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“Coming Out” Party July 5, 2007

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So as you all undoubtedly saw, my man Joey Chestnut took home the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship yesterday, bringing the coveted Mustard Belt back home to the USA for the first time since 1996.

It was crazy. Some of the most riveting, suspenseful, jaw-dropping live television I’ve seen in a long time. Fuck the Sopranos…if you wanted drama, you should have watched the end of the hot dog eating contest. You had everything you could ask for in a showdown of epic proportions.

It began with the Don King style “pre-eat” weigh-in.

You had the classic USA vs Japan matchup. A storyline that the WWE would just about kill for these days (no pun intended…since they tried that whole “death” angle recently and it failed. Miserably.)

You had the 6 time Nathan’s defending champion Kobayashi vs the new world record holder Chestnut.

When the contest started I turned to Bridget, Avi and Lauren (we were watching the festivities at Bar Coastal) and said Chestnut’s good for 60 today.

60 dogs? Chestnut’s previous best was 59 1/2. Kobayashi? 54 1/2. Kobayashi would need to best his personal best by 6 dogs just to stay close with Chestnut. No way he could do that with a sore jaw right?

Translation of look on Kobayashi’s face: Me have to eat 60 dogs??? Holy shit!

But there they were. Standing toe to toe. Going dog for dog. 60? You bet. Both competitors hit 60 with 2 minutes to go.

Both competitors try to keep it together with time running out

Kobayashi even took a slight lead 63-62. No way. Chestnut was on the ropes. Panic set in. Kobayashi was giving the performance of a lifetime. The TV announcers were comparing it to Curt Schilling’s bloody sock effort in game 6 of the ALCS.

Then it all came out. Well not all. But some.

Yep…Kobayashi had reached capacity. Trying desperately to keep up with Joey, Kobayashi was pushing himself beyond the limits. It was a gutsy performance, but in the end his stomach and mouth couldn’t handle it. But he kept going. And kept eating. And ESPN (of course as they always do) cut to commercial before the official decision was announced. When they left on break it was 63-62 Chestnut. But what about the puke? That’s a DQ in competitive eating terms. Or as they like to call it “a reversal”. So no matter how many hot dogs Kobayashi shoved in his mouth post puke, he would only be credit with those eaten up to that point. In the end it looked like Chestnut had him, by at least a dog or two.

It was the grittiest, most mano y mano performance you will ever find in any sport. Two warriors battling it out till the last second. Echoing shades of the epic battles between Ali vs Frazier and Sosa vs McGwire, Kobayashi v Chestnut II was an instant classic (people seem to forget Kobayashi narrowly defeated Chestnut by a hot dog and a half last year when Chestnut was a virtual unknown).

But more remarkable was the amount of hotdogs eaten. Both shattered their personal and world records. 54 1/2 was Kobayashi’s previous best. He ate 63. Chestnut downed 59 1/2 earlier this year. How about a 66 spot. In 12 minutes. That’s one hotdog and bun roughly every 10.9 seconds! That’s fuckin ridiculous.

Chestnut posing with 66 hot dogs after his victory

If you didn’t think competitive eating is a real sport, think again. These guys pushed their bodies past the limits in a competition for world supremacy. Let that be a lesson to all of the other “athletes” out there who collect their fat paychecks and give 50% of their effort. Long live the IFOCE and all hail King Joey!



1. howie - July 5, 2007


2. roger - July 5, 2007

yeah that was fuckin insane dude…awesome stuff

3. candice - July 5, 2007

that was soooo gross when he puked! i couldn’t keep watching anymore

4. trent - July 5, 2007

it was awesome to watch….too bad he puked, would’ve liked to see it come down to the very last second…but awesome stuff nonetheless

5. ethan - July 5, 2007

Yankees suck! Yankees suck!

6. melissa - July 5, 2007

that was sooo gross….i didn’t see it on tv…but glad i missed it!

7. bob - July 5, 2007

talk about blowing chunks!

8. Mr. Blogger - July 5, 2007

looks like Kobayashi couldn’t “stomach” the pressure!

9. todayyesterdayandtomorrow - July 5, 2007

Hey – is this in the Olympics yet?? huh huh huh? 🙂

10. dean - July 5, 2007

Translation of look on Kobayashi’s face: Me have to eat 60 dogs??? Holy shit!


11. Chris - July 5, 2007

Answer: I think it should be an olympic sport…it’s truly an international competition. Plus would you rather watch competitive eating or shotput? Some guy trying to down gallons of rice pudding or some guy running for 300 miles? I rest my case.

btw…really, really craving a hot dog right now. dirty water dog cart…here I come!

12. nelson - July 5, 2007

yeah i agree…i’d rather watch competitive eating than some bulked up east german “female” weightlifters putting 1000 lbs over their heads

13. victor - July 5, 2007

ha…i can’t look at a hotdog right now…without thinking kobayashi!

14. jake - July 5, 2007

um…epic battle between sosa and mcgwire??

was that the one where they raced to see how many grams of steriods they could inject while popping HR after HR??

i’d say you’re more on point with Ali vs Frazier.

15. gary - July 5, 2007

yeah…that was one crazy made for TV moment…

apparently there’s a Pizza Hut eating competition w/ kobayashi and chestnut in the city next week???

16. Chris - July 5, 2007

Gary…you’re correct…it’s on Tuesday…some sort of Pizza Hut P’Zone challenge. There’s nothing as far as location…just says to check back on 7/13 for videos of the event. I’ve emailed the PR contact to get a location and to see if members of the general public are invited. I’ll keep you posted

17. nincoompoop - July 5, 2007

nice…that should be an awesome competition! whoever barfs up the most pepperoni wins!

18. nincoompoop - July 5, 2007

nice…that should be an awesome competition! whoever barfs up the most pepperoni wins!

19. elyse - July 5, 2007

nincoompoop….you really are a …well….haha

20. cdp - July 5, 2007

oh my. i thought i’d gotten a good laugh out of watching this yesterday (after enjoying an entire bottle of wine solo while meeting The Boyfriend’s parents) but seriously . . . your recap left me in stitches!

nicely done!

21. WhatPushesMyButtons - July 5, 2007

Thanks for stopping by CDP…and glad you enjoyed! can’t wait to hear the bottle of wine story…hopefully it doesn’t have a “Kobayashi ending” 🙂

22. tiffany - July 5, 2007

I Love the Kobayashi picture…his eyes are so fixated…that caption is perfect!

23. Tom Accuosti - July 6, 2007

It was a gutsy performance


24. gary - July 6, 2007
25. chris - July 6, 2007

Ha…nice Tom…

I guess it’s unfair to ask him if he spits or swallows?


26. Stiletto - July 6, 2007

Yeah I saw this on tv yesterday when the winner was interviewed…man, take about a g-astronomically ferocious battle! I’m almost tempted to try it one day. But I do have a question…is the winner allowed to puk right after?

27. chris - July 7, 2007

I think so…as long as it’s not during the actual competition…I havent’ seen anyone puke right afterwards…but prob 30 mins afterwards.

I was gonna try to eat a pig in a blanket for every hot dog eaten…so that would be 66 of them…but then i thought about how much sodium that would be…

although i’m sure if money was on the table…i’d belly up to the challenge! :0

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