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The reviews are in… August 16, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, opinion.

My blog was just up for review on Humor-Blogs.com, which is a collection of best humor blogs throughout the land. The cool part about the site is the reviews, in which fellow bloggers who are members of the site review each others work and the blogs are “scored” based on those results.

The reviewers (including myself) are very opinionated and really look for blogs to be laugh-out-loud funny. And when they aren’t, then the blogs get “thrashed” in their reviews and the scores suffer accordingly. Obviously I wasn’t allowed to review my own blog, but without further adieu, here is my review according to the reviewers at Humor-Blogs.com:

WhatPushesMyButtons got very consistent, if not overwhelming, scores from our reviewers. The consensus was that it was smart, well written and sometimes amusing, but generally not laugh-out-loud funny.

Category Score Points
Content 5.17 36/70
Writing 6.5 3/5
Web Design 5.67 3/5
Intangibles 4.5 2/5
Read Regularly 1.67 2/10
Frequency 10 5/5
Total 51

Percentile Rank: 25

Some quotes from our reviewers:

The blog author does deserve points for my being able to persevere through a review after the first post I encountered detailed her being the victim of a “shit and run” (complete with photo). That was just wrong. Having said that, I found some of the posts and choices of material covered original and pretty funny at times. The overall template felt a bit cluttered (that may have been my ADD-ishness kicking in). I think if he declutters a bit, posts no more pictures of feces, he’d be a bit more humorous.

This blog makes me wonder if the author has an unhealthy obsession with food.

This blog falls into a pretty common category; writers who post clever observations without making the leap to being funny. When I read a humor blog, I want to laugh. Or snicker…hell, I’d settle for a good smirk. ‘What Pushes My Buttons’ is smart, it has the clever observations and the rhetorical responses, but it just never gets funny.

Not bad, but nothing spectacular. I like the fact that the post subjects are not the “same old” topics that everyone seems to cover. No “lol” but some solid smiles. Really solid web design.

Well written and sometimes amusing, but certainly not laugh-out-loud funny.

I have a feeling that What Pushes My Buttons was the victim of reviewers who are getting a little tired of blogs that are almost funny. It’s a good blog, but at this point it doesn’t really stand out among the crowd of humor blogs. The real problem, in my opinion, is that the blog isn’t personal enough to compensate for its lack of laugh-out-loud humor. Zoning Out Again is a good example of a blog that isn’t hysterically funny, but got a good review because ZOA makes the reader feel like he or she is peeking inside the life (and somewhat crazy brain) of the author.

In contrast, I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out if the author of WPMB was male or female. One of our reviewers referred to the author as a “she,” which surprised me because I assumed the author was a guy. I finally found a reference to “shaking the snake,” which confirmed that the author was either male or a sadistic herpetologist.

In my humble opinion, if you’re trying to make people laugh you need to pick one of two paths: Either sacrifice coherency and accuracy to make as many jokes as you can (Sinister Dan, Pointless Drivel), or really let people into your life so they can see how funny things look from your perspective (Dorky Dad, Zoning Out Again). You can even veer wildly between these two paths as the mood strikes you. But a surefire way to get lukewarm reviews is to strike a compromise between the two paths where you relate mildly amusing, factually accurate stories without much of a personal touch.

Ouch! I mean…granted last week wasn’t my most funniest weeks of posts (and even Bridget said people are gonna be grossed out by the shit in the toilet pic). But I mean that’s just me. Sometimes I’m funny and sometimes I’m not. But I guess I really wasn’t funny last week because I got ripped apart in my reviews.

I was the victim of a brutal Humor-Blogs.com attack!

I mean people thought I was clever and original (which I definitely liked hearing) and that’s pretty much all I can ask for. Some people will find me funny. Some will find me disturbing. And some won’t find me funny at all. That’s just a personal preference I guess and everyone has a difference sense or preference of humor.

But given the reviews above from the non-faithful readers of my blog, I wanted to ask my “adoring audience” for their thoughts. Would you rather me be more “personal” with my posts and give you an inside peek at my inner workings? Or would you rather me continue to be an irrational thought machine who I guess occassionally makes you chuckle or laugh (hopefully).

