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Still ringing… June 14, 2007

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So its 1:45pm and my ears are still ringing. Somebody make it stop!!!

This wasn’t the first time my ears were left ringing (in a bad way) after a Yankee game. As you’ll remember back on April 30th, when I spoke about those “children” (i.e. heathens) who got into a screaming match above and below me.

So far today I’ve thought someone called my name, twice (neither time it was for me), I’ve heard the phone ring a few times (wasn’t ringing) and I think I even heard someone whisper “Rosebud” (I haven’t seen Citizen Kane in over a decade). So needless to say my ears are still way out of tune.

The only salvation I’ve had today was a nice plate of chicken parm from Bella Napoli.


You don’t get much better than Bella Napoli as far as chicken parm is concerned (i haven’t gotten around to my story on the best chicken parm in the city yet…i will soon though. promise!). You can either get a chicken parm hero or a plate matched with ziti or salad. I opted for the salad today since I can’t afford to be sleeping on my keyboard this afternoon. The salad with nice and fresh, with big beefy tomatoes and fresh cucumbers, despite the fact that I splashed balsamic vinegar all over my desk. Definitely worth a visit for a nice lunch (and reasonable too – under $7 for the combo) or quiet dinner if you’re over in the midtown area. They make some mean pizza too, as evidenced by the lines that are out the door on a daily basis.

If you donta go to the bella napoli i’m gonna send the vito afta your assa. Capice?

Btw…just looked up Capice (pronounced ka-pea-shh) in the Urban Dictionary:

“Capice: Asking for agreement, understanding, belief. Answered with itself. Often used in italian mafia-type settings to emphasize understanding.”

Frank: “If you dont shutup, im going to bust your frickin head open with a baseball bat, capice?!”

Tony: “Capice”

Haha…awesome…gotta love the Urban Dictionary! Wonder if I can use Capice as a Scrabble word someday??? Hmm…I can imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Capice (on the board)

Opponent: Capice? That’s not a word!

Me: Capice is a fuckin word you fuckin asshole. Now that’s 27 points with the Triple Word Score. Put it in the fuckin books. Capice?! (brandishing my baseball bat, pocket knife and molotov cocktail).

Opponent: Ok…ok…it’s a word.



1. roger - June 14, 2007

dude…you’re fuckin hysterical…sorry the ears are still ringing…stupid obnoxious yankee fans!

2. dan - June 14, 2007

haha…nice…good ole italian gangster word right there!

3. mr. blogger - June 14, 2007

wait…isn’t that gay vito??? hahaha

4. candice - June 14, 2007

remind me not to play scrabble with you! 😉

5. tiffany - June 14, 2007

yummm….chicken parm!!!!

6. trevor - June 14, 2007

haha…dude…molotov cocktail…nice!

7. elyse - June 14, 2007

haha heathens….they weren’t your favorite children i take it! 😉

8. james - June 14, 2007

“If you dont shutup, im going to bust your frickin head open with a baseball bat, capice?!”

That’s something you won’t see in Webster’s Dictionary! hah

9. kip - June 14, 2007


10. mr. x - June 14, 2007

ha..scrabble with goodfellas! that would be a cool scene to see in a movie.

11. trent - June 14, 2007

my fuckin mouth is waterin!!!!!

12. samuel - June 14, 2007

haha i remember a story once…I said Cap-Ice to one of my friends and he’s like what the fuck is that? I said you know, that italian word…cap-ice (i said it as its spelled). He was like, no you fuckin moron its capeesh.

haven’t really heard the word too much since now. thanks for bringing it up again…really is a great word!

13. gary - June 14, 2007

it is gay vito!! what’s he gonna do to you…kiss you to death??? hahahaha

14. chris - June 14, 2007

ah…very observant mr blogger and gary…nicely done. figured i’d throw in an obscure reference for you to chew on. well played!

15. howie - June 14, 2007

hey piason…what’s a matta u? youz got a hearin probl’m? 😉

16. Mafia Game - July 7, 2007

The mafia is so cool.! 😀

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