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“Bat” Man June 14, 2007

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Last night sitting in the bleachers at the Yankees game I was sitting in front of this older couple, probably in their 50s. They looked like they just got off the bus from Woodstock, with their long white hair and shoddy clothing. However they seemed nice and they were definitely avid Yankee fans. The lady however was cheering for everything. She even cheered loudly when the corporate sponsor for umbrella day was acknowledged before the game. Who cheers for the corporate sponsor??? But the worst part was her whistle. She emitted this ultra-high pitched whistle that I think most dogs would cover their ears listening too. It was deafening. I’m still hearing some of the feedback in my ear. She whistled and clapped for everything. Mussina threw a ball? “Come on Mooooseeee let’s get it back” followed by loud claps and her shreiking whistle. Wil Nieves struck out again? Whistle, clap, whistle. “Get em next time Willie!”

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m all for cheering at games. But jesus christ lady…be aware of people sitting in front of you when you’re whistling. And there’s really no need to whistle for a foul ball. Honestly. If Mussina’s pitch count was 66 by the 5th inning, her whistle count was in the 100’s. Eventually I became deaf enough in my right ear that it stopped fazing me. But 2 or 3 people actually moved their seats because of her loud cheering. Thankfully I left in the 7th inning to avoid any further damage to my ear drums. What’s that? Huh? Sorry thought someone was calling my name.

Anyway, sorry to vent about that…I think that’s just my ear speaking out in frustration. Although it could have been worse. I could have been this guy (go to the Blogger site for larger image):


I think the funniest part of the picture is how he’s the only one not defending himself from the bat. People a few seats over have their hands raised or are covering themselves. The people on the left side look like they’re watching a horror film and are screaming. But this guy just took the bat on the chin. According to the caption he suffered a broken rib…but not sure how he didn’t break his jaw. Then again he’s wearing an Ireland shirt, so I’m sure he’s used to getting hit in the face. (I’ll take Irish stereotypes for $200 please).

Ooooh…what’s that, someone just said there’s donuts in the conference room. I’m so there. Be back with more later…


Post blog note: hmm…so turns out I’m just hearing things…no donuts. damn…that lady really fucked my ear up!



1. Thos - June 14, 2007



and for some great 80’s cartoon memories check out

2. candice - June 14, 2007

OMG….that guy got drilled with the bat!!!!!

3. roger - June 14, 2007

dude that’s fucked up?? how’d he break his rib? he should have broken his jaw!

4. dan - June 14, 2007

haha…awesome picture…where’s that from!!!

5. bob - June 14, 2007

i remember as a child that a bat came into the stands…was pretty scary…

6. gary - June 14, 2007

loved seeing the people’s reactions…image is nice and large on the blogger site!

7. tiffany - June 14, 2007

look at the woman behind the bat in the blue shirt…she’s hysterical!!! haha

8. nelson - June 14, 2007

i like the dark skinned kid on the left holding the texas rangers cup…good reaction!

9. ethan - June 14, 2007


10. mr. blogger - June 14, 2007

that lead’s slipping away ethan…pretty soon we’ll be saying Boston Sucks! Boston Sucks!

Great picture btw ….love looking at the facial reactions…good stuff.

11. bubba - June 14, 2007

dammit why you gotta put pictures of donuts on your site…i’m fat enough as it is!

12. elyse - June 14, 2007

LOOK at that chocolate frosted….come to mama! haha

13. barry - June 14, 2007

ha…stupid irishman! 😉

14. homer - June 14, 2007

Must ….eat…..donut…..

15. mr. x - June 14, 2007

i hate loud whistlers…so unnecessary especially in crowded places!

16. ned - June 14, 2007

Dunkin Donuts!!! yumm…much better than the shitty buttered roll i had this morning!

17. victor - June 14, 2007

that lady in the pink striped shirt is just eating her popcorn pretending nothing is happening!

18. nincompoop - June 14, 2007

my favorite is the woman in the white tank under the kid with the rangers cup…

19. Sportsattitude - June 14, 2007

For those of us trying to maintain our weight, the picture of the donuts was…unfortunate. Off to Dunkin’ Donuts now. Maybe I’ll see Rachael Ray there…

20. chris - June 14, 2007

“You guys…dunkin donuts is the best! Yum-O!”

Commence orgasm.

21. trent - June 14, 2007

thanks alot asshole…i went and got a donut and iced coffee at once…i’m gonna sue you for making me such a fuckin fat ass!!!

22. taylor - June 14, 2007

rachel ray has an orgasm with just about anything she eats doesn’t she?

rachel…that was horse manure.



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