My goal with this blog is to make you laugh and give you a little break from the stresses of your work or personal lives. But according to the folks whose “job it is to be funny”, I’m not even at a passing grade (51 out of 100 points).

As Pesci said in Goodfellas: “How the fuck am I funny? Funny how? Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?”

I personally don’t care what other people think and I plan to keep on keeping on with the stuff I think makes you laugh. But if you feel like the consensus was right, and I’m not a funny fuck at all, then please speak up. Your voice matters too! Thanks!



1. roger - August 16, 2007

ouch is right dude! although you know i got your back 100%. I mean not everything you’re gonna write is gonna be LOL funny…but i guess if you just came to this site and started reading, you’d miss part of the “conversation” that goes from post to post.

I’d say keep on keeping on my friend…if people don’t find you funny, fuck em!

2. tegdirb - August 16, 2007

those people on humor-blogs.com wouldn’t know comedy if it hit them in the face!! whether i’m grossed out or not, i always get a good chuckle reading your material – especially since this blog is all based upon your random musings. don’t let the man get you down cj….keep on writing just the way you are. xoxo

3. candice - August 16, 2007

sorry for the bad review…but it wasn’t all that bad…i mean personally i don’t like reading about people’s personal lives – and i think you strike a good balance between the two. it’s just enough to make it feel like i know you without knowing too much about you.

i’d say keep doing what you’re doing…i enjoy coming here and wouldn’t want you to change a thing!

4. trent - August 16, 2007

Fuck em! i’ve been to that site and the so called humor blogs over there suck a dick compared to what you write. I agree – i don’t want to read about people’s cats and what they did every second of the day…you give just enough insight without getting too personal.

no need to change…they’re just a bunch of jealous bee-atches.

5. Mr. Blogger - August 16, 2007

you know i’m a faithful reader of the blog…the fact that i keep coming back everyday should speak volumes of what i think of your content. enough said.

6. ethan - August 16, 2007

Don’t change.

Oh and Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

7. trevor - August 16, 2007

even though you’re a hated new yorker and i’m a bostonite, i feel like you’re a distant brother in a way…don’t listen to the fools that probably couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag. Keep up the good work!

8. elyse - August 16, 2007

yes..please share more stories about you shitting and sleeping and typing at your desk. because that is much funnier than saying that Michelle Duggar’s birth canal is equivalent to a slip and slide or that good humor should sponsor good friday. because that’s not original nor funny at all.


9. dan - August 16, 2007

man…i don’t think i’ve ever gotten below a 60 on any test! that sucks dude!

10. howie - August 16, 2007

woah…wtf??? what the fuck is wrong with those people…i’m sure their blog sucks and so they took it out on yours to give themselves better scores.

11. nelson - August 16, 2007

In contrast, I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out if the author of WPMB was male or female

see…how fuckin smart could they be if they couldn’t figure out off the bat that you were a dude writing this…while i’m not saying a girl wouldn’t write this ‘shit’ – the truth is most wouldn’t take pics of shit in the toilet…

12. nincompoop - August 16, 2007

it was the shit in the toilet that scared them off 😉

13. melanie - August 16, 2007

i mean i can see their points about sometimes not being LOL funny…but other times you are freiken hysterical. it’s hard to just judge a blog by a few posts without being a regular reader…you don’t know the person’s style or humor just by reading one or two posts. i mean you can tell right away if the person is geniunely funny or if they’re trying to force being funny. i can tell you’re geniunely funny – obviously some of those reviewers didn’t. which sucks…but who cares what they think…as long as we like it and you enjoy writing it that’s all that matters!

14. janet - August 16, 2007


15. gary - August 16, 2007

i thought the review was fair…this blog is well written and clever and amusing. i mean i don’t LOL all the time here…but i do laugh more often than not…then again what sets this apart from the rest is the conversation that happens after the post, which is where the reviewers probably didn’t go. The give and take interaction makes this blog personable and funny – and that’s where you communicate with us on a personal level. I don’t need to read about you brushing your teeth…i get all the inner workings of your mind through your writing. But I guess some people like to be voyeurs and see what you’re doing on a day to day basis.

