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The Match game August 3, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, eating, food, new york city, opinion, photos, pictures, restaurant, travel.

So a few of you inquired about the food pics I featured on my blog yesterday.

Well without further adieu here’s where they are from:

The pizza goodness above was from one of the best pizzeria’s around. Nope, not Totonno’s or Lombardi’s or Patsy’s. It was Barb’s Pizzeria. In West Hartford, CT.

Now before you fly off the handle, I was a skeptic too, until I tried it. Bridget lived right next door to Barb’s and raved about the pizza all of the time. She took me there a few years back and I happened to be wearing my Yankee hat into the pizzeria. The owner saw me and asked if I was a New Yorker. We talked and I found out that he brings up water from the Bronx every week to help “sweeten” the dough for his pizza, thus making a “New York” style pie (thus proving my point that it’s all “in the water”). The other bonus is his pepperoni is extra baked, so its even tastier than those pizzerias who just slap pepperoni onto the pie and load it in the oven.

The resulting pizza is really, really good and is about 100x better than that shit they call pizza down at Pepe’s in New Haven (which singlehandly could be the most overrated pizza in the entire country). Plus do the pictures above lie? I think not.

Plus Barb’s also has a great salad with an awesome house dressing (that the sell by the bottle)

Basically it’s a new york style, no frills pizzeria. If they were in NYC they’d be among the best pizzeria’s around. But unfortunately those who grew up in CT are swayed by the propaganda machine that is Pepe’s and that’s all they know. Poor bastards.

The next item I featured was closer to home.

This heart attack on a platter comes courtesy of New York Burger Company.

Their burgers were voted “Best Burger in NYC” according to the AOL cityguide (although I’m not trusting ANYTHING that is AOL endorsed). But the burger is pretty tasty and cooked to order. I last had them a few years back and wasn’t impressed, but I must say this time around the burger was quite tasty. While the meat was more medium well than medium rare, they have invested in quality toppings and switched to a broiche type bun to help absorb the fried goodness and keep the structure of the burger intact.

The onion rings have improved as well as they were voted “Best Onion Rings” by GQ Magazine. (Ok…what the hell does GQ have to do with the best of food anything? Don’t even tell me the models and fashionistas that read GQ would scarf down a heaping order of onion rings. I mean they’re good and all, but I don’t need a bunch of models endorsing food for me – ok? Stick to what you know guys, showcasing suits and accessories that none of us “average joe” guys can afford and leave the fried food to those of us who don’t have the ability to stuff our fat asses into your $1,000 suits. Thanks!)

Finally we have the Lamb Paillard at The Noho Star which is downtown on Bleecker and Lafayette (kudos to Janet for guessing correctly!) The Noho has some great variety on their menu, and you can order anything from dim sum and chinese classics to grilled tilapia and heaping salads. The portions are generous and the prices very reasonable. Plus they have a kick ass brownie sundie selection for desert. Great “date” place or a place to bring a group of peeps for a low-key dinner.

So there you have it kids. And my apologies for making y’all and myself hungry again! But it’s almost time to get grillin’ in my cube! On today’s menu are hot dogs and grilled chicken cutlet sandwiches w/ melted mozzarella! Pictures to follow shortly!

Post blog note

Here are the yummy Nathan’s hotdogs I grilled up today. Good stuff.



1. roger - August 3, 2007

West Hartford CT????? No shit.

2. gary - August 3, 2007

really…no..can’t be…Connecticut?

3. howie - August 3, 2007

ok…i’m officially starving..thanks…thanks a lot

4. ethan - August 3, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

5. Mr. Blogger - August 3, 2007

Look at you mr. fancy pants with the lamb pallaird 😉

6. elyse - August 3, 2007

As Rachael Gay would say: YUM-O!

7. bubba - August 3, 2007

haha yeah since when does GQ have the right to give advice about food??? And what do they care about onion rings? It’s way “beneath” any of their readers as a cuisine!

8. tiffany - August 3, 2007

at least you included a salad this time…that makes me less inclined to eat the 10 slices of that pizza right now! haha

9. jake - August 3, 2007

haha…nice weiners! 😉

10. Jason - August 4, 2007

Chris, great looking pizza but BS statement on the water. If it is the water, than most of Dutchess County and Ulster County are to be credited and it would be a heck of a lot closer for him to go there for the water since NYC’s water comes from upstate. NYC pizza does not start with the water. It is a method. It is a timing. As a guy who has eaten pizza on three continents, I can honestly say there is nothing like NYC pizza and it comes from more than water.

11. Chris - August 8, 2007

Jason: I somewhat agree but I don’t know if it’s a complete BS statement about the water. Yes nyc tap water does come from the croton reservoir. And thus upstate pizza should theoretically be just as good as NYC. However he’s not the first pizza shop owner i’ve heard credit their pizza to the water. My father, who made a living servicing many a restaurant and pizza shop for their airconditioning and heating needs always told me the guys would tell him, the water was the ingredient that made it truly a new york slice.

While I agree, it’s in the timing and the method of making the pizza, there’s something about the water that makes it top notch and different from the rest. Thus why you can get “ny style” pizza just about anywhere, but it doesn’t taste as good as when you’re in the city.

Plus, check out wikipedia’s definition of NY Style pizza:

The most noticeable difference between New York-style and other American pizzas is its thin and crispy hand-tossed crust, made from a high-gluten bread flour. The flavor of the crust has sometimes been attributed to the minerals present in the New York City tap water used to make the dough. It is said that some out-of-state pizza makers even transport the water cross-country for the sake of authenticity.


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