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Just Grin and “Bear” It August 23, 2007

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There’s a bit of a crisis in Lake Tahoe these days. It seems that global warming has taken some winter jobs away from the ever present black bear population which have caused the bears to have to resort to other means to get their yearly income. Some bears have joined the lucrative real estate market, others have found employment in casinos. Yet the ones that were previously employed as ski instructors or ski resort lift line workers, have had problems regaining employment in the area.

This lucky bear found employment as a Pepsi taste tester

Jack, 3, was able to find employment as a garbage man

Benny, 7, is now a drive thru banking teller

Some bears have been forced to give up their homes and are basically wandering the area homeless, unable to afford the rising rents in their dens anymore. These bears have resorted to a life of petty larceny, breaking into other bear and human residences in order to grab some “bare” essentials, such as food and water. Other, craving the luxury of their former homes, have treated themselves to romps through strangers hot tubs and have even used the bathrooms in the houses they’re breaking into.

Bears in Lake Tahoe have been slowly forced out of their homes, causing them to use neighbors hot tubs for relaxation

Some of the bears have been messy, leaving behind a trail of damage after their romps through the houses. “They went into my sisters room and pooper on her bed” said Danielle Hyde.

The scene after a renegade bear left his neighbor’s kitchen in shambles

Other bears have more been neat and courteous. “I chased a bear out of my living room. He’d been eating Chocolate Kisses. I found 15 wrappers on the floor – just wrappers, no chocolate mess. He was much neater than my own kids ever were” said Gloria Bourke. Another homeowner said “…he was a perfect gentlemen. All he took was a tub of Java chip Starbucks ice cream and a five-gallon tin of popcorn” said Tower Snow, Jr.

Regardless of the aftermath, the residents of Lake Tahoe will need to live with their new inhabitants as these bears search for a better means and more gainful employment.

(Note: this above story is based “loosely” on an article that appeared in People magazine. The photos and quotes are real…the story is a slight twist of the truth. All bears gave their approval to use their name and likeness in this story.)



1. roger - August 23, 2007

haha…that’s awesome!

2. candice - August 23, 2007

hysterical! saw that article…liked your version better 😉

3. Mr. Blogger - August 23, 2007

Captain Sarcasm at it again! good work

4. fred - August 23, 2007


5. lauriekendrick - August 23, 2007

The fuckers need to unionize–only way to survive in this bear eat bear world. Cute little shits though.

Funny stuff Jette.


6. elyse - August 27, 2007

ha…nice work…i too saw that article in people…and i agreeyour version was a lot funnier 😉

7. The Brooklyn Boy - August 27, 2007

Well done, good sir. I chuckled quite thoroughly throughout.

8. dean - August 27, 2007

looks like conditions in Lake Tahoe are “unbearable”

9. abarclay12 - August 28, 2007

I love bears who join the employment ranks. It’s about time. I have to work for a living. Why shouldn’t they have to??

10. Tracy Wessel - October 13, 2011

They’re joining forces – what’s with the grizz in Tahoe cavorting with the black bear?

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