another note that’s far more disturbing, get a load of this:

Male with very severe gynecomastia

E-fucking-gads man! Dude…if you’re a man, at least cut your hair (your head hair not your chest hair). I don’t care if you have that gynowhatever…if you’re gonna have breasts at least pretty up the area around them. How the fuck is someone supposed to motorboat that? Seriously! And forget ever getting a job at Utah Flapjacks!

(ok…i think the nipples have done enough typing for the day)


1. candice - October 25, 2007

OMG Skidz!! haha…nice…

btw…i think your nipple should be banned from blogging ever again!

2. roger - October 25, 2007

thanks dude for leaving us with that disgusting image…

3. tiffany - October 25, 2007

is it bad to say I’m midly attracted to the guy with the big breasts? i need to get laid! 😉

4. nelson - October 25, 2007

wow…umm…yeah…i think your frozen nipples have affected your brain too!

5. janet - October 25, 2007

I don’t remember any kid calling me “Skidmark” or making fun of the hideous plaid design I wore on a nearly daily basis.

HAHA Chris has skidmarks! haha

6. Mr. Blogger - October 25, 2007

now that my friend is one erect nipple!

7. gary - October 25, 2007

“How the fuck is someone supposed to motorboat that? Seriously! And forget ever getting a job at Utah Flapjacks!”

totally disturbing and completely uncalled for. but i laughed so hard i swallowed my gum. nicely done.

8. melissa - October 25, 2007

Merry Go Round?? hah…can’t say I’ve ever shopped there before! 🙂

I was definitely a Cavaricci girl though!

9. dan - October 25, 2007

“frumpy-ass” or “not dressed so well kid”

Those are some top-o-the-line insults right there! Nothing breaks a kid’s heart by calling him not dressed so well kid. haha

10. nincompoop - October 25, 2007

hey…no knocking the sergio tacchini…i still rock mine out on occassion…complete with extra chest hair flowing from the top

11. chris - October 25, 2007

Hey poop: you mean sort of like the ones johnny mac used to wear? 😉

Gary: Swallowing gum is not good for you…what do they say, 8 years to digest that shit?

Janet: I DO NOT HAVE SKIDMARKS…you made me nipples cry…you happy now?

Roger: you’re welcome

Tiffany: Um…something’s wrong with you girl.

Dan: you have no idea how much that insult hurts.

12. distracted spunk - October 25, 2007

I am really hoping that I can get both of my images out of my head for the rest of the day. Wow. *shakes head* It’s still there.

13. phillippe - October 25, 2007

no nudity warning on this blog eh?

14. fred - October 25, 2007

I guess I lack the opposable areola that is needed to type correctly.

hahhaha…a little meet the parents reference i assume?

15. jake - October 25, 2007

nice! look at the nut huggers on john macenroe! hahahaha

16. nincompoop - October 25, 2007

those would be the exact ones!

17. tiffany - October 25, 2007

Now THAT”s Hot nincompoop…maybe we should meet up some time…i’m just saying 😉

18. bubba - October 25, 2007

wow…look at those man boobs…that’s insane!

19. victor - October 25, 2007

that guy in the blue shirt and black and white skidz is so flaming his hair is on fire! haha

20. trevor - October 25, 2007


21. carlos - October 25, 2007

is it just me or is it getting a little nippley in here?

22. carlos - October 25, 2007

who said nippley…i meant nippy.

23. Laurie Kendrick - October 25, 2007

That’s not a nipple CJ..that’s a bird perch.

Has Bagel seen this?

Anyway, Go ROCKIES..you nipple photo posting bastard!!!

24. steven a. jacoby - October 26, 2007

yes please make sure the nipples never ever come back to blog again!

25. nincompoop - October 26, 2007

tiffany – your place or mine? 🙂

the nut huggers await you!

26. chris - October 26, 2007

LK: no word yet from the bagel…maybe her nipple has fought back and has rendered her incapable of performing any chores, such as turning on the computer. btw, kick ass quiz on laurie’s site if you have a moment or two and care to respond. http://lauriekendrick.wordpress.com/2007/10/25/a-quiz/

Steven: I’ve actually just sliced my nipples off…they will never disturb anyone again.

Tiffany/nincompoop…i’ll tell you now, this is NOT a match made in heaven… 🙂

27. chris - October 26, 2007

oh and nice work by the rockies tonight…way to manufacture those runs guys…just pack it in now and save your fans the bitter disappointment of watching you get swept.

28. howie - October 26, 2007

you think if that guy had funbags like that he’d at least try to get into better shape? those are all flab!

29. dean - October 26, 2007

i think that nipple just poked me in the eye.

30. bagel of everything - October 26, 2007

Skidz! I wish they still made them! They were like wearing pajamas to school!

When I was in jr. high, the big thing at other schools was Guess. Rich kids would come to our ballgames all prissing around in their Guess tshirts, and we’d laugh at them.
They were poverty-clothes at my school. A convenience store not 100 yards from the school sold knock-offs for $5. Only the dirt poor kids wore them, cuz they were cheaper than a plain tshirt.

Jordash jeans were big until a factory outlet type store called LA Joes opened, and sold them for next to nothing. Overnight, my own and my mother’s enviable wardrobe became unwearable, worthless rags.

I was all about the OceanPacific! OP to the max, dude!

31. soylent ape - October 26, 2007

I wasn’t very fashionable in high school. Basically, anything coordinates with a Metal Church T-shirt. I thought Skidz were awesome because they were like wearing pajamas to school! It felt like I was getting something over on everyone. For a “nice boy” like myself, it was a subversive “fuck you” to society–in my own mind, at least.

I did buy into the HyperColor hype. I thought they were clever, but after about 4 laundry cycles, they were toast. Somebody oughtta bring those back.

32. chris - October 26, 2007

Bagel/Ape: I moved your comments over here from the blogspot site…didn’t want you to think i was ignoring you 😉

Bagel: I know…i had like 20 pairs of Skidz shorts…the drawstring ties were great since you could tighten or loosen as needed. i think skidz should come back with a line of business casual clothing..i’d be the first to adopt in my office.

only the cool kids wore guess? in brooklyn…i couldn’t afford guess so i’d always have to settle for shitty bugle boy. my mom loved the bugle boy outlet…actually she still tries to buy me clothes from there…thanks mom, you’re the best!

ape: hypercolor shirts were cool…if only because it would get girls to touch you. of course guys would touch you too and that wasn’t cool. no wonder why it faded away.

33. keywork. - October 26, 2007

The hypercolor shorts were the thing to have. No dude was touching those.

34. Soylent Ape - October 26, 2007

@ Key/Chris: I never once had a dude touch my hypercolor shirt–just many, many blossoming young ladies. If I were honest with myself (which I’m not), I’d probably realize that my Hypercolor(TM) fixation was more about getting attention from beautiful, giggly female classmates than any aesthetic statement they made about me.

35. keywork. - October 29, 2007

It was, Ape, that’s what it was all about. I wish they still made the shirts.

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