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I hate Jewish holidays September 17, 2007

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Seriously…all you do is eat. And eat. And eat.

I mean I was doing well on my quasi, not really a diet but trying to watch what I eat type of deal. I even felt like I may have dropped a pound or two in the past few days. But kiss that goodbye. That kugel, brisket and turkey I devoured last week? Still trying to work that off. Ribs, bbq chicken, burgers and hot dogs? I’ll be feeling that for a while too. Of course the numerous beers I consumed over the weekend didn’t help matters much either.

In fact on Sunday I was so bloated I was mistaken for this blimp that was hovering above my neighborhood.

I mean if people thought Britney was fat at the VMA’s last week they obviously haven’t seen me in a half shirt recently. Nor would you probably want to for that matter. But regardless the sight isn’t pretty.

Anyway I know people on occassion visit my blog to get some good food ideas so I guess I should stop bitching about the negative aspects of food (the weight gain) and start talking about the glorious fried goodness I tend to devour on a daily basis (or as Laurie Kendrick so eloquently called me: a Carbohydrate Munching Bastard!).

So I’ve decided that every Monday I’ll have a new feature entitled: “What I ate Last Week”. I won’t recap every item in its painstakingly caloric detail, but I’ll just offer some highlights of things I enjoyed and stuff you shouldn’t probably eat yourself…lest you want to look more like Rosie O’Donnell than Kate Moss. But if you are the dieting type, then maybe you can “eat vicariously” through me. Which doesn’t sound all that appealing when you think about it…but you get the point.

Anyway, without further adieu…

Item #1: Chicken Parm Hero – Bella Napoli

As I’ve mentioned countless times before, Chicken Parm is my all time favorite. And very few make it as good as Bella Napoli. The seeded roll gave this week’s version a nice added crunch! And to those who complain about the “service” it’s a fuckin pizzeria for christ’s sake…you’re not supposed to have friendly service. (Btw LK – let’s make sure we hit ’em up when you finally make your long awaited visit to the NYC)

Item #2: Grilled cheese (gruyere) with carmelized onions on toasted rye.

A co-worker got me hooked on ‘wichcraft which is an artisan type sandwich shop at the Equinox gym on Park & 33rd (they also have free standing “stands” in Bryant Park). The sandwiches are very tasty and the smoothies are top-notch. Only problem is it’s a little pricey so make sure it’s not an everyday indulgence. But you do get good bang for your buck…and the sandwich combinations are quite palette pleasing.

So those are the two “highlights” for now. Hopefully this week will be a very “low carb” week for me so I can decompress from the carb fest that was this past weekend. But I’ll try to eat one or two tasty morsels for y’all that’ll leave you drooling on your keyboard.

Oh and good job by the Yanks last night…as I’ve said countless times, there’s no shock factor for the Red Sox when it comes to Rivera anymore. I’m shocked he didn’t blow the save. Seriously. I know he’s one of the best closers of all time but when you’re facing a team for the 100th time there’s no secret. No surprises. I just hope that situation doesn’t arise again in the postseason (like it did in 05)…because Ortiz isn’t popping out to Jeter in October.



1. The Bagel of Everything - September 17, 2007

You had a chicken and cheese sandwich for Rosh Hashanah?
Hope you dipped it in some nice chicken-milk bacon ranch!

2. franklin - September 17, 2007

ha nice…yeah nothing like nice fattening food from the jewish holidays to get you into shape!

3. dean - September 17, 2007

ok…i went out and got a grilled cheese for lunch…you bastard!

4. candice - September 17, 2007

yeah…well luckily it’s also the one time i can stock up on some free food for a few courtesy of mom!

5. janet - September 17, 2007

i love the jewish holidays…time off from school!

6. roger - September 17, 2007

Food looks good…as usual!

great job by the yanks this weekend…as meatloaf said, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad!

7. nincompoop - September 17, 2007

you know i thought that was you at the vma’s…just assumed you were britney’s body double as usual!

8. lauriekendrick - September 18, 2007

I’m a bit late, CJ but here goes: May you be inscribed in the book of life.

And THE BIG ONE is coming up this week! Fast well, my friend. Spend the day in temple…then eat the ass out of some brisket and kugle (and for the love of Elijah, NO RAISINS!!!!)

I’ll be thinking of you Friday as my dining regimen is guaranteed to offend every religion. I’m going to mix meat and dairy and eat bottom feeding lobster and shrimp PLUS pork rinds.

And I’ll drink wine that ain’t got Parve on it nowhere!!!!!


Laurie Kendrickowitz (Sephardic..thank you)

9. lauriekendrick - September 18, 2007

Hey CJ, the chow from Bella Napoli looks good! Let’s go there first.

10. chris - September 18, 2007

haha nice…hopefully the kosher gods won’t strike you down where you stand on Friday.

Actually i have no plans to fast…not my style. Me without food for an elongated period of time is a big no-no. i haven’t fasted since i was 13…and i don’t plan on changing that now. Always thought it was a dumb idea anyway, sacrifice or not. Same with lent.

Plus I’ll be on my way to kansas city for the weekend for work where I plan to gorge myself on pulled pork and good ole’ lip lickin ribs… maybe throw some pork rinds in the mix too.

Christopher Jetbaum (Ultra Conservative Hasidic and part time Jehovah Witness)

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