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What ever happened to Eight is Enough??? June 13, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in celebrities, common sense, critique, current events, opinion, photos, pictures, religion, sex, stupidity, television, weird, world news.

I was skimming across People magazine the other day and saw this article about the Duggar family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are 40 year old parents who live in Arkansas. (Jim Bob is a real estate agent). You would think they were the average family, living the average American life.

Your guess would be that they have 3, 4, maybe 5 kids right?

Nah, keep going.

6, 7?


9, 10?

You’ll need more than 2 hands.

12, 13???

Ha…not there yet.


Close…but no cigar.

Let’s try 16 kids…with a 17th on the way!!!!!! (go to the blogger version of this site to see a bigger picture)

The Duggar clan

17 fuckin kids!!! The oldest is 19 years old. Two sets of twins.

According to the family, after the birth of child #1 they “thought we’d leave the decision about how many children to have up to God”.

Smart move.

While I’m not one to judge them for populating this world, I can criticize them in the naming of their children. They named all their children with the letter J. I hate when people do that. Its bad enough when you do that with three or four children. But 17??? What the fuck?

Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, and to be born Jennifer Danielle.

Throw in Jim Bob as the dad and that’s 18 people in the family with the letter J. Why doesn’t the wife just change her name from Michelle to something with a J? Make it a clean fuckin sweep. Or did they use up all the J names already?

According to the mother she wants even more!! Good move. Why don’t you just populate the entire town while you’re at it. I mean at this point, once your children start having children you know damn well incest is gonna run rapid.

Scene: county fairgrounds. behind the bleachers. teenage boy and girl about to make out.

Girl: wait…before we do this, are you a Duggar by any chance???

Boy: why yes I am. What bout’ you?

Girl: I am Tooo!

Commence making out.

End Scene.

The family even has their own website, Duggar Family.com and are celebrities thanks to numerous appearances on TV. They even have their own show on the Discovery Health Channel.

Listen people…let’s not encourage them. Let’s not celebrate this as a “glorious gift from God”. I happen to think this is child imprisonment at its highest. Don’t believe me. Look at this picture:


Every Duggar child “has” to start on violin at age 4. Does anyone else see something fucked up in that? I mean I know you have to teach them to do chores around the house at a young age, like laundry, cook, clean etc, especially when you have a family that big. But forcing them to play an instrument? Why not just let them pick it up and play when they’re curious about it?

Look at the faces on some of the children. They don’t look too thrilled to be playing do they??? I mean, isn’t that basically a form of child abuse by forcing them to do things they necessarily don’t want to do? No? Am I totally off base here?

Celebrate them if you’d like. Praise them for populating the world with “god’s greatest gift”. I’m sure they’re good, honest people just trying to find joy in their lives. But what concerns me is the mental state of their children. How can you possible give love, affection and attention to 17 children!!! You can’t. You know damn well some of those children will grow up to have serious mental problems based on neglect or from constantly being in the media spotlight. You can see it in their faces already. Some of the younger children look scared shitless in that picture. Like if they didn’t pick up the violin they’d be beaten with a wire hanger.

I’m not accusing them of abusing their children physically, but mentally how can they not be??? It’s bad enough a family of 3 or 4 has to deal with middle child syndrome. What about a family of 17?



1. roger - June 13, 2007

while i’m not one to typically judge people for the size of their families, i couldn’t agree more. in a weird way it is some sort of child endangerment…i wouldn’t say abuse…but i agree some of those kids are gonna grow up with problems

2. mr. blogger - June 13, 2007

I agree 100000% look at the child wearing the blue outfit in the front …his eyes are practically pleading for help!!! something ain’t right in this family…

3. dan - June 13, 2007

don’t drink the water in their town!!

4. candice - June 13, 2007

i like big families but 17 is absurd…with wanting more…she’s only 40..she can probably pop out another 7-10 if she really wanted too.

5. trent - June 13, 2007

definitely fucked up…america celebrates and glorifies families like this for their “bravery” and religious beliefs. fuckin bullshit…those kids are getting abused both mentally and physically and they know it. fuckin hate this country sometimes…

6. elyse - June 13, 2007

oooh, let me try to compete with them, maybe i can pop out 30 kids…hell why not 40! assholes.

7. ethan - June 13, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

8. nelson - June 13, 2007

has this family ever heard of the condom? perhaps they don’t distribute them in arkansas

9. bob - June 13, 2007

her vagina’s gotta be wider than the holland tunnel!!!

10. whatpushesmybuttons - June 13, 2007

Bob: funny…that’s what i orginally named this post, but didn’t want people thinking they were gonna get a penthouse spread or something. hah. but i agree…my thoughts exactly.

To quote Stewie Griffin: “Its like throwing a pencil down the hallway”.

