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In the “P’Zone” July 12, 2007

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Before I get into the “zone”, it was like I hit the lottery this morning. There was no line at Starbucks (although by the time I left the line was out the door) and I even got a free Women’s Health wristband for a promotion they’re doing this weekend!

Seriously, what else could a guy ask for?? It’s like I stepped in shit today (actually true story – I almost did…wasn’t looking down and thankfully last second I nimbly avoided the pile of poo). Actually maybe I fooled the “stepped in shit gods” into thinking I actually stepped in shit when I in fact avoided it! Hmm…I’ll see how my luck the rest of the day goes before confirming this theory.

Anyway on this past Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending the first Pizza Hut P’Zone Eating Challenge which took place right here in the NYC.

The contest, put on by Pizza Hut as a promotion for their P’Zone, invited anyone in the nation a chance to compete against Kobayashi in a pizza eating challenge.

The drawing, which was done at random, was soliciting amateur eaters a chance to go up against one of the all-time eating legends.

The lucky winner? Marivic Stewart from Spokane, WA, a married mother of two, who was partaking in her first competitive eating battle.

The challenger however wasn’t Kobayashi, who was still suffering the effects of a recent jaw injury and could not compete (Pizza Hut is claiming the thickness of their P’Zone would be too much for Kobayashi’s jaw to handle). Marivic’s challenger was none other than the man himself, Joey Chestnut.

Kobayashi explaining that he won’t be competing

The challenge was to eat as many P’Zone’s as you could in 6 minutes. While I’m not at privilege to disclosure the results of the competition (the information, as well as video from the event will be released on Friday the 13th), you can make your own assumptions about who the victor was.

Regardless of not being able to report on the “official results” just yet it was a fun event, and I was among the small crowd who watched the proceedings carefully. The event wasn’t open to the public, but through some friendly contact from the PR Director of Pizza Hut, I was able to learn about the location.

I also got a chance to meet the new American hero, Joey Chestnut, live and in the flesh. Also in attendance in the room were none other than Kobayashi himself and fellow IFOCE competitive eaters Eric “Crazy Legs” Conti and Tim “Eater X” Janus.

Three of the best eaters in the world in one room: Crazy Legs, Joey Chestnut and me!

Besides the eaters, there were only some members of the media (who taped the festivities for Pizza Hut and the MLE – Major League Eating) and some of Kobayashi’s interpreters and PR agents. Being that I was the MOST influential “media” in the room (after all I do have the “best blog” in NYC right? Ok maybe it’s more like the best blog among blind lepers, but that counts for something right?) I had the ability to be among the privileged few to witness the best eaters in the world up close and personal (until they started letting the general public in by giving away free P’Zones…but even then people had no idea what was transpiring, took their free P’Zones and left. Idiots)

After the competition ended and the competitor who shall remain nameless took home the title, I headed back to my office with P’Zone in hand.

I had the Pepperoni stuffed P’Zone. After watching the competition and being in the same room with boxes and boxes of pizza smelling goodness, and no doubt inspired by the eating prowess I shared a room with, I made quick work of the P’Zone in front of me. Joey himself would have been proud.

All in all it was a great day. Got to say hello to the greatest eaters on the planet and got to watch Joey himself chow down in an intimate setting. It certainly wasn’t like the 20,000 plus people who crammed into Coney Island to watch him shatter the world Hot Dog eating record, but standing no more than 30 feet away from the man himself with 20 other people in the room at most was completely fine by me.



1. roger - July 12, 2007

Awesome dude!!!! NIce work!

Btw…wear that Women’s Health wristband proudly!

2. candice - July 12, 2007

haha…nice…women’s health…lol…they trying to tell you something 😉

3. Mr. Blogger - July 12, 2007

“After all I do have the “best blog” in NYC right? Ok maybe it’s more like the best blog among blind lepers, but that counts for something right?)”

haha…that blind lepers community is huge…so it’s no wonder why your blog is so popular….then again you are the blog voted most likely to be read by Helen Keller! LOL…hahaha

Good stuff my man…good stuff

4. h-dog - July 12, 2007

That P-Zone looks Phat! holla!

5. trent - July 12, 2007

holy shit..it’s you and joey…that’s awesome!

6. gary - July 12, 2007

nice work…way to be one of the “priviledged media”!

7. nelson - July 12, 2007

umm…you didn’t finish your p’zone? tsk…tsk…

8. chris - July 12, 2007

Nelson: no, i housed that shit…i figured i should take a picture of the “scraps” before I polished them off. Plus I needed to come up for air…

Mr. Blogger: The blind lepers are an awesome community. My blog is readable in braille. It’s actually the only blog readable in braille. How do I do it? Well just close your eyes and touch the screen. Go ahead. Do it. Feel the bumps…the words melding under your fingers. Ok…maybe it’s just crumbs and food scraps that flew out of your nose laughing at this blog…but to a blind leper it feels like braille doesn’t it?

9. howie - July 12, 2007

you are killin me this am…fuckin hysterical. i can’t read this at work anymore…i’m gonna get fired from laughing so hard.

10. trevor - July 12, 2007

wow…1 lb of pizza! that’s awesome! how was it?

11. ethan - July 12, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

12. dan - July 12, 2007

good stuff…how many did Joey eat?

13. Chris - July 12, 2007

Trev: it was pretty good…i wouldn’t say it was super awesome…but it did the trick. apparently there is one with bell peppers, so that one must be really good too.

Dan: i can’t say…although it was a good amount. I’ll share more tomorrow once the “official” results are up!

14. elyse - July 12, 2007

haha….women’s health…that’s HOT! 😉

15. tiffany - July 12, 2007

kobayashi looks sad not to be competing! 😦

16. nincompoop - July 12, 2007

Crazy Legs looks like a hasidic jew! hahahaha

17. bpod - July 12, 2007

I think Crazy Legs looks like Weird Al Yankovic…haha 🙂

18. dean - July 12, 2007

nice bpod! good observation!

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20. cdp - July 12, 2007

I’ll bet that Women’s Health wristband is dead sexy on you. We’re gonna have to get you some Easy Spirits and cheesesteak-scented hairspray to go with it. You won’t be able to take the subway home without getting chased by random packs of rabid women, though. Hmm.

21. Chris - July 12, 2007

CDP: ha…perhaps random packs of rapid lesbian women…but women nonetheless right 😉

Although according to http://rationreality.com/2007/07/09/lesbian-gang-rapists/ there’s plenty of lesbian gangs running around i’ll need to watch out for. That women’s health wristband would be a dead giveaway for me being a “straight single girl” 🙂

22. cdp - July 12, 2007

Apparently my “straight single girl” beacon only shines around construction workers at the gas station at lunchtime; fuckwits at downtown ATL bars who know nothing about baseball; and the unfortunately acne-ridden young man who takes the groceries out to my car every weekend.

Hell, some days I might be happy with random rabid lesbians.

23. whatpushesmybuttons - July 13, 2007

hah…nice…well it’s funny how most guys bitch and moan about not being able to meet girls at a bar who love sports and are pretty chill…and you’re bitching about the lack of finding those guys. isn’t that always the case…

well you could always join a female bowling team…that should hook you up with some “pink ladies” if you want to run with that sorta crowd!

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26. Pzone eater - July 15, 2009

mmmm P zone i think i will get one

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