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Friday Video Fun October 19, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in funny, humor, opinion, pedestrian behavior, photos, pictures, video, weird.

Since I’m probably going to be absolutely buried in work today, won’t have much to say.

But our friends at Ration Reality always have something to say! This time they’ve uncovered some really disturbing commercials courtesy of our friends oversees.

They’ve uncovered:

* An animated cleaning powder that snorts his white powder cleaning solution, gets high, and crashes to the floor

* A japanese “kiddie beer” commercial that shows families happily drinking this ‘non alcoholic’ beverage that is supposed to foster future beer drinking among youth

* A japanese milk commercial that looks like it’s a play on our old drinking milk commercials where the person drinking milk grows before your eyes. You know the commercials, where the puny kid who drinks milk grows up to be bigger and stronger than the bully who was pushing them around. Well, instead of growing taller, in this commercial the girls boobs grow bigger with each passing sip!

* A Russian (actually Estonian) meat processing commercial that flashes back and forth between the chicken and his meat being ground up.

Fucked up and disturbing? Yes. Mildly amusing and borderline hysterical? You bet!

To view these commercials in all their glory go to:

Thanks again for uncovering those gang, made my day!

Also, one last thing to share. I’m sitting across from this guy on the subway last night who was slightly tripped out on something. He had a shiteating grin on his face and his eyes kept rolling into the back of his head.

I couldn’t decide who he reminded me more of, David Koresh,

or Bruce Vilanch.

Tough call…opinions anyone?



1. melissa - October 19, 2007

that’s awesome! funny stuff ration reality!!!

hmm…i’m gonna go with bruce vilanch

2. Mr. Blogger - October 19, 2007

I’ll take Bruce Vilanch for the block

3. candice - October 19, 2007

OMG is that cleaning guy thingy really snorting powder from his arms??? That’s hysterical!!!

4. candice - October 19, 2007

oh and i’d go with koresh..he looks a creepy kinda guy like that

5. keywork. - October 19, 2007

Yeah, Russ was a friend of mine. He had wonderful, clean intentions. But in the end, his love for abrasive nose powders took him to his grave. Goodbye, comrade. You will be missed. Especially by our scouring pads.

6. dan - October 19, 2007

yum…processed meat…just what i want to see when i’m drinking my morning coffee 😉

7. janet - October 19, 2007

can i vote for a perfect combination of the two??? 🙂

8. howie - October 19, 2007

man…that is a tough call…i’d give the vote slightly to koresh since he doesn’t look as jovial as vilanch does…but it could go either way

9. jake - October 19, 2007

wow…um, yeah disturbing videos to say the least!!!

definitely koresh, if the beard was fuller on koresh it’d be an exact lookalike!

10. bethany - October 19, 2007

that guy is creepy…i definitely wouldn’t have sat across from him!!!

11. carlos - October 19, 2007

haha….awesome vids!!

i’d go with koresh as well.

12. bob - October 19, 2007

too bad that guy couldn’t make the vilanch face, cause then he would have been a dead ringer for him!!!!

13. roger - October 19, 2007

Vilanch in the center square!!

14. chris - October 19, 2007

great job getting the hollywood square references guys…i’m so proud of you (tears welling up in my eyes)

15. abarclay12 - October 19, 2007

That guy looks like the gay lovechild of Manson and Koresh. And he’s on his way to similar ventures with that “shiteating grin,” as you called it. I’m going to check out rationreality asap by the way. I would love it if milk increased the size of my breasts instantly. The Japanese sure know what they’re doing.

16. whatpushesmybuttons - October 19, 2007

Yeah I think it’s a blend. Either way the guy was creepy. I’m surprised I was able to get a good pic of him!

Abarclay and LK: In an unrelated topic i laid into the Weblog awards people today. One blogger had asked a good question: how come if the awards ceremony is nov 9th, finalists won’t be decided until last week in oct and winners won’t be voted on until 1st week of nov. Doesn’t give much travel time does it to get to the awards ceremony, does it? Proving my point that the finalists and winners have already been decided.

I smell a rat…and it’s not coming from the sewers below my office either!

17. whatpushesmybuttons - October 19, 2007

btw, LK here’s the note i left on the Weblogs site:

Kevin: Honestly, are you guys considering every blog that is nominated or do you guys pretty much have your finalists and winners selected?

Seems like an awfully quick turnaround time to go through hundreds of blogs in each category and then select just a few finalists and give people a week to vote on them before the awards ceremony on the 9th?

Is this basically just one big popularity contest based on how many “votes” one blogger got in each category? Because if that’s the case you’re not really deciding which is truly the best blog in each category, you’re basically rewarding the person who brought the most traffic to your site.

Either way, the awards are a great idea…but honestly the whole process seems a little shady to me.

Thoughts, comments?



18. Mr. Blogger - October 19, 2007

wow…so you’re basically saying the awards you guys are up for are a sham and that they’ve already been decided? that sucks…you guys should get fairly judged among your peers. seems a bit shady to me.

19. helen - October 19, 2007

omg that’s right…bruce vilanch was the center square on hollywood squares!!! i remember that now!