16. victor - August 17, 2007

to quote a goodfellas line:

Fuck em…fuck em in the ear. Fuck em in the other ear

17. ben - August 17, 2007

so what does that say about us? i mean are we just a bunch of assholes who don’t know humor because 8 out of 10 people said they wouldn’t come here regularly. i guess i need to rethink what is funny then.

18. daryl - August 17, 2007

they should rename that site assholeswhoknownothingabouthumorblogs.com

19. bubba - August 17, 2007

ok that could be the worst site i’ve ever fuckin visited in my entire life.

Have you gone to some of the links in the top 10??? Izzle Plaff? Have you read that? That’s one of the worst blogs I’ve ever read. And that’s in the top 10???

That site is bullshit. Their supposed top humor blogs fuckin blow. What a joke.

20. Mr. X - August 17, 2007

Ok…so i went to humor-blog to check things out. Here’s what is says about scoring:

“Blogs are listed in order by their score. A blog’s score ranges from 0 to 100. The score for a particular blog is determined by two factors:

50% Reviewer Score
50% Referral Score
The Reviewer Score is the score given to the blog by the Humor-Blogs.com reviewers. Blogs that have not yet been reviewed are given a default Reviewer Score of 50.

The Referral Score is a measure of how much traffic the site delivers to Humor-Blogs.com. Humor-Blogs.com is a collaborative community of humor bloggers, so we reward bloggers who refer visitors to our site. ”

Ok…so you’re giving 50% of a score of a blog based on referral traffic???? So you can have a shitty blog and still get high scores because you fuckin link to humor blogs.com and force people to go there? That’s the biggest bunch of bullshit i’ve ever heard. No wonder why the people there don’t know humor…they’re all too busy sucking each others dicks!!

21. redman - August 17, 2007

hahhahaha mr. x ….awesome! they seem to be a bunch of dicksucking babies…whatever…who needs their stupid fuckin reviews anyway…half those blogs in their top 100 are the worst blogs in the world. Any good humor blog wouldn’t need their help.

22. taylor - August 17, 2007

holy crap….looks like Humor-Blogs started a war over here! man…you guys have more passion than passion of the christ!

23. anonymous - August 17, 2007

see…i told you…this site sucks!

24. walter - August 17, 2007

see that picture there of the ducttaped dude..that’s why i love this blog…random stuff combining current events…no one else is doing that.

all those other posers better check their own blogs before they talk shit about someone’s elses. Seriously…is there even ONE good blog on humor-blogs top 10? 20? 50?

25. jake - August 17, 2007

maybe you should sue Humor Blogs for 64 billion dollars for stealing your dogs and slander?

26. The Brooklyn Boy - August 17, 2007

I check out every post, and appreciate the consistency of your humor – good for chuckles most times, and hard laughs the rest of ’em. Humor is hard, and you make it seem easy enough, which impresses me more than your “laugh out loud” quotient.

27. chris - August 17, 2007

Hmm…good idea Jake. And maybe I can sue them for calling me bad names and hurting my feelings. That’s gotta be worth $100 kazillion these days right?

Seriously guys, thanks for your outpouring of support. I know you’re just as upset with the reviews as I am…but at least they were being honest. And to be fair they’re just taking a sampling of my work and not here everyday reading the funny stuff.

Mr X: you know, you have a point about the referral traffic. who cares how much traffic you refer? I mean that’s great and all but should it really be worth 50% of your total score? I’m all for building a community, but when you have a website that’s showcasing the best humor blogs you should judge those blogs based on humor and not on a popularity contest based on how much traffic you can bring to their site. If you’re gonna do that, don’t judge them 50/50 content vs referral traffic. What the fuck does that accomplish? All you’re doing is having people kiss your ass and shamelessly promote your website to win “browning” points to move yourself up the rankings.

I said I wasn’t gonna care about it…so I’m trying not too…but you bring up a good point. The whole scoring system is completely flawed and invalid.

28. G - August 17, 2007

“Angry mob supplies – get your angry mob supplies!”

