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The Cubicle Cookbook July 23, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in eating, food, funny, lunch, photos, pictures.

Had a busy weekend doing some fun things…including taking Avi and Lauren on an adventure to Breezy Point to do some fishing (or attempt to). But more on that later when I upload the pics from my digital camera.

But, one of the things I’ve been wanting to mention for a while but haven’t got around to it yet, was a result of me cooking in my cube recently.

As you’ve seen from past posts, I’ve resorted to grilling sandwiches on my portable Hamilton Beach grill at my desk.

Today was no different as I turned my rather ordinary brought-in turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread into a nice grilled turkey and cheese sandwich that melted in my mouth.

The funniest part of cooking in my cube is the smell of grilled goodness permeating throughout my office. Everyone is like, damn that smells good!

One of my co-workers Beth was joking around one day and said I should start a cubicle cookbook! That’s a fantastic idea. Another co-worker Lori said I should have a daily menu and start charging people for “cube-cooked” lunch. Another fantastic idea! Hey, maybe I won’t need to depend on “cart lunch” anymore if I’m just going to be cooking in! And if I can make some money on the side as well that’s even better. Although I think I’ll need to purge some files and set up a kitchen countertop. That and I’ll need a bigger griddle. Cause if I’m gonna make a profit, pumping out one sandwich at a time isn’t gonna cut it!



1. roger - July 23, 2007

dude that looks soooo good….i’m jealous!

2. mr. blogger - July 23, 2007

bring new meaning to being productive in the workplace!

3. barry - July 23, 2007

ha at least they know you’re not out screwing around during your lunch hour!

4. ethan - July 23, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

5. candice - July 23, 2007

haha…you’re hysterical….sandwich looks awesome though!

6. gary - July 23, 2007

ha…how many rats you have running around over there??? they must have a field day with you!

7. Chris - July 23, 2007

Gary: none really…i think all of the mounts on the wall and the gun racks pretty much scare them away. There’s plenty of space for a rat mount next to the deer, antelope, elk, bear and coyote mounts! 🙂

8. howie - July 23, 2007

dude…you’re too much…grillin in the cube.

9. tiffany - July 23, 2007

haha…that’s an awesome cookbook name! Cubicle Cookbook…hahaha

10. elyse - July 23, 2007

wanna come over to my office and cook for me!!!

11. mr. x - July 23, 2007

you think hamilton beach could sponsor your cubicle?? how awesome would that be!!!

12. Chris - July 23, 2007

Mr X: Awesome idea. Actually I’ve gone one step ahead of you and contacted the company directly:

To whom it may concern,

The reason for my note is to first congratulate you for producing a fantastic product.

Secondly, I use my Hamilton Beach grill at work to enhance my lunch options. I turn ordinary sandwiches into grilled masterpieces in no time using my Hamilton Beach grill. My co-workers are all extremely jealous and one even told me I should write my own “Cubicle Cookbook”.

So that got me thinking. I know Hamilton Beach offers recipes for their grills already. I have a bunch of my own concoctions already that I have experimented with. Would you be interested in partnering on a website/cookbook that would help endorse your product and also open you up to a vastly untapped audience, the office worker?

I currently publish a successful blog of my own entitled What Pushes My Buttons and I’m planning on launching a food review/blog website in the fall in conjunction with several chefs and other food critics. I have taken numerous pictures of me cooking in my cube using my Hamilton Beach grill on my website if you’d like to take a look. The website is WhatPushesMyButtons.com.

I’d be happy to speak with anyone in your marketing department regarding some sort of viral advertising/marketing ideas in which I can endorse/showcase your product.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hopefully having the chance to speak with a member of your stuff regarding this opportunity.

Best regards,
Chris Jette

13. melissa - July 23, 2007

hahahaha…AWESOME!!!! i hope they get back to you!!!! LOL

14. trent - July 23, 2007

you really are too much…that’s fuckin great!

15. Mr. Blogger - July 23, 2007

that would be fuckin sweet…they can pimp your cube out with all of their products!!!

16. nelson - July 23, 2007

haha…nice plug for your blog…lol hopefully they write back to you.

17. xander - July 23, 2007

you should produce a viral video …that’ll get their attention in a hurry! 😉

18. Chris - July 23, 2007

Great idea xander…it’s on my list of videos i need to produce!

BTW…Got an automated response from them:

Thank you for contacting Hamilton BeachProctor-Silex.

We have received your recent email and you should receive a personal response within 1-3 business days.


Consumer Affairs Email Team

hmm….personal response…i should get an interesting response if someone is taking the time to read each email! I’ll keep y’all posted

19. lauriekendrick - July 23, 2007


I come to your blog to laugh. I do, but I always leave hungry. You never fail to include some of the best pics of NYC food. How I miss Gotham..it’s pizza, it’s falafels, knishes and the overwhelming smell of urine on the sidewalks on a Sunday morning.

Don’t stop..more pics, please. Next time, include one of you, in dress and apron and a pearl necklace…(real one, please..wad were thinking?)

Great site as always! You one funny son of a Hamilton Beach!

I’ll be in NYC in mid September. You..me..Bridget..dinner and drinks, OK?

Laurie..of the Houston Kendricks

20. Chris - July 23, 2007

Hey Laurie: ..yeah…sorry if i left you “starving for more”…hah. I see you’ve been writing up a storm over there recently! I need to bring out your posts and bring them on the commute with me! 🙂

Yes…mid september…the welcome wagon will be out. looking forward to it! 🙂

hah…dress and apron…no prob…wooden spatula too i assume?? 😉 go for the whole mommy dearest look?

Chris…of the Brooklyn Jetts (yes, I’ll drop the ‘e’ in hopes i can get Joan Jett to sponsor the team…i mean if bon jovi can sponsor an arena football team for christ’s sake…anything’s sponsorable!!)

21. thisiswhyimhot - July 24, 2007

Hi – I love the photos on your site.

Check out our site http://www.photrade.com – it is a photosharing site made specifically for bloggers and photographers (and you appear to be both).

You can actually SELL your photos on this site PLUS you can earn ad revenue when people view your photos. Its also a great way to get your work out there – our library of photos is expanding every day. Check it out.

My Fav is the photrade badge – you can get one to show a collage of your photos when you upload photos.

I would love to know what you think about the site. Our goal is to make something better for the blogging community!


22. Chris - July 26, 2007

Still no personal response yet….but i’m holding out hope. As soon as I get my new food blog up and running that would be a more appropriate environment to discuss Cubicle Cooking…

23. Danny - March 5, 2009

Great Job! I myself have been cubicle cooking for a few years. I owned a resturaunt for years then regained my sanity and left it for the IT field. I cook steak on a indoor grill and recipes in a small slow cooker, even wine reductions in the microwave as a alternative to gravys. a small microwave rice cooker steemer for veggies works great to. I butcher my own meats at home so i bring the odd beef cuts to work and freeze them. what is a seasoned cook to do when he gets tired of the hamburgers and fast food stuffs. If you need any help just yell, I have thought of making a cubicle recipe book myself in the past.

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