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On the road again… July 17, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in comedy, funny, video.

Although I really can’t wait to get BACK from the road again. I’ve been down in Orlando for our annual sales meeting since Sun am. Yes, Orlando. In July. Needless to say I’m burnt crisp from 2 days spent on the golf course (i know, oh pity me!) But hence why I haven’t been able to share some fun with y’all. Actually I was just able to get internet access right now, but alas I have to head out for a client dinner in a little bit.

I’ll be back to tell some fun stories in a bit…but for now, enjoy this puppet rendition of Hasselhoff drunk on the floor. Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. It’s a parody of Hasselhoff drunk on the floor that has been the “clip” around the net for the past few months.


Enjoy and hope to have a good update for you soon…especially being that my next post will be my 200th!!! Major milestone I guess…since ever other blogger seems to celebrate their 200th post.



1. roger - July 18, 2007

dude…hurry back…need my humor fix!

2. elyse - July 18, 2007

hahaha i haven’t seen that before that’s fuckin hysterical!!!

3. candice - July 18, 2007

LOL…the puppet looks just like him! haha

4. ethan - July 18, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

5. mr. blogger - July 18, 2007

i was wondering what happened to you…been awhile since there’s been a full day without an update!!

6. tiffany - July 18, 2007

boooooo to work! haha

7. trent - July 18, 2007

ugh orlando in july…that sucks dude!

8. gary - July 18, 2007

oh man…poor hoss…getting shit on again! pretty funny video though!

9. lauriekendrick - July 18, 2007

Orlando???? Jeez, that place is considered more of a Humid Hell on Earth than Houston.

Hurry back to civilization. Where it’s normal to walk crammed into a pack of humans 18 thick on either side of you down 6th Ave. at 11:30 am!!!

I love the city, really Chris. NYC has an energy I can snort. I’ll be there soon. You and Bridget should meet me for a drink.

Great writing on this effort. Keep it up. You’re a talented man, my son!


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