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Who you callin’ Cracker, Jack? October 4, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in bathroom humor, funny, humor, opinion, politics.

In case you’ve been under a rock the last few days, there’s a furious Key Coon campaign for president that’s going on right now. Make sure you go to: Raccoons are Great, Vote KW in ’08 to voice your support for Key Coon’s run to the Oval Office or go to Laurie Kendrick’s site to get Key Coon’s answers to your latest questions on his issues.

Speaking of coon…some of you (including myself) have been throwing the word ‘Coon’ around on this and other blogs recently. And while coon is the general nickname for our raccoon friends, coon is also an old derogatory term for those who are sneaky and steal, or as Wikipedia says: an ethnic slur used in American, British and Australian English for people of African or aboriginal Australian descent.

Here at WhatPushesMyButtons you all are welcome to voice your own opinions, whether biased or not. And some have been using the word as a double entendre (you know who you are). And while I’ll never use censorship on this blog, I’ll just say to use caution when throwing such names around.

Actually, for all I care you can be as offensive as you’d like. I just don’t want the Federal Cocksucking Commission to come and shut me down for offensive language.

Side note: Speaking of which, did anyone catch South Park last night? I happened to catch an old episode before the season premiere and they were making fun of Michael Richards and the whole “nigger” comment he made. It was pretty funny and crossed the line as usual. They had voted to ban the word “nigger man” in congress.

It got me thinking of other bad words out there that are used to racially stereotype people. We all know some of the common ones, like Cracker, Heeb, Gook, Jew, Dot Head, Spic, etc. However there’s a whole shitload of such words out there. I recently came across a whole listing of such words and their meanings recently (thanks to Whore Church for providing the link below)

Some the ones that jumped out at me as being particularly amusing and ones that I’ll have to immediately add to my repertoire include:

Arf. Short for African Rock Fish. Jones Beach (NYC) term for Blacks due to their poor swimming abilities.

Bandwidth Nigger/Whore. Represents Asians who, instead of using the Asian video game servers they are assigned, jump to a US server and hog the bandwidth of US users.

Bruised Banana. Used to make fun of Asians who act black.

Bruised bananas have a whole new meaning!

Cashews. Used to insult Catholic Jews. Mainly, the children of a Jew and a Catholic. (ha, guess that makes me a Cashew then! Sweet…I guess it’s better than being called a cracker!)

Cheese Eater. Used by the German to make fun of the Dutch’s fondness of eating cheese.

Chink-a-billy. Half Chinese, half hillbilly.

Cowfuck. White Farmers in the fields getting intimate with their animals

Dicksuckinflog. 16th Century term for Dutch prostitutes accused of witchcraft.

Dusty Nuts. Insult to Arabs living in the desert.

Hey Dusty Nuts…yeah, I’m talking to youz

Fog Nigger. British Blacks. The weather is usually foggy in Britain.

Fruit-Picker The Mexicans who cross the border often pick fruit, usually for pennies an hour. Often, when it is time to give the illegal aliens their meager wages, the plantation owner calls the border patrol to send them back.

Goldberg. Common Jewish name. Also has slight money-related reference.

Half-Dick. Jewish circumcision reference.

Heinz. Any mix of races. From the label on the ketchup bottle reading “57 Varieties.”

Herring Choker. Scandinavians are known for eating lots of fish.

Jackamammy. Combination of ‘jack rabbit’ and ‘Aunt Jamima.’ People have said that jack rabbits looked like ‘lynched’ black people.

Jewgaboo. A Jewish person that acts or tries to act like a black person or is half black.

Would you call Matisyahu, the Jewish Rapper a Jewgaboo? Perhaps Destiny’s Child can rename their song to Jewgaboo instead of Bugaboo? Get on that Beyonce

Katzenfresser. German slur towards Italians meaning “cat eater”.

Knuckle-Dragger. Often believed that black people have longer arms than other races and therefore their knuckles would drag.

Melon Johnny. Italian slang for Blacks.

Moss Eater. White trash in the Pacific Northwest.

Muppetfucker. Backwoods inbred rednecks of the U.S. south are called muppetfuckers because they look like Muppets. (one of my personal new favorites btw).

Were the muppets just in-bred birthing defects from the South?

Pickaninny. From the days of slavery. Three possible origins: The slave owners would “pick a nincompoop” from the lineup of slaves; or the slave children who couldn’t pick cotton “ain’t pickaninny”; in some parts of the south, breasts are referred to as ninnys, so pickaninny was a reference to blacks being used as wetnurses.

Pretendian. Native Americans who claim to be pure, but are just mixed-breeds. I suppose this could refer to any mixed -ian race.

