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$11 for lunch??? June 26, 2007

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So I was thoroughly disgusted after buying lunch today. Instead of going to the grocery store (like I planned to)  to buy cold cuts and a loaf of bread to make sandwiches the rest of the week (the cost effective and sensible thing to do), I had too much to do this am so I just picked up lunch at the good ole Silo Cafe. You’ll know thanks to previous posts that this place is hopping…in fact, there’s about 100 people in there at one time during the lunching hours. They’re making money hand over fist without a doubt.

Anyway, I ordered a Roast Beef sandwich on whole wheat bread, with Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and hot peppers. You’d think that’d cost $5-$6 bucks maybe. Nope…$7.25. $7.25 for a sandwich on regular bread. Not even a fucking hero. That’s absurd. Throw in the small bag of pretzals and the Honest-T, and lunch cost me $11 and change!

The $11 lunch

Fucking absurd. Really. They fucking price gauge you there like a bitch. Not the first time I complained about that either. I think I’m done with them for a while. Yes, their food is generally good and the choices are varied. But you know what, if they are gonna charge $7.25 for a fuckin sandwich I’m going elsewhere.

Serves me right I guess for not going to the store and bringing my own lunch. But that’s the price you pay when you’re a slave to the vast culinary wasteland of Midtown.

Speaking of Midtown and culinary wasteland…for those who haven’t heard of the site before, MidtownLunch.com is a great review of all the affordable places to eat lunch in Midtown. Site owner and reviewer Zach Brooks and his site has been featured in numerous news articles and online features in the past year or so. And today, I had the priviledge of having my very own profile placed on the site. Cool stuff.

Check it out on MidtownLunch.com


I’m hoping to work with Zach on my “super secret” project coming out later this year so stay tuned!



1. roger - June 26, 2007

awesome dude!! congrats on the profile!

2. candice - June 26, 2007

nice!!! good stuff…can’t wait for the “super secret” project!!

3. ethan - June 26, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

4. mr. blogger - June 26, 2007

ha…yeah, that’s why i hate lunch in the city….you’ll go broke in a week!

great stuff…congrats on the profile!

5. trevor - June 26, 2007

great stuff…chicken parm is tops on my list too…right after the new england clam chowdah!

6. tiffany - June 26, 2007

yeah!! congrats!!! i hate liverwurst as well…yuck!

7. gary - June 26, 2007

chicken parm rocks!! good stuff…congrats on the profile…what the hell are you eating in that pic btw???

8. Chris - June 26, 2007

Gary: that would be a belgium waffle on a stick covered in whipped cream and chocolate! See more pics here: https://whatpushesmybuttons.wordpress.com/2006/08/29/everything-on-a-stick-so-fresh-off-my-trip-to-the/

9. melissa - June 26, 2007

that’s awesome!! sounds soo good!

10. dan - June 26, 2007

ha…nice profile…liverwurst heh? i don’t find it as appaling as sardines…yuck!

11. bob - June 26, 2007

great stuff!

12. dean - June 26, 2007

$11 for a sandwich and chips is ridiculous…no wonder why there’s no middle class anymore…you need to be a trust fund baby to afford lunch every day!

13. barry - June 26, 2007

that’s a cool site…haven’t seen it before!!

14. bethany - June 26, 2007

Honest Tea is good stuff…i like it! congrats on the profile…funny pic of you!

15. victor - June 26, 2007

look at you moving up in this world!!

16. nincompoop - June 26, 2007

for $11 for lunch…you could get about two dozen white castles! 🙂

17. ned - June 26, 2007

that’s a very cool site…if only i lived in new york that would be extremely helpful!

18. bubba - June 26, 2007

look at you stuffing your face! nice pic!

19. thos - June 27, 2007

favortie food chick parm?? i think that needs to be white castle!!!!

20. Midtown Lunch » Midtown Links - June 29, 2007

[…] This week’s Profiled Midtown Lunch’er goes off on the $11 Midtown Salad [What Pushes My Buttons]  […]

21. Anonymous - July 2, 2007

if you are so into midtowlunch.com, why the heck did you spend $11 for a sandwich with a drink? duh! Josh has lists of dozens of places you could have went to for under $10..some under $4!!!!
So stop complaining. There are places you can eat for less. You CHOSE to eat the $7.50 sandwich. It was an active choice. Then you bitch about it.
I hear you….charging that much for a lunch you could have made for $3 really sucks. But they charge that much because 100’s of people pay it. If everyone went to Pathmark on Sundays and bought a pound of cold cuts and a $1 load of bread, and bought a 12 pack of soda with a coupon (making the whole freaking six pack 50 whole cents)..and brought it to work…..or if everyone gave their hard earned money to the food suppliers in midtown that deserve our money (the tasty choices that are $5 or so)..if everyone did one of those two options….then the $11 lunch would disappear. Supply and demand. Basic basic basic economics.
Support midtownlunch.com and support the cause for good tasty cheap lunch.

22. flanders - July 2, 2007

you can buy cold cuts at pathmark??? who knew 🙂

23. chris - July 2, 2007

anonymous: i hear ya…its my stupidity…if i just walked a block down i could’ve gotten a pound of sesame chicken and rice for $4.95…but it was closest and i was being indecisive. and the roast beef jumped out at me. chalk it up to a lesson learned once again.

looking back at it though…maybe it was a really “rare” roast beef i ordered….

get it…rare….as in hard to find….

thank you thank you…i’ll be here all week. try the veal

24. Jillian - July 2, 2007

Hi…i just came to your site off the MidTownLunch site…great blog you have here!

I especially love the posts about the no fat chinese people and good humor fridays….i was cracking up! hysterical! 🙂

as far as the $11 lunch…you shouldn’t have even paid for the sandwich…just left it there and walked out!!

anyway…great work on your site…i’ll be back to read and laugh more!


25. Chris - July 2, 2007


Thanks for stopping by…glad you enjoy the site! Actually that thought crossed my mind…but didn’t want to be placed on “probation”! hah.

Glad you like the No Fat Chinese people post…its one of the more popular ones here:

Good Humor Friday is also a good one…

Be sure to also check out the Ultimate Show Songs while you’re here…or the Rules of Pedestrian Engagement….good for a laugh or two!

Hope to see you around here again!

26. roger - July 2, 2007

welcome Jillian! and feel free to comment while you’re here…it’s a nice little group we have. i promise we’ll play nice!! 🙂

27. chelsea - July 2, 2007

Hi! I’m a newbie as well. I just have to say the No Fat Chinese post is one of the funniest things I ever read! haha…great writing and imagination! keep up the good work!

28. anonymous girl - July 2, 2007

Hi…um…don’t mean to sound like a stalker and all but….were you just walking on Park Avenue around 33rd??

29. chris - July 2, 2007

Hi…umm…yeah, i was…what color shirt was i wearing?? 🙂

30. anonymous girl - July 2, 2007

i think it was green???

31. chris - July 2, 2007

yeah…it’s green! wow…my first “celebrity sighting”! hopefully i can avoid the paparazzi outside my building later 😉

32. anonymous girl - July 2, 2007

hah…it was you! i have to say you look much better in person…Of course your picture shows you stuffing your face! LOL.

33. tiffany - July 2, 2007

that couldn’t have been chris…he’s ugly! haha…j/k…i’m only going off the pictures on this site of course…

when’s the first WPMB “meet and greet” or social event? so we all get a chance to meet the man behind the blog!

34. elyse - July 2, 2007

oh…that’s a great idea tiffany!!! a What Pushes My Buttons social event! maybe Paris Hilton would show up! hahaha

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