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I Love L.A. June 29, 2007

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So quotheth 2Pac. Not because of the weather. Or the girls. Or the West Coast rap game. Solely because of the Clippers.

The L.A. Clippers.

The beloved perennial losers. The team that turned the franchise around by drafting Peekskill NY product Elton Brand (who I got to see play and meet numerous times when his H.S. team played at Marist).

Why do I love the Clippers now? Cause they drafted Jared Jordan. A 6’1″ point guard that played for Marist (my beloved alum).

The little guy that most people said was too small, lacked athleticism, lacked size. The same little guy that was voted MVP of the Greater Hartford Pro Am last year and who wowed NBA scouts all summer.

If you were watching the NBA Draft last night you’ll notice that commentator Jay Bilas never had Jared on his “Best Available” picks. He had guys like Ramon Sessions. Tareuan Green. Some guards from Venus and Jupiter. But nary a mention of Jordan.

Of course, ESPN was at a 5 minute commercial break when it was the Clippers turn to pick. I looked up from packing away for the weekend to see “Current Selection: Jared Jordan” followed by more commercials.

They came back from break and did one of those “while you were gone, here are the losers who got drafted” sort of deals. And yes, they showed a few clips of Jordan and follow with more criticism about his size and praise about being the best “pure point guard” in the draft.

But you fucking deprived me of what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear his name called. To have that “oh shit, I can’t believe he just got drafted moment”. Nope…I had to watch it on a fuckin scroll that I was just fortunate to catch at the right moment.

I don’t even know if the crowd booed. Or cheered. Or was impartial. Even Jared Jordan himself was deprived of the experience of hearing his own name called.


What if he went to take a piss? Or go open another bag of Doritos? He wouldn’t have even seen that he had been drafted until 5 minutes after it happened.

So a big FUCK YOU to ESPN for not only depriving Jared Jordan himself, but the rest of the Marist students and alumni at probably one of few times (since it’s only happened once before – Rik Smits) we’ll get to hear “The so-and-so select (insert player name) from Marist College.” Thanks alot for depriving that us ESPN. I hope that fuckin commercial, whatever it was, helped pay your bills this month. I’m so glad you were airing live when these players from Spain and god knows where else were getting drafted considering those foreign players won’t even be playing in the fucking league next year thanks to current contracts with their current teams. Because we all had a rooting interest in Giorgio whatshisface from Kazakastan. Way not to show the little guy from the small school getting drafted. You fuckin pricks. Also eat shit Jay Bilas. Shows how much you fucking know. Half of your “best available” list didn’t even end up getting drafted. Why don’t you do your homework next time and not eat crow on the air.

Anyway, congrats Clippers fans. You’ll get to see a player who’ll give 100% each and every night on the court (btw…love that Stephen A. Smith said the Knicks were trying to trade down to get Jordan…yeah, I’m sure they were. Because another guard was exactly what they needed. Assholes). Hopefully when the Clippers come to town they’ll destroy the Knicks. And I can laugh as I watch Jordan dish assist after assist to Brand. And laugh when the crowd turns on the Knicks and cheers for the little guy that could.

Anyway…off for the weekend! Enjoy everyone!



1. roger - June 29, 2007

yeah i tend to turn the audio off during the draft….announcers are so fuckin annoying.

but congrats on the jordan pick…hope he does well!

2. ace - June 29, 2007

yeah cassell is a dinosaur…jordan may even start halfway through the season when cassell gets hurt…probably best place for him to play right away

3. ethan - June 29, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

4. candice - June 29, 2007

i have no idea what you’re talking about…but go JARED! 🙂

5. mr. blogger - June 29, 2007

yeah that was a solid pick for the clips! prey he does well!

6. nelson - June 29, 2007

Ah…he sucks…3 years in the league..tops

7. gary - June 29, 2007

nah..think its a good pick. he’ll do good there.

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