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Light my fire June 19, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in sarcasm, stupidity, video, world news.

Obviously this girl was listening to the Doors when she went to remove the gas pump from her car (or go to the Blogger version of this site to view the video):


Didn’t she hear about that whole static electricity thing urban myth and how you’re not supposed to get in your car and then out of your car and remove the gas nozzle?

She’s definitely very lucky the car didn’t explode on her. Although I love how after she put the fire out she ran away. I wonder if they’ll charge her for the extra gas she “burned”.

Speaking of fire…I’m sure you’ve all seen this video a hundred times, but I know a few of you haven’t yet. It’s of a car crashing into a toll booth down in New Jersey (or go to the Blogger version of this site to view the video):


Obviously the guy didn’t make it.

Not sure what’s with my mood today. Maybe because it’s upper 80s outside and a good beach day and I’m stuck working. Maybe cause it’s only Tuesday and still have a full week of work ahead. All I feel like doing right now is heading to the beach with a case of Corona’s and getting “toasted” (both by the sun and by the alcohol). At this point I’ll even take the syringe-infused waters off Coney Island! But I guess I can just peer outside the window and daydream.




1. gary - June 19, 2007

ouch…yeah, i guess she didn’t see mythbusters then!

2. candice - June 19, 2007

i hear ya…i need a beach day too!!!

3. ethan - June 19, 2007

Yankees SUck! Yankees Suck!

4. mr. blogger - June 19, 2007

yeah i’m with ya brother…terrible day to be stuck inside…time for a field trip to the beach!

5. tiffany - June 19, 2007

aww….someone’s in a bad mood…cheer up!! the weekend will be here before you know it!

6. bob - June 19, 2007

I wonder if they’ll charge her for the extra gas she “burned”.


7. napoleon - June 19, 2007

gosh…that girl’s such an idiot!

8. trent - June 19, 2007

that car crash into the toll booth is fuckin crazy!

9. roger - June 19, 2007

take a dip in the hudson…much better for your skin! 😉

10. nincompoop - June 19, 2007

looks like she had some “bad gas”

11. elyse - June 19, 2007

god…you guys get cornier and cornier by the day! hahaah

12. melissa - June 19, 2007

yes daydreaming is definitely a productive way to spend the day! 🙂

13. flanders - June 19, 2007

someone has a case of the Munnnndayyssss!

14. phillip - June 19, 2007

um…too bad it’s tuesday! haha 😉

15. lumberg - June 19, 2007

corporate accounts payable, mimma speaking…just a moment

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