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Ding Dong the Witch is dead! August 20, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in asshole of the day, critique, current events, new york city, opinion.

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!!


The wicked witch of the east, the “Queen of Mean”, died this morning due to heart failure. Frankly, this is 87 years too long in the making.

Why should I say such evil things about a person? Well because I have a personal vendetta against Helmsley (as do millions of people). Firstly, instead of being a philanthrophist and doing good with her empire of millions (like Brooke Astor), she was a greedy bitch who cared nothing about the less fortunate including her own workers.

Secondly, back in the early 90s when Madison Square Garden was undergoing renovations, she owned (and still does) all of the property across the street from the garden (where Bar Local now stands). Back then the sports bar on the corner was the “Good Old Days”, a true NYC sports bar in which every celebrity, past and present would come in to personally sign autographs and memorabilia that hung throughout the bar. Boxing gloves signed by Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. Basketballs signed by Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe and countless others. Wrestling trunks signed by Hulk Hogan. Ice skates signed by Peggy Fleming. If they performed in the garden, odds are you found a piece of their outfit or equipment at the Good Old Days.

The place was filled with sports memorabilia including old pennants, pictures, baseball cards, etc. You could spend hours (which I did) walking around the bar admiring the history on the walls. I personally had a bunch of the banners given to me from the bar since that was one of my father’s top accounts for his airconditioning/refrigeration servicing job. Anyway, once the garden took a year off for renevations business was slow. The bar appealed to Helmsley to give them tax relief to be able to remain in business until the garden reopened for business. Helmsley being the raving bitch that she was said no and the bar was forced to close. The owners reopened bars throughout the city including the now defunct West 4 st. Saloon and the Stoned Crow (in which I stumbled upon a few weeks back, with some of the banners I knew as a child in tact! – more on that at a later date).

Helmsley in her typical fashion crushed the spirits of the corner bar, allowing a upscale Chinese fusion restaurant called Beema Grill to move in. I graduated H.S. from the Garden in 1994, in which I walked across the street and spit on the restaurant numerous times, cursuing Helmsley in the process.

Those who know me know my personal dislike for the Queen of Mean. Think I’m alone? Just ask the thousands of workers she personally screwed throughout her career. Or her houseworkers, who quoted her once as saying: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”

That pretty much sums her life up. Fuckin bitch…I hope you rot in hell. And they better bury your ass far away from the city…you’ve done enough damage here over the years. Stay in Greenwich with the rest of the rich and wealthy assholes who hoard their millions and build their mega houses. I hope they rename all of your properties too, your name doesn’t deserve to be anywhere in this city.



1. roger - August 20, 2007

wow…such disdain for helmsley! Can’t say i have a personal vendetta against but know she’s a heartless bitch in real life.

2. bob - August 20, 2007

ha…man…talk about a vendetta!

3. ethan - August 20, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

4. Mr. Blogger - August 20, 2007

yeah…she is a bitch…treated her workers like shit…too bad they couldn’t stone her to death.

5. dean - August 20, 2007

you roasted her something good!

6. candice - August 20, 2007

she even looks evil in pictures!

7. gustavo - August 20, 2007

they should’ve thrown her off the roof of one of her hi-rises!

8. trevor - August 20, 2007

ouch…scathing…scalding…she was deep fried and served in a burrito!

9. Tom Accuosti - August 21, 2007

“What do you mean, I’m dead? Only little people die!”

10. Suddam - February 16, 2008

Fuck you bitch!!!

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