20. whatpushesmybuttons - October 19, 2007

Mr. B: Well, that’s what I’m accusing them of..actually it was another blogger who raised the suspicion and brought up the question about how would he have only 3 days to book travel plans to get his award if he was selected as a winner. So being that I’m not one to keep my mouth shut I asked for the truth. Fair enough right?

Helen: yes, actually Whoopi Goldberg mostly had center square…but my favorite was I’ll take JJ Bullock for the block.

21. fran - October 19, 2007

can’t remember who the host of Squares was????

22. whatpushesmybuttons - October 19, 2007

That would be Tom Bergeron.

Actually just found this site. Forgot about Caroline Rhea on that too…used to be a really funny show.


Here are some of the classic banter lines from the show’s heydey in the late 90s.

Tom Bergeron: Bruce, you’re the most popular fruit in America. What are you?
Bruce Vilanch: Humbled.

Tom Bergeron: You have “frigaphobia.” What are you afraid of?
Whoopi Goldberg: Every friggin’ thing!

Tom Bergeron: This classic 1958 science fiction film is about a huge mass from outer space that stalks the earth and devours everything in its path. What’s the name of this film?
Gilbert Gottfried: The Marlon Brando Story.

Tom Bergeron: Back in 1985, John Cougar Mellencamp and Willie Nelson co-founded what annual charity event?
Garth Brooks: Hands Across All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.

Tom Bergeron: The term SWAT originated in the Los Angeles Police Department. What does SWAT stand for?
Whoopi Goldberg: Some Whoop-Ass Tonight!

Tom Bergeron: How does a comet get its tail?
Peter Marshall: Oh, the same as everyone else I guess, a little cognac, a Barry White CD…

Tom Bergeron: Since the first woman entered this institution, 84 women have followed her. What institution is that?
Whoopi Goldberg: Marriage to Larry King.

Tom Bergeron: He dangled from balloons in his first book in 1940 and this year in the Macy’s parade he dangled as a balloon. Who is he?
Brad Garrett: The kids’ favorite, Louie Anderson.

Tom Bergeron: Ellen, true or false: the state of Virginia was named after a reputed virgin.
Ellen Degeneres: Well, if that is true, what does that say about Idaho?

(question to Raquel Welch)
Tom Bergeron: If you’re eating a convenience store hot dog, is it better for you if the weiner is smooth or if it’s wrinkled?
(audience roars, Raquel looks dumbfounded)
Whoopi Goldberg: See, it’s not just me that gets these questions!
Raquel Welch: Well, I mostly know about smooth ones…
Martin Mull: Well, there goes the Peabody!
(a few seconds later, Bergeron gives the correct answer)
Tom Bergeron: Wrinkled…reason is, it’s had all the saturated fat sucked out of it!


23. trevor - October 19, 2007

dude…funny shit…guess i should’ve watched the show more often!


24. peter - October 19, 2007

any show with gilbert godfrey is classic!

25. victor - October 19, 2007

the coke sniffing cleaner guy is the best! i’ve watched that 20 times already! hahaha

26. bubba - October 19, 2007

oh man…that guy is very creepy. Looks like the kinda guy who sleeps with one eye open

27. fred - October 19, 2007

those girls look like they’re about to make out in the meat processing commercial! haha

28. Mr. Blogger - October 19, 2007

actually chris, that would be Emmy Award winning Tom Bergeron 😉

29. kenneth - October 19, 2007

funny ass videos…thanks for sharing!

30. chris - October 19, 2007

Victor: yeah, he cracks me up…never get away with that commercial here!

Bubba: i felt like he was watching me through his beard.

Fred: Those girls had eyes for each other…no doubt about that!

Mr. B: How could I forget..somewhere Tom Bergeron is saying you nimwit I’m an Emmy Award winner for christ’s sake

Kenneth: don’t thank me…thank ration reality!

31. The Bagel of Everything - October 19, 2007

Thanks for the love, sweety.

32. Soylent Ape - October 19, 2007

Thanx, WPMB! We appreciate any recognition, especially from someone we respect as much as you. I’m probably going to make this a regular feature, ‘cuz there’s a lot more where these came from!

I think Bruce Vilanch is a cult leader, himself. Wild, mussed-up hair? Check. Crazy eyes? Bruce has ’em. Unkempt, out-of-control facial hair? Are you shitting me? …all I’m saying is don’t be surprised if one day, you see him and his fat, gay, one-liner writing followers holed-up in their bunker beneath the Shrine Auditorium waiting for Bruce to finish writing his “testament”. They’ll be armed to the teeth with puns!

33. milton - October 20, 2007

i believe you took my stapler

34. abarclay12 - October 20, 2007

First of all, I would make out with Milton in a heartbeat. The stapler could or could not be involved. Either way, it’s fine with me.

Second, I’ll bet that weblog award site is really a money laundering setup anyhow, but you and Laurie K deserve at least a gift basket or something. Did you read her post about her family? So hi-larious.

Third, if that weblo site gives the award to that cheezburger site with the cats in weird sexual positions and saying weird things, I’m going to take my own life. I just thought you should know.


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