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Breaking news out of the Caribbean July 11, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in current events, funny, humor, movies, random references, sarcasm, world news.

For those fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies I have some said news for you.

Popular character Davy Jones, who made his first appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean 2, was found dead on the beach this morning filming a scene for Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Shooting for the movie, which was supposed to be a secret following up on the smashing popularity of the Pirates trilogy, has been temporarily postponed.

“The stench on the beach is overwhelming” said one of the production members. “Davy must have been rotting away on the beach all night” he added with a white surgical mask covering his face.

No word on cause of death, although speculations are that a golf ball got lodged in Jones’ throat during an action scene in the water.

According to a director, Jones was being beaten back into the sea during one of the scenes. When he disappeared under the surface we figured it was all part of the scene. Jones has been known to stay underwater for hours at a time, trying to fully encompass his role of an “underwater monster”.

Jones’ character is based on the fictional Davy Jones, who is known in folklore to have placed a curse upon pirates. Jones’ mystique is largely due to his infamous “locker” which swallows all of the “bad” pirates and their ships, leading them to be cursed for the rest of their lives.

“We wrapped up shooting and told Davy we’d see him at the bar later” says the director who chooses to remain anonymous. “He never showed up but we figured he just was rehearsing his lines underwater” added the tearful director. No word yet on whether funeral arrangements have been made, although the beach was flooded with lawyers earlier today.

“We believe the Jones’ family is in for a huge, HUGE payday” said one lawyer with Jacoby & Meyers, who was among one of the first on the scene.

In an unrelated story, that may be tied to Jones’ death, Michael Richards was seen hitting golf balls from a driving range on an island not too far from where the shooting was. Unfortunately Mr. Richards, best known for his role as “Kramer” on the television series Seinfeld, was unavailable for comment.

More on the story as news develops.



1. Thos - July 11, 2007

nice first comment!!!

darh I hope Steve the Pirate doesnt hear about this!!!

oh and for super secret movie check out the trailer for


2. roger - July 11, 2007

haha nice!!! awesome…you almost had me for a second…haha

3. candice - July 11, 2007

hahahahaha…LOL! looks just like him too! LOL

4. trent - July 11, 2007

dude…you’re fuckin awesome…hysterical….you had me going…until i clicked the link!

5. mr. blogger - July 11, 2007

well done sir…well done

6. tiffany - July 11, 2007

OMG…i thought it was real…haha

7. ethan - July 11, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

8. gary - July 11, 2007

haha..nice..the seinfeld episode where kramer kills the whale in the hudson…hahahaha

9. elyse - July 11, 2007

hah that made my morning!! funny shit!

10. dan - July 11, 2007

does Jacoby & Meyers even still exist? LOL

11. trevor - July 11, 2007

seriously dude….you’re too much…funny stuff.

12. howie - July 11, 2007

Davy must have been rotting away on the beach all night

hahaha…disgusting, but funny

13. nincompoop - July 11, 2007

what can i say…you put the “casm” in sarcasm…not sure what that means…but sounded good at the time!

14. humorman - July 11, 2007

nincompoop…you’re such a….well you know! haha

chris: funny job as usual…you had us all fooled!

15. jake - July 11, 2007

Holy shit that’s one ugly squid!!!!!!!! 🙂

16. cdp - July 11, 2007

That was some seriously funny stuff.

But I’m not sure how I feel about the anti-lawyer sentiment, YOU BASTARD.

17. cdp1 - July 11, 2007

Although I did like the Kramer bit a lot.

18. chris - July 11, 2007

CDP: sorry for the lawyer dig…was just having some playful fun…and I needed a way to finally weave Jacoby & Meyers into my blog…they’ve been begging me for months now to mention them! 🙂

Nincompoop: What’s next…did I also put the “gasm” in orgasm???


“O” Face for Sure. Woooooooo.

19. bubba - July 11, 2007

hahaha….nice…taking a ride on the bone roller coaster? haha

20. cdp - July 11, 2007

What’s next? Did I also put the “gasm” in orgasm?

Just so you know, Chris: Yes. You really did say that out loud.


21. chris - July 12, 2007

Ha yeah…well i’ve been working too long this week…putting in 14+ hour days…so needless to say my inner monologue is shot. kaput. finished.

Although I think I would have rather put the “gasm” in orgasm than the “or”….hmm…

22. Mr. Blogger - July 12, 2007

haha…nice…i’d rather be a “gasm” than an “or”…”or” just leaves too much doubt, whereas “gasm” seems like more of a definitive statement.

but perhaps i’m reading just a bit much into this…haha

23. carlos - August 8, 2007


24. Chris - August 8, 2007

Mr. Blogger: somehow I missed your comment…although thanks for backing me up on that. 🙂

25. Leanne Duvall - April 20, 2019

where did people of the Caribbean found the skin of Davy Jones?

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