Dude, I’m coming out as one of the reviewers who actually got past the shit and run and found you funny. Maybe it’s a NY sensibility, I don’t know. The fact that you worked in Goodfellas in your post was excellent.

I know and like the person who runs Humor Blogs, but to say that all the blogs there are funny (or even close in many cases) would be a mistatement. It’s hard to get a lukewarm review, but the whole concept of reviewing a blog which you are just probably reading for the first time (and doing so at midnight to get your review in) is not easy and in many ways, is a disservice to the blogger being reviewed. For the most part, that’s why I go easy on the reviews and really try to be objective.

As one of your commenters pointed out, much of the humor continues on in the interplay of the comments.

Okay, that’s my whole diatribe. But you know, take it for what it’s worth and keep doing what you’re doing. For the record, I am not a Humor Blogs blog, but came to know the guy who runs it through his main blog (which is pretty humorous), so he threw me into the reviewer queue.

29. Chris - August 17, 2007

Hey G: thanks for your comments. I emailed those same sentiments to Diesel last night (once i quieted down the mob at the front door). To put pressure on a reviewer to score a blog within a 5 day time period is tough. Most people won’t read the blog until the last second and when they do they probably just quickly skim it and if they automatically see something they don’t like that’s good enough for them. I try not to do those things in my reviews because it’s unfair to the blog owner…but i mentioned to him maybe there needs to be a change in time constraints so people won’t feel as pressured to do 3 reviews at a time (maybe 1 per week or 3 in 2 weeks?)

Anyway thanks for stopping by and voicing your opinion. I agree…you need to take those things with a grain of salt…it just becomes a bitter pill to swallow when you see that other, less talented blogs are high up on the list when they get shitty reviews but are able to drive traffic to the humor-blogs site by whoring them out in each post. Is that really humor? No. But does that make them “stand out” among the top humor blogs? Yes. So that’s why I asked Diesel if his goal was to truly find the best humor blogs…or if it was more about a popularity contest to see who can pimp out humor-blogs the most. Look at the top blogs on the list…it seems like once a week they are dropping Diesel/Humor- blogs in their posts just to win points for referral traffic.

Just my 25 cents at this point. Thanks again for everyone’s comments and support. I’ll be back with an update later this afternoon, after I sit on a peterpan bus for 3 hours in friday traffic.

30. cdp - August 17, 2007

Chris, I find you to be laugh-out-loud funny on a pretty regular basis. I mean, just now, I LOL’d at the Pesci quote/picture. Coming from someone whose blog hasn’t been even close to funny for a while and who’s had a shitstorm of a few weeks, I say you are damn funny and anyone who doesn’t agree with me can just fuck off.

How ’bout that?

31. mcmisura - August 17, 2007

I think you’re rip-roaringly, knee-slappingly funny! If I were to LOL I’d be caught reading your blog while I’m pretending to work, so the knee slap is much safer.
I checked out Humor-blogs earlier this week and didn’t find anything laugh-worthy. In fact I think I even said to myself “This stuff sucks and isn’t funny.” Since my humor leans toward Curb, Monty Python, Carlin & Bill Bryson, I’d say you are in good company.

32. The Bagel of Everything - August 18, 2007

Fuck them!
You’re way better than that. Hell, you’re nearly half as good as us! 🙂

Also, I knew you were a guy right away. I dunno how, but I did.

33. lauriekendrick - August 18, 2007

And I assure you of one thing CJ, Bagel and I KNOW guys.


Allow me to share one thing with you: I learned a long, long time ago and choosing to venture into the very public medium of Radio and TV that you will NEVER please everyone all the time. Not every one will think you funny, cute, enticing, Paris Hilton hot or necessarily, brilliant.

And that’s OK.

We all too often allow others to formulate our opinions of ourselves. I’ve done it myself and that’s when I dislike myself the most.

Comedy and humor are subjective. One man’s fruit is another man’s joke. I’ve read blogs that are supposed to be funny that bore me to tears and yes, some of were n the top ten on the very site you mentioned-Humor Blogs. I found most to be consistently UN-funny.
Not my cup of tea.

