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My own empire August 15, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in celebrities, critique, fashion, sex, travel.

A few months back ESR-W came back from a trip to Europe with a tearout of a magazine. The tearout was of a fragrance entitled: Jette by Night

I laughed of course being that’s my last name and kept it aside for a keepsake.

Well more recently I saw another ad for Jette by Night, but this time for a shower and body gel!

So I decided to look up the product. Lo and behold the product is a huge sensation throughout Europe! No way! Not only is it a fragrance, body and shower gel, but there’s also jewelry, clothing, footwear, eyewear and even skates! Crazy!

I found out the designer is a lady named Jette Joop so she named all of her product line after herself (although secretly I think she named the products after me!). In fact, the designer is so popular she throws huge bashes when a new product line is launched!

It’s crazy. And since it’s a European based company they definitely use sex to sell “my product”. Take a look at these hot ‘adverts’:

I’m thrilled my product is all about the high fashion. Especially the roller skates.

My skates are off the hook!

Obviously it’s all one big coincidence that the product line is named after me. But regardless it seems like this “imposture” is making quite a living off using my name. Maybe I’ll have to consult my attorneys to get some royalties. I mean she’s gotta be raking in millions!

So Ms. Joop or Ms. Jette…or whatever you go by, just remember, as Brooke Astor said: “Money is like manure, it should be spread around.”



1. ethan - August 15, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

2. elyse - August 15, 2007

ha..nice…seems like your line of stuff is doing quite well for yourself!

3. candice - August 15, 2007


4. roger - August 15, 2007

dude..your spokesmodel is HOT! 😉

5. Mr. Blogger - August 15, 2007

NOW that’s one brand I wouldn’t mind spending a little time around…she’s one hot designer!

6. Chris - August 15, 2007

I know…maybe she’ll get a part in Zoolander 2: “That Jette is so hot right now”. hah

7. howie - August 15, 2007

hahahaah…nice! that hansel is so hot right now…haha

8. dean - August 15, 2007

man…i’d like to take more than just her heart! 😉

9. trent - August 15, 2007

so let me get this straight…that lady jette joop is also the one featured in all of her product pictures/advertisements?

If so damn she’s a piece of ass!

10. ilsa - August 15, 2007

the perfume and body wash are really good…the clothing is ok…the skates are a bit too much for me. that’s just a little overkill.

11. melanie - August 15, 2007

those are the ugliest skates i’ve ever seen! hah

12. Thos - August 16, 2007

thanks to Olore for finding this


13. chris - August 16, 2007

Thossy: yeah i saw that site a few years back…i wanted my own URL but lo and behold some “jazzist” with my name has the site. there’s also a oceanography scientist down in florida with my exact name, middle initial and all. Undoubtedly he’s 100x smarter than me…although i was pretty good in earth science so he may have some competition!

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