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Googlezon October 12, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in asshole of the day, common sense, critique, current events, fashion, new york city, opinion, pedestrian behavior, stupidity, video, world news.

Sorry guys, been a crazy work day today. That and I’m off to Dallas for the weekend to watch my beloved Cowboys try to hang in there vs the Patriots.

But some “quickies” to share before I depart (and not of the sexual kind unfortunately).

First, on the train this morning I’m standing against the door. I’m wearing a green t-shirt and off-white cargo shorts (yes shorts…it’s still in the 50s/60s which is still shorts weather in my book. Keep looking at me like I’m a freak there assholes). Anyway this blond chick gets on the subways wearing the same color combination as me! She’s wearing a similarly colored green top and white pants! Not only that but the bitch has the audacity to stand right next to me! Unreal.

So now we’re standing there like two dofusses dressed alike.

THANK GOD she got off in just two stops. I mean really…who the fuck wears white pants after labor day? Com’on now!

Speaking of unreal and outfits. This lady sitting across from me on the train the other night had on one of those straw hats.

Everytime she moved her head, she’d poke one of the straws into the guy or the lady sitting next to her. They were getting so pissed. Who the fuck wears a hat like that on the subway (well unless you want space of course). I was trying not to laugh so I just calmly whipped it out and took a picture.

If I were sitting next to her though I probably wouldn’t have been laughing. Nothing like getting poked in the eye with some straw to start your evening commute home!

Anyway saw an article today that General Electric is looking to part ways with NBC. According to the article in MediaPost Publications by Wayne Friedman, “GE will consider an NBC sale after the network airs the Beijing Olympics next year…
Who would buy? Surely the usual suspects, like Time Warner, have been bandied about, since it’s a large media company without a full-fledged broadcast network — just one-half of one, the CW. Previously, Time Warner wholly owned the WB. But consider other bigger, perhaps more unusual players. There’s Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or some other new contraption of a media company looking to put a new spin on an old — but still promising — entertainment platform. This would make sense. While those new Internet/tech companies always get the buzz, they really aren’t ready to delve into the tricky world of TV program – or content — development. Yahoo tried to go that route and didn’t get very far. Even for a company like Google, which seems to grow larger and larger by promising advertising networks and marketing solutions to smaller and smaller companies, NBC – or for that matter any network — is still an attractive option because those old entertainment companies can still get big mass audiences with one hit show.”

Now this is exactly what I’ve been telling anyone who listens to the shit that pours out of my mouth. Google is looking to take over the world.

If you haven’t seen this video piece from the Center of Media Research you should. It talks about Google merging with Amazon to create “GoogleZon” which would basically control all the custom content you read and receive. It also talks about the New York Times eventually trying to sue Google and losing, leaving Google as the only powerhouse left in the media world.

Click here to view the video.

It may not be all true…but definitely interesting, especially given Google’s desire to snap up everything in it’s power.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

GO COWBOYS! You can do it!


1. trent - October 12, 2007

dude…what a bitch! haha.

enjoy the cowboys game! what a fuckin game to go too!

2. roger - October 12, 2007

nice dude…enjoy the game…that video was interesting…googlezon…ha

3. candice - October 12, 2007

seriously…who does wear a straw hat in the subway!!!

enjoy dallas!

4. Mr. Blogger - October 12, 2007

wow…pretty intense stuff! Definitely could see google doing all that and more!

5. janet - October 12, 2007

really…who does wear white after labor day 😉

6. gary - October 12, 2007

shorts dude…it’s freezing out…you’re crazy.

funny stuff. um…it’s a funny hat. yeah.

7. fred - October 12, 2007

cowboys are gonna get smoked!

8. melissa - October 12, 2007

god they make google out to be this big bad machine! haha

9. victor - October 12, 2007

seriously what the fuck was the lady in the straw hat thinking!!!

10. ray vingboner - October 13, 2007

i just have to say i love this site…really…it cracks me up sometimes. and how you take pictures of random people like that. hysterical! keep up the good work!

11. lauriekendrick - October 13, 2007

Hope Dallas is all it’s cracked up to be and considering where Texas Stadium is located. “crack” is the definitive word. Be careful. Don’t talk to anybody, don’t make eye contact. Pretend it’s Bayonne.

Hope you take some pictures while you’re here in God’ Country, you football watching, NFL supportin’, Bowie Kuhn loving bastard!!!!


12. Lungsford - January 14, 2019

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