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“Fantasy” Weekend August 21, 2007

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When you think “fantasy weekend” you probably don’t envision 12 guys in a room drinking beer, talking football, with a newborn and a greyhound (unless maybe you’re Britney Spears). But when it’s fantasy football season, there’s no time for females or lounging at the beach. There’s some pride on the line and some drafting to be done! Well, this past weekend was my annual fantasy football draft. I’m proud to say our league has been in existance for 15 years and I think I’ve been a part of it for the last 9. The best part about our league is that we try to be together in person for the draft. Obviously getting everyone in the same room year after year is difficult, especially with people living all over the country, but that’s what makes our league special.

Anyway, not to bore you with all of the fantasy football details (if you want to know my team feel free to post a comment) but one of the highlights is always the food. We’ve come a long way since our inception, and at recent drafts you could find lobster, freshly caught steamed quahog, Vietnamese Tiger Shrimp (the biggest shrimp you’ve ever seen!), homemade chili and other tasty treats (both homemade and store bought).

For this year I was able to bust out some boneless buffalo chicken strips using my newly updated recipe. I bake my famous “buffalo wings” instead of frying them and make a “special sauce” which has become famous over the years at Super Bowl parties and other gatherings. I’ve started to substitute chicken wings for skinless, boneless chicken breast that I carve up into bite size portions and bake away. The result is a nice tender and tasty buffalo chicken piece that’s for the most part healthy for you (minus the sodium in the buffalo wing sauce).

My buffalo style chicken (right) accompanied by Pigs in a Blanket and Jalepeno Poppers

Along with my buffalo style chicken we feasted on Connell’s chili, pizza, homemade Hummus, brownies, and Ian’s extra large, butterflied grilled tiger shrimp (of which I ate about 20 of – hence no pictures).

Connell’s chili

Pizza and homemade hummus

So the food this year was a success, even if we didn’t have freshly caught clams and steamed lobster. But maybe we’ll make up for it next year!

Anyway, I had another “fantasy” experience last night when I was invited to a swank party thrown by Meow Mix. Now when you think Meow Mix you don’t think party (unless there’s some catnip thrown in!) but the party was a “Meow Mix Acatemy Back to School party”.

The party was thrown in a converted space on Union Square East and 15th street. There were limos in the front and cameras everywhere and immediately I thought I wouldn’t be let in with my khakis and untucked polo shirt. But since I “was on the list” I was let in.

Immediately after I walked through the front doors it was like a stepped on stage of a model shoot. To my left was a photo area where singer Kat DeLuna was holding some cats and posing for pictures. On my right was an area to purchase Meow Mix “attire” including t-shirts and handbags. Further into the room were two side rooms with more photo areas, including a life-size kitty play area where another model was taking pictures. The room then opened up into a bar and food area, with a stage and areas to “catnap” and stretch.

Since the party was cat themed, invited guests were (besides Kat DeLuna): Iron Chef Cat Cora, “Big Pussy” from the Sopranos, CariDee (winner of America’s Next Top Model) and Rachel Hunter. Not sure what Rachel Hunter had to do with cats, but regardless she was there (although I didn’t even recognize her, nor did I recognize any celebrities for that matter). All I know was that there were LOTS of tall women there (presumably all models) and lots of yummy food (and a large sampling of Meow Mix Salmon treats for your cats there for the taking). I had joked with some guests that they should serve up the cat treats on little crackers just to see if people would’ve noticed the difference (they probably wouldn’t have). But all in all for the little I was there it was a good time (how can you not enjoy watching models prance around a small room trying to “one-up” each other).

Here are some published pics from last night:

Apparently the “Meow Mix Acatemy” is here to stay for a while too. So may be something to check out if you’re a cat lover. Although hopefully the geniuses behind ICanHazCheezburger won’t go and fuck it up for cat lovers.



1. trent - August 21, 2007

CariDee and Rachel Hunter! Now that’s my idea of a fantasy weekend! 😉

2. roger - August 21, 2007

dude again with the food??? i’m starving! (chicken looks great BTW!)

3. howie - August 21, 2007

sounds about right for a fantasy football weekend…look at you guys going all out with the seafood!

4. ethan - August 21, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

5. Mr. Blogger - August 21, 2007

ha you know I walked by there last night and had no idea what was going on…who would’ve have thought the biggest celebrity in the house would’ve have been you! anyone recognize you?

6. candice - August 21, 2007


7. elyse - August 21, 2007

OMG…they are soooo adorable!

8. dan - August 21, 2007

haha…big pussy looks like dr. evil and mr. bigglesworth! haha

9. victor - August 21, 2007

if he put some bbq sauce on that cat he’d probably eat it!

10. jake - August 21, 2007

oh man…lucky bastard…”stuck” in a room with tall gorgeous models…sounds like a tough night 😉

11. Chris - August 21, 2007

Dan: Don’t think that I didn’t sing in my head all night: “I want chicken. I want liver. Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver”

Funny about the pose…he does look like Mini Me trying to bite Mini Bigglesworth.

Now now Big Pussy, we don’t gnaw on our kitty.

12. gary - August 21, 2007

Rachel Hunter = HOT!

13. trevor - August 21, 2007

CariDee is smoking too huh?

14. doug - August 21, 2007

ok…i’ll be the dork and ask…who’d you draft?

15. Chris - August 21, 2007

CariDee was a lot prettier in person then on the show…actually most of the girls there were pretty…and very tall…nothing like being 6′ tall and being a shrimp in the room. It makes you wonder what kind of guys they date. Like anyone over 6’3″ is a shoe-in for them.

Doug: thought someone would never ask! But since you asked, my team of misfits are:

QB: Drew Brees, Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich
RB: Joe Addai, Cedric Benson, Julius Jones, Leon Washington, Cecil Sapp, Jason Wright
WR: Hines Ward, DJ Hackett, Devery Henderson, Drew Carter, Tab Perry, Maurice Stovall
K: Adam Vinateri, Orlando Mare
Def: Chargers

So not bad…lots of promise and “upside”.

16. melanie - August 21, 2007

when you gonna make those wings for the rest of us!!

17. doug - August 21, 2007

Not bad…taking some chances i see?

18. nelson - August 21, 2007

what do you start out of that? how many qb’s, rbs, etc?

19. Chris - August 21, 2007

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 K
1 Def

So I’ll have a few decisions to make at starting RB and WR.

20. lauriekendrick - August 22, 2007

Hey Ceej,

I don’t know dick about fantasy leagues or rotisserie leagues or goddamn stove top whatever but I can tell you this…I loved the pics of your food.

I come to your blog for two reasons mon frehr– to laugh and to look at the pics your serving to get an idea as to what to have for dinner.

Man, I’ve convinced that Minolta is Japanese for “fucking delicious looking food”.

Come visit my blog you rat bastard!!! You ain’t been there in weeks, ya prick ya!


21. chris - August 22, 2007

my apologies Laurie…i’ve been a bad neighbor…haven’t stopped by for coffee in a while. then again i’ve been in just about every state the last few weeks and heading to missouri for an event tomorrow so haven’t even had time to take a shit. Well…relatively speaking.

To make it up to you I’ll buy you some good ole street meat during your visit! No need to thank me now.

22. The Brooklyn Boy - August 22, 2007

Hey man … team looks solid. I’m always one to take a few shots myself, makes this more exciting/rewarding … and occasionally miserable. That food looked good – swing a brotha a buffalo chicken recipe! (I’m taking over the Poetry dinners now that my boy went to grad school)

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