11. ned - June 13, 2007

well…what else do you expect from a man named Jim Bob. probably doesn’t know another letter exists except for J.

12. bubba - June 13, 2007

just your typical southern family…although mine’s not that big..we stopped at 6! i couldn’t imagine 17, good lord. not enough money to go around now as it is.

13. tiffany - June 13, 2007

i couldn’t even imagine popping out that many kids!!!!!!! ewwwww. so gross.

14. jake - June 13, 2007

i’m sure they’re going for 20!

15. nincompoop - June 13, 2007

you know what they say…incest is best, keeps it in the family!

16. bethany - June 13, 2007

i wouldn’t even know what to say…congrats on your child…i mean children…i mean small army.

17. trevor - June 13, 2007

holy crap!!! their bills have to be out of control!

18. whatpushesmybuttons - June 13, 2007

Right you are trevor…in fact the family does:

63 loads of laundry a week

spends $2000 a month on groceries including, 6 gallons of milk a week, 15 dozen eggs a week, 12 boxes of cheerios a week and 12 rolls of toilet paper a week.

that’s ridiculous.

19. victor - June 13, 2007

that ain’t right…there’s starving children all over the world that one box of cereal would feed for a month.

20. lauriekendrick - June 13, 2007

I’ve watched a few “Discovery Channel” documentaries on this family. I think they’re ridiculous. It never states it as such, but they obviously belong to some religious sect, because all the girls have long hair and wear matching dresses….always.

And the males in the family all wear khakis and a polo pull over. Even on “yard work days”.

Hey CJ, I’m all about the family unit….I think it’s groovy to believe the ways and means of the God of your choice BUT God also gave us common sense. I’d suggest these people use theirs but they’re fucking busy becuse they’re screwing in the name of Yahweh.

Something is wrong with this picture. I think they’re actually more of an abomination than my , feces eating, beastiality performing, inceast loving transvestite cousin, Marta.

But that’s just me!


21. chris - June 13, 2007

Hmm….That’s actually very swiss like…with the long skirt and uncut long hair.

Are you saying there’s something wrong with being a feces eating, beastiality performing, incest loving transvestite???

22. roger - June 13, 2007

ha…..why you talkin bout my cousin like that? 🙂

23. lauriekendrick - June 13, 2007

You know Marta, Chris…remember during that “Queer Eye” phase you went through? You two dated?

And I seem to remember my cousin Marta telling me that yes, shit was often involved.

Speaking of Flushing, Queens……or is that queens who flush? Either way, it seemed appropriate after typing out a sentence full of the word “shit”.

You funny, CJ

24. chris - June 13, 2007

ha…that’s right…how could i forget…i was getting her confused with Merta…the east german swimmer i dated for a few years (who oddly enough ended up being a transvestite too…hmm)

btw…seems like you’re talking alot of shit today! trying to start a few shitfights i see? hope you’re not getting the shit end of the stick at work these days!

(that enough shit for you???)

25. mr. x - June 13, 2007

haha…an east german swimmer…who becomes a tranvestite…how ironic!

26. barry - June 13, 2007

Bob…completely unnecessary…i would have went with the lincoln tunnel instead 😉

27. pundit - June 13, 2007

i guess that family doesn’t believe in shorts! good lord you live in arkansas for christ’s sake…its gotta be hot down there.

28. doug - June 13, 2007

wonder what super nanny would do with that family???

29. lolita - June 13, 2007

Like if they didn’t pick up the violin they’d be beaten with a wire hanger.

Mommy Dearest reference i’d assume? 😉

30. whatpushesmybuttons - June 13, 2007


31. mr. blogger - June 14, 2007

haha…nice…a little mommy dearest action…good stuff!

32. mr. blogger - June 14, 2007

oops…meant to include this link!


33. howie - June 14, 2007

Joan Crawford was awesome in that movie…classic!

34. kevin - June 18, 2007

I think that the parents are awesome…The sacrifices they make will be rewarded…

35. 55075ca7238b33d3116a3474b4f5e809 - July 5, 2007



36. La Donna - July 19, 2007

I love this family & commend them for their dedication. We have two delightful children & pray for more. All children should have the joy of being raised in a home where they are welcome and adored, where the language of love, music, and God’s blessings are shared. These are some lucky kids. May God bless them (and us) with many, many more.

37. recklessdriver - July 20, 2007

oh jesus christ….where do these people come from? seriously. Kevin…LaDonna… lucky children? It’s more like Child Welfare. look at the kids…they’re tramatized…it’s more like a cult to me. But you guys must be in that cult too. stop drinking the duggar family Koolaid.

38. anonymous - July 26, 2007

yeah…her cooter has gotta be wider than the grand canyon at this point!

39. daniel - August 3, 2007

ha…anonymous…it’s like throwing a pencil down the hallway!

