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Let the “War” Begin September 14, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in baseball, bathroom humor, current events, eating, food, new york city, pedestrian behavior, photos, pictures, sports, yankees.

So this weekend is Yankees vs Red Sox. While I’m trying to not play too much into the importance of the series for the Yanks playoff hopes, my Boston friends have fired the first shot in the war.

Good ole ‘Thos’ knows for years how I was complaining Posada never came through in the clutch. Things seem to turn around last May when he got his bell rung by Mark Texeira on a collision at home plate…but postseason wise he hasn’t been the most clutch of players.

Realizing this and seeing how popular he is as a player, Boston fans have taken the insult to a higher level (as usual) with their latest t-shirt:

This of course isn’t the only disparaging shirt Sawx fans have resorted to recently.

Yankees fans, even for all their crassness at times haven’t been able to respond with crude shirts of their own. Why? Well those types of shirts are banned at Yankee Stadium. Yep, for those who forgot they passed that “decency act” at baseball games, so no more insulting tshirts or signs could be brought into the stadium. Nothing like stripping the one thing born and bred new yorkers have ingrained in them from childbirth – the insult.

Shirts like these are now banned in Yankee Stadium

So Yankees have mostly answered with their “Got Rings?” line of shirts touting the overwhelming number of championships the Yankees have won compared to their Boston foes.

Regardless, the series this weekend will be a war. A bloodbath. The Sox haven’t won the AL East since 1995, with the Yankees finishing in first every single year since then. While the Sox have a nice 5 game lead over the Yanks, Sox fans won’t rest assured until they win a few more from the Yankees. A Yankees sweep would be a heartbreaking ordeal for Sox fans this weekend, even though they still would be a few games above the Yanks in first.

Anyway, more importantly today is the big Cannoli eating competition down in Little Italy.

Those who know me know I’m a cannoli addict. It’s my single most favorite dessert of all time. I could eat them by the dozens. While I’m far off from competing at the lighting speed as the IFOCE eaters do…I’ll be keeping my eye open for the results.

My boy Crazy Legs is vying for the title (I saw him “warming” up on the news this am, eating 3 cannolis in 45 seconds). The world record is 26 cannolis in 6 minutes, which is shared by Cookie Jarvis (2005) and Tim “Eater X” Janus (2006).

Good luck to all the competitors today…the next round of milk is on me!



1. trevor - September 14, 2007

Oh BOY…can’t wait.

Go Sawx!

2. ethan - September 14, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

3. janet - September 14, 2007

LOVE those shirts…hee hee…go sox!

4. roger - September 14, 2007

Umm….where are all the yankees fans…f the sox! Go Yanks!!!

5. gary - September 14, 2007

man that’s an old school boston sucks shirt! hah

6. Thos - September 14, 2007

Glad I could contribute to the blog, but my request was a pic of you wearing this in NYC 🙂

they are also pushing the Manning hatred shirts which on the front says

I Hate Peyton Manning

and the back

…and Eli sucks too

I definitely agree on the Eli part 🙂

How bout them Cowboys!!!

7. chris - September 14, 2007

ha…no worries thos…i’m gonna wear the posada is a little bitch under my yankee hat and jersey to confuse the fuck out of people! hah.

8. candice - September 14, 2007

oh boys and their petty sports arguments 😉

9. melanie - September 14, 2007

I LOVE cannolis…but 26 in 6 minutes…that’s crazy!!!

10. dean - September 14, 2007


11. bob - September 14, 2007

atta boy dean!

12. janice - September 14, 2007

haven’t seen that Jeter sucks A-rod shirt before….hysterical!

13. Thos - September 14, 2007

another great shirt is the

Jeter Drinks Winecoolers

14. trent - September 14, 2007

gotta love zimmer in the helmet…ready for war!

15. whatpushesmybuttons - September 15, 2007

Day one of the war – Advantage Yankees.

The folks at Boston Dirt Dogs are so depressed right now, they haven’t even updated their site yet.

The entire city of boston has officially been placed on suicide watch

16. Thos - September 16, 2007

Day 2 advantage Sox!!!!

and we got 2 60yr old pitchers going tomorrow, i hear they are going bring back the old golfcarts to drive both pitchers to and from the dugouts.

17. Eric - October 15, 2007

where can I purchase the I Hate Peyton Manning and Eli sucks t-shirt?? Anyone know??

18. Catie - November 19, 2007

i too am looking for the i hate peyton manning shirt. is there a site online that sells them?

19. Jen Sweeney - December 10, 2007

I too am looking for one of the peyton shirts and would appreciate any info leading to one. Thanks!

20. Lees - December 24, 2007

I can’t find the I hate Peyton tshirt but there is a “Satan Manning” tshirt on chowdaheadz.com

21. megan - December 24, 2007

i really want the ” i hate peyton manning” (back: “eli sucks too”) shirt…is there anywhere selling them?

22. Danny - December 27, 2007
23. RJ - September 4, 2008


24. Anonymous - September 8, 2008

that site doesnt work danny.

25. STACY - September 14, 2008


26. Jen Sweeney - October 1, 2008

I found one! There is a guy selling them outside of Fenway Park. He was there after a game I went to but I don’t know if he is there all the time. Good luck!

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