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Be friendly to your vegetables September 12, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in current events, eating, food, humor.

Alarming news out of upstate New York today.

Apparently a Chinese Buffet worker was crushing garlic using his boot of all things!


The worker has since been fired since stomping the garlic into smithereens with his shoe.

Although I must admit that is a pretty good way of crushing garlic. Just not the most sanitary.

Maybe the guy was up late one night watching re-runs of I Love Lucy when she got the job stomping grapes

In either case, just a friendly reminder to be courteous to your vegetables out there when you’re “preparing” them to be eaten.

They would appreciate it.



1. mcmisura - September 13, 2007

Upstate? Nanuet? That’s like 20 miles from Manhattan.
The real upstate would be like bumblefuck Fulton. They know how to properly crush garlic there…they use ski boots.

2. roger - September 13, 2007

haha…nice…i’ll take the shoe mashed garlic potatoes please!

3. ethan - September 13, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

4. Mr. Blogger - September 13, 2007

what’s with the combover on the corn?

5. chris - September 13, 2007

Roger: yeah, it gives new meaning to the term “Shoe String Potatoes”.

Mr. B: not sure…terrible toupee combover is what it is.

6. candice - September 13, 2007

that is the happiest garlic i’ve ever seen!

7. gary - September 13, 2007

i’m gonna have nightmares about that eggplant!

8. chris - September 13, 2007

Mcmisura: yeah, my bad…i know nanuet is just a “stone’s throw” away from the city…i guess i was reverting back to my childhood in brooklyn where everything above the bronx was considered upstate!

Candice: Yes…the vegetables are very happy. they only get sad when they brown, spoil, decay and ultimately die.

Btw could the worst death for a vegetable be letting it rot for weeks on end before deciding it’s not worth keeping around anymore and so you just throw it’s rotting carcass out? i mean if i’m a vegetable, i’d want to go out in style…maybe a little sautee action… grilled… drenched in olive oil…something…anything except spoil and rot. Why isn’t anyone speaking out on the unethical treatment of vegetables! Maybe we should raid Mike Vick’s house and see what types of rotting veggies he has…that should get the public’s eye!

9. howie - September 13, 2007

i think you need counseling 😉

10. jake - September 13, 2007

yeah if i’m a vegetable i wanna go out deep fried!

11. abarclay12 - September 13, 2007

I’d like to suck on those garlicy boots. Or maybe add them to some soups I’m making. Loved this story.

12. chris - September 13, 2007

Abarclay: Sucking garlicy boots again huh? I thought you said you were weening off that?

Well i guess at least we know he wasn’t out back killing cats! 😉

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