40. Of course it was a quick birth « What Pushes My Buttons - August 4, 2007

[…] you already know how I feel about this family based on a previous post. So needless to say I’m pretty impartial about the family values that the Duggar clan […]

41. Amy - August 4, 2007

I am so tired of everybody knowing what is best for everybody else. I certainly am not wired to care for 17 kids, but its not up to me to judge someone else’s family. Have any of the older ones gotten in trouble with the law? Been out drinking and/or doing drugs, then driving? Gotten pregnant or gotten someone pregnant? Bullying other kids to make themselves feel important? Maybe everyone who has such a problem with these people should take a look at their own lives and own families. For those of you whose children have taken part in any, if not all, of the above activities, it must drive you crazy that they have 17 children who are not contributing to the mess our society has become, when yours are…and how many kids do you have? Leave these people to their lives…they’re not hurting yours.

42. proudmama - August 4, 2007

umm…amy..they are part of a religious cult…the kids are being brainwashed to think and feel certain ways…of course they’re not out drinking or doing drugs or whatever normal teenagers try to avoid…ask these kids if they’ve seen a big city? or even gone on a date? highly doubtful.

and the part about my children contributing to the mess that is society…i’m a proud parent of two children who innocently go about their business as children. and if they get into a mess later on in life its a lesson they’ll undoubtedly learn quickly. I’m not raising my kids in a fuckin bubble like you apparently live in.

43. Chris - August 4, 2007

Amy: while i agree no one should decide about what is good for their family…your comment about leaving the duggar’s to their lives is off-base. I mean lets be real here. They’ve brought upon themselves fame and notariety. They allow themselves to be captured by the mainstream media. They have their own television programming on multiple networks and for fuck’s sake promote their own family on their website. so while they may be “good, honest” citizens of this country of ours..let’s not forget that they are just eating up the spotlight by bringing upon all this media attention to themselves. I know plenty of big families who stay out of the media limelight. Why? Cause they have normal family problems and not everything is always cheerful and rosy. It’ll be nice to see a picture of one of the kids in trouble just once…just to prove they’re human afterall.

and i agree with proudmama….i think you’re living in a bubble.

44. Amy - August 4, 2007

Proudmama…what evil people these parents must be! How dare they brainwash their own children to think and feel that God should come first, family is all-important and to think of themselves last! Call children’s services right away! And by the way, i didn’t accuse your children of contributing to the mess…I invited those parents whose children have done so to look at their own family. If your children are wonderfully going about their business of being children, I congratulate you on your family. By the way, such a nice example you’re setting by cussing out a stranger over the internet…I’m sure they would be equally as proud of you as you are of them.
Chris…did you ever notice the media tend to cover stories that the public is interested in? How high were the ratings for their network shows? How many hits does their website get? Those networks know they’ve got a winner with this family, because we are all vultures who can’t wait to slam someone who seems happy. They know we’ll watch, again & again. Does the off button on your remote not work? I hear they sell those at some stores. And since your so upset with them for promoting their family on their website, I’m happy to know that no one in your family has a myspace account.

45. chris - August 4, 2007

amy – do you live with this family? how do you know the children are truly happy? cause they look that way on tv?

i’m not saying they are not a loving family…but how could you give love and attention to 17 children?? aren’t some gonna feel neglected? that’s just my question. And if all 17 children are truly happy then that’s awesome. but when i look at a picture and i see children holding violins and look at their eyes and see discomfort and fear, that’s when i get suspicious. and while their family matters are none of my business, i’m just raising the question.

As for the media…why should the family force feed their family life to us? they could tell the cameras to go away. they could turn down those interview requests from magazines and television programs. No one is telling them to go and profess their happiness to the world.
So before you put the blame on the media for exposing the family’s life, you should ask the family why don’t they have their privacy respected. Otherwise by observing and discussing the family’s existance, you’re just as much as fault as the media is.

And I’m proud to say i’ve never watched a program on them. Nor do I care to.

46. Amy - August 5, 2007

Chris…how do you know they’re not truly happy? BE-cause they look that way in one picture. Have you ever seen a group picture of a class or sports team where not everyone was smiling or having the best day? I don’t believe they are force feeding their families to us…again, if you don’t want to watch it, read it, click on it, then don’t. Force feeding would mean you have no choice in the matter. And since you’ve never watched a program about them, how do you know anything about them?

I don’t presume to know anything about this family other than what I’ve seen or read, and of course that very well might not be complete reality.

My entire point is this…while I don’t know that they are happy and well-adjusted, I highly doubt that you or anyone else who is so against them know the opposite either.

Live and let live…they’re not hurting my family, and until there is evidence they are hurting their own, why don’t we quit presuming they are monstrous, cult-influenced, neglectful parents?

Finally, if everyone who is so worried about these children being neglected would turn that concern to their own community, I bet there would be far fewer neglected children in the world than we have today.

