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Wear it loud…wear it proud! October 11, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in animals, baseball, brooklyn, fashion, humor, nintendo, nostaglia, opinion, random references, sports, video games.

There’s a shirt I’ve been looking for recently after watching a documentary on the Brooklyn Dodgers. It’s an old “Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn” shirt. It had the Dodgers logo and was given to fans back in the 50s as a rallying cry to keep the Dodgers from moving from Brooklyn to L.A.

John found a replica of the shirt from this company called No Mas.

While it wasn’t the shirt I was looking for, it is based on an authentic shirt that fans used to wear back then:

Their website had a ton of other really random, cool t-shirts.

Here’s a few of them I personally love:

The Amazing Mess

Even though the shirt is referring to the 86 Mets, I think it’s quite appropriate given this year’s collapse!

Tecmo Bo

Who can forget Tecmo Bo and he unstoppable hijinks in Tecmo Bowl! If you need a reminder on how good Bo was in Tecmo Bowl, here’s a reminder for you (click to play).

Rated Rookie

Donruss’ Rated Rookie cards were a hot commodity back in the days. I know I jumped for joy when I found a McGwire rated rookie in a pack of Donruss.

For those who don’t remember what the cards looked like, here’s an example:

Btw, is it just me or does Greg Maddux look strikingly (get it – he’s a pitcher – strikingly – I’m a fuckin genius!) like Pedro in that picture?


Love the sarcasm of the whole “say no to drugs” and Strawberry angle. If only the picture had him AND Doc Gooden leaning against a “Coke” vending machine. Now that would be classic!

Although I think this picture would more exemplify a “Say No to Drugs” campaign!

And to think all three of those guys were the biggest stars in the heydays. How the mighty fall sometimes. Speaking of the mighty falling…received this candid picture of Jay Squirrel, Keywork’s opponent in the presidential race.



1. Key Supporter - October 11, 2007

That little squirrel bastard is also a pill freak!!!!


2. keywork. - October 11, 2007

yes he is, KS. yes he is.

3. Jay Squirrel Backer - October 11, 2007

Bullshit. That photo is a fake and you know it Supporter!!!.

But this next one isn’t. Here’s proof that Key Coon is gay. Here he is blowing a bull.

4. Jay Squirrel Backer - October 11, 2007

here’s the link to that photo!

5. Jay Squirrel Backer - October 11, 2007

We can prove that photo is real and legit. Jay Squirrel took the photo himself.

6. keywork. - October 11, 2007

Ok, squirrel, your supporters are just as stupid as you. Readers, bulls aren’t known for having udders. Look closely. Pathetic.

7. keywork. - October 11, 2007

And I bet you are a ‘squirrel backer’.

8. roger - October 11, 2007

this is craziness…intense…squirrel vs. raccoon.

hopefully they’re better battles than Tyson vs Holyfield…

complete with the ear biting though!

9. dean - October 11, 2007

holy shit..maddux does look like pedro!!!! haha

10. trent - October 11, 2007

all those shirts are fuckin kick ass!!!!!! love the tecmo bo one…all over that!

11. howie - October 11, 2007

that is a fuckin classic pic of straw and the gang! awesome…

wonder how much crack they smoked before and after taking the pic?

12. fred - October 11, 2007

RATED ROOKIE???? hahahaha…fuckin sweet

13. tiffany - October 11, 2007

um…is it just me or does it look like those old guys are going to suck off the baseball players??

14. candice - October 11, 2007

OMG tiff…you dirty girl you!!!

the answer is a yes of course! 😉

15. steven a. jacoby - October 11, 2007

I think I’m gonna go squirrel and coon hunting tomorrow…yep…no need for any of you!

16. jake - October 11, 2007

haha Jay squirrel is getting drunk! nice…at least it’s bud…a good ole american beer! props for that!

17. dustin - October 11, 2007

man….talk about a smear campaign!

18. whatpushesmybuttons - October 11, 2007

yeah…it’s getting to be a dirty campaign.

i agree an issue debate is in order soon. stay tuned for details on that.

still waiting to hear from the bear camp to see if they’ll be running.
i told them they should probably decide before hibernating for the winter.

19. victor - October 12, 2007

that maddux picture cracks me the fuck up!!! unreal…

20. Roschelle - August 26, 2008

nice site!

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