Roofucker. Kangaroo-fucker. Australian version of Sheepfucker. Used often on USENET and other internet forums.

This child is a no good Roofucker

Swamp Kike. It has been said that Cajuns are the Jews of Louisiana because of their propensity for commerce and finance. The slur is used by any non-Cajun, Black and White alike.

Three-Fifth. In reference to the 3/5ths Compromise, where the US Gov’t decided that slaves (Blacks) only counted as 3/5ths of a person for population reasons.

Umlungu. Zulus called whites this, meaning the white scum that forms in the surf.

Yelvis. Yellow Elvis. Asians with pompadours. Plural: Yelvi.

Needless to say this guy is a Yelvis?

Those are just some of the fun ones I came across. For the complete list please go to: Racial Terms & Origins

Let the name calling begin!



1. roger - October 4, 2007

haha…dude fuckin hysterical! love the yelvis picture.

2. janet - October 4, 2007


3. candice - October 4, 2007

i love katzenfresser! haha… great list!

4. keywork. - October 4, 2007

Good call, everyone will be equally offended. I think that’s what Thomas Jefferson intended.

5. jake - October 4, 2007

dude…love the list…thanks for sharing!

6. tiffany - October 4, 2007

hahahaha LOL….awesome…muppetfucker!!! hahahaa

7. brad - October 4, 2007

Asians with pompadours!!! awesome!

8. ethan - October 4, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

9. trevor - October 4, 2007

atta boy ethan! GO SAWX!! Beckett was NASTY last night…

10. fred - October 4, 2007

Roofucker???? haha

11. Mr. Blogger - October 4, 2007

How could you miss Beef-Curtain???

Beef-Curtain. Greeks Possibly originated from their smell.

12. lauriekendrick - October 4, 2007

Mr Blogger…I missed it too. Guess I was too hung up on my ass drapes!!!


13. whatpushesmybuttons - October 4, 2007

MB: Damn…missed that one…i think tears were welling up in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Trev: Beckett was good. I’m torn who to root for. Obviously Yanks never beat the Angels so i guess i’m pulling for the sox…it’s like hoping you have cavities instead of having to get a root canal.

14. victor - October 4, 2007

Personally I’m more of a Boogalee fan: May be a corruption of the French slang for “feces”.


15. xander - October 4, 2007

isn’t a brown trumpet when you stick a penis in a guy’s ass?

16. chris - October 4, 2007

Actually xander that’s a rusty trombone

17. steven a. jacoby - October 4, 2007

Coon: Probably refers to the Portuguese word for slave pens or barracks “baracoons”. Could also have meaning as a shortening of “raccoon”, as raccoons have a tendency to steal.

Hence why we shouldn’t have a damn raccoon in the white house!

18. neil from the uk - October 4, 2007

who doesn’t love calling a fellow brit a Crumpet-Sucker!

19. nincompoop - October 4, 2007

I’m a huge fan of dicksuckinflogs!!!

I’m all over that one.

You fucking cashew!

20. barry - October 4, 2007

Felipe Parkhurst – Guatemalan Exiled from the country for life for selling many children to slavery???

How fuckin random is that??? How many people would take offense to that? I guess I’ll have to go to Guatemala to find out!

21. whatpushesmybuttons - October 4, 2007

Very random barry…almost as random as Fig Gobbler.

Poop: you would be all over the dick suckin, wouldn’t ya?

Mr. Jacoby: Needless to say we can’t count on you for a campaign contribution?

22. howie - October 4, 2007

dude…i’m crying at my desk right now…need to start reading this blog at home!

23. Mr. X - October 4, 2007

Honger – Teenage Asian kids, that are fresh from Hong Kong. Usually found squatting in large groups and drive Honda’s with spoilers.

WTF? I drive a Honda w/ spoilers. haha

24. candice - October 4, 2007

GHETTO HAMSTER??? hahaha i’m laughing so hard i think i just got fired. lol

25. melissa - October 4, 2007

Ghetto Hamster – Black Children. A disposable pet.

OMG…LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaah..

26. riley - October 4, 2007

I’m still a fan of Jesus Killer!

27. carlos - October 4, 2007

Meat Pie -“Yellow on the outside, black on the inside.”

Isn’t that just a jamaican beef pattie? haha

28. keywork. - October 4, 2007

Jacoby must subscribe to Field and Stream.

29. steven a. Jacoby - October 4, 2007

Actually I’m an American Hunter subscriber…that and Guns & Ammo.

30. WhatPushesmybuttons - October 4, 2007

Steven: Boo to you buddy. Boo to you.

31. yeti - October 5, 2007

swamp kike…hahahah nice

32. j - April 13, 2009

ure all sick

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