By the way, Chris, I appreciate and respect everyone’s opinion…you are all certainly entitled to them. When my children are older, I will show them this sight…and advise them to discuss issues in a respectful, non-confrontational manner…exactly the opposite of most of what I’ve read on this sight. And who knows what the issues will be in 10-15 years? Parents staying married and working at remaining in love? Children attending school and church on a regular basis? Will these subjects be something that someone finds out of the realm of normal?

47. tegdirb - August 6, 2007

Amy-Since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, here is mine – please get a life! The purpose of this blog is to make people laugh…and most to all of the people who do visit this site do get a chuckle. So what if Chris writes stories about this family? I agree that they’ve made themselves everyone’s business – they had a freakin’ story in People magazine for god’s sake! My biggest question to you is, does this really impact your life and family? I hope your children do visit this site in 10-15 years…maybe they’ll have more of a sense of humor than you. I think at this point you should stop spending time writing your “opinions” on this blog and spend some time with your children.

48. Debra Baker - August 29, 2007

Is anyone else chilled with the We are Borg, you will be assimilated sort of glaze over every child’s eyes especially playing the violin.

Shit, my daughter just signed up for the Cello. In our school, stringed lessons are offered in third grade. The kids get to see and hear all four stringed instruments and she picked (notice *who* picked,) the Cello.

49. Linda Lowerson - September 11, 2007

I’m English and have 4 grown up children. What disturbs me about the Duggards is how they seem to be ‘cloned,’ and I find it unnatural. We all have our own personalities even when we are from the same parents. My 4 all have very different interests and temperaments, but the Duggard children don’t seem to have freedom of choice. As if they’re following orders, it’s so regimented. I’m sure one day at least some of them will rebel.
Also, since they live in such a huge house, why are so many sharing bedrooms when they are approaching or into puberty?

50. Whatpushesmybuttons - September 11, 2007

Thanks for stopping by Linda.

Caught a program on TLC the other day…apparently they’re building a new house or something.

Anyway the kids were laying on the same bed…getting “used” to it. Hopefully they don’t share beds too…that would be ridiculous.

Btw…how great would a reality show be if one of them ever went on a date…how in the world would you sneak out of that house without someone noticing! That and would anyone date one of those kids? Would someone even think about marrying into that family? Nothing like buying presents for 18 nieces and nephews! 🙂

51. Linda Lowerson - September 12, 2007

Thanks for your thanks! I don’t wish to be mean about this family, but in the children’s ‘dormitories’ what strikes me as strange, apart from them being unaturally sparse, especially in the boy’s dorms, is there is no sign of individual expression. None of them have ‘marked their territories,’ as kids do as they get older.
Also, I saw on their site an ad for a ‘Financial Freedom’DVD? for $125 I think. And I wonder, how does this equate with deeply religous beliefs? Jesus never charged for his teachings did he. Surely if you have a secret for success that can benefit mankind, you should ‘give’ it, not make money from it?
I’m sure the family love and care for each other and all that, but I find the business element disturbing. And the kids being exposed to the media from birth when they have no choice in the matter. Plus they don’t seem to go to school and will therefore be ‘ghetto-ised?’ How will they learn to negotiate the intricacies of human behaviour living in such confines.
Argh! sorry to be so boring and not humorous as bloggers should be, but I only stumbled on this and wish I hadn’t! lol (wot’s URL?)

52. Skand - October 6, 2008

They are so close to form 2 cricket teams, it would be a shame if they stop now. I say, more power to them!

Riddle: Supposing they do not stop at 2 cricket teams and continue with their begatting exercise, what will the 53rd be named?

Go down for answer.
Answer: Joker

53. Raul Valdivia - October 15, 2008

Hi. I had such a laugh reading this. Not because of the size and jokes about the Duggar family, but because of how controversial it is for American people to know a 17 children family even exists…
I’m Raul Valdivia, from/and living in Honduras, and my father is an ex-coronel who now lives in Spain. Guess how many children he had? 33 including myself, if the latest recount by one of my nine aunts and uncles is correct. Lotta funny stories, you know… like being friends w/one of them for 4 four months and then finding out he was my brother all along. Or jumping into another at the movies after seeing him on Facebook. How about watching people on local television and then knowing they’re your brothers and sisters? Although I have to say, we were all blessed with good lookings (I’m not being arrogant, it takes a lot of attractiveness to had the sex enough to get a woman 33 times pregnant)… I don’t feel in any way damaged by this. I would, if all my 32 brothers and sisters were named R-something, or if had to eat cheerio’s for breakfast on a regular basis, but since not, I’m proud to say that -apart from being extremely independent- I’ve survived this whole enough-to-make-3-football-teams family thing has not made any significant contributions to my life.
It’s all relative my dear gringos.

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