I don’t really care for those blogs that gloat over “Little Tommy’s first turd in the Big Boy toilet”.

I don’t particularly care for blogs that drone on and on with so-called poignant poetry.

And as for photos of cats with incoherent drivel? Well, I Can Haz the Option of Never Returning to THAT blog.

You’re you. You’re a talented and funny guy.

FUCK everything and everyone else. Anyone who ridicules other people for fun and profit aren’t worth worrying about.


By the way, let’s completely waxed and make fun of people when I’m in the city this fall.

Laurie Kendrick

34. chris - August 18, 2007

thanks guys…you’re the best! you brought tears to my eyes…ok maybe its my suddenly developed late in allergies…but my eyes are watering, ok?!

I appreciate the support…i know most people’s opinions mean nothing and you can’t please everyone. As long as I know that funny and talented people like Laurie, CDP, BBoy, Bagel, Jesse, Ape, mcmisura, Stiletto and the rest of “our crew” appreciate my humor then I’m in VERY good company. And the rest of those “humor” blogs can kiss my ass.

oh and laurie…i completely plan to take time off work when you’re here so we can stumble around the bowery piss drunk and heckle people…maybe rack up a few public indecency charges…hockey check old ladies into the plexiglass of the bus shelters…start fights with the animals in the central park zoo……yeah…that’s how we roll.

35. abarclay12 - August 20, 2007

I can’t believe another humor blogger beat you up so badly. Eat lots of jello. It cures most ailments.

36. Zoning Out Again - August 20, 2007

Hey Chris,
I have to say to you, don’t feel bad. We asked for a review right?
I tried not to feel too down about my score over there. Although it was a little better than I’d hoped for and I was feeling okay about it after the fact, now I can’t help but feel terrible and a little self conscience after that thrashing from diesel within your review. It felt like a thrashing anyhow. I know my blog isn’t hysterically funny, but I didn’t expect a {singled out} negative mention, especially after my review was already finished.

Chris C seemed to have a lot of great advice, but his best point is that “funny” varies from person to person. The most important thing to remember is that if you’re at least entertaining yourself and you have a steady following, no matter how large or small, then you’ve succeeded.

Keep in mind that many of the negative reviewers (myself included) don’t have a leg to stand on, as their own/my own blog has no room to talk. (I’m actually a lot more positive when I review other blogs.

Some of those people may be really bitter after getting crappy reviews themselves. So don’t sweat it and keep on doing what you’ve been doing. It looks like you have a great following!

37. The Bagel of Everything - September 2, 2007

You’ve inspired me to request that RationReality be reviewed.
How long does it take?

Also, “Read Regularly” <– Does that mean that it appears to have a good hit count, or the reviewer does/would read it regularly? I couldn’t find much of an FAQ for it.

38. whatpushesmybuttons - September 8, 2007

Bagel: The cue for review is quite long now. So could take a year or two. No joke.

Read regularly means that the blogger reviewing you would read your blog regularly…it’s one of the grading scores you get judged on.

Although by the time your review rolls around everyone will be giving one’s out. seriously, some of the blogs up for review are bad…others ok…but it’s completely random when your blog is generated for a review. so a blog that’s been around for a week could conceivably get a review before yours. Which i’m sure would be quite discouraging to you to the point where you guys would draw a nasty cartoon explaining how you felt (or maybe i’m just egging you on to draw such cartoon)…

39. The Bagel of Everything - September 8, 2007

I can’t draw. Would you accept captioning public domain comics with dirty words? Cuz I did that just for you ;b

40. whatpushesmybuttons - September 8, 2007

yes…yes i would.

41. Howie Doohan - July 26, 2010

Humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder — or the reader in this case — so I wouldn’t let it get you down. Easy for me to say, I know. I live in Australia and whenever somebody conducts a poll on the greatest TV comedy of all time, Fawlty Towers always romps home the winner. People love it. I, however, can’t stand the show. I think the comedy is forced, and John Cleese overacts to an insert-foot-in-TV-screen degree. And don’t get me started about Seinfeld…


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