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“Sue” City June 8, 2007

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So last night I saw that Borat (Sasha Baron Cohen) is being sued again based on a clip that appeared in the movie Borat. The man doing the suing is Jeffrey Lemerond, a 31 year old geeky Wall Street financial analyst, who was shown in the movie running furiously away from Borat as he tried to give him a hug. Obviously Mr. Lemerond, who went to “Dartmouth” and therefore has no sense of humor, has suffered “public ridicule, degradation and humiliation” as a result of his appearance in the film. Apparently he’s suing on grounds he never gave consent to appear in the film.

Here’s the link to the article and also the video clip from the movie and analysis from CNBC: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19103391/

Well of course they never got consent you douchebag…you were too busy running your ass off like a chicken shit. I think the other guy who told Borat he’d “break his fucking face” if he tried to touch him looked like even more of a douchebag in the movie (douchebag IS the word of the day btw).

The word of the day is Douchebag!

The New York City scenes in the movie cracked me up, probably because I live here…but the chicken on the subway scene was great. Especially when he told the passengers “Be careful he bite” as the chicken was flying around the subway. I need to get the movie on DVD…I’m cracking up just thinking about it.

Anyway, point is, yes these guys made a big fool out of themselves in a movie that millions saw around the world. But you know what, they should embrace the fact that they looked like douchebags (AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!). I’d be like, yeah, I ran from Borat…but I’m a “celebrity” now. I mean look at William Hung. He made more of an ass out of himself than anyone in recent history and now he’s got his own record deal and will forever be “infamous”.

I’m sorry that the little sissy got his feelings hurt. He didn’t know his running away act was gonna be filmed for one of the most popular movies of all time. But maybe he should of stopped and talked to Borat instead of running away. I mean he must have saw the camera right? He could have said sorry I don’t want to appear in this movie. And that would’ve been the end of it. Better yet, they could have easily just had the camera running on a tripod and filmed his likeness walking by, and thus he would’ve been in the movie.

Hell, most of us have probably been in movies or TV shows walking around in the background of some street scene. Not all movies are filmed in roped off little areas. Sometimes you just get establishing shots with people walking by. You think everyone in the movie Midnight Cowboy signed a release to appear in the film? How bout Tootsie? Thousands of people were filmed walking down the streets in those movies. Some were probably picking their nose or wearing embarassing clothing. Did they sue? No.

So the fact that he ran is really his fault. Maybe next time he shouldn’t be such a mama’s boy. Although he’s making even more of an ass of himself now by suing. Just look at this headline (click image to read the article):


Ouch! I mean really…Jeffrey. Look what you’ve done now! Instead of just taking a ribbing from people that know you, now you’re getting lambasted all over the internet. Good work. Hope that lawsuit goes well for you. You’ve should have just said, you know what guys…I’m a pussy. I ran away like a chicken shit. But you know what…at least I’m famous now. Nope…instead he’s crying wolf. And you know what happened to the boy who cried wolf. He got his ASS BEAT!!!



1. mr. blogger - June 8, 2007

hahaha…that headline is awesome!!!! yeah that guy is a giant “douchebag”!

2. roger - June 8, 2007

ouch! what a pussy!!

3. dean - June 8, 2007

haha…nice…good ole peewee…gets me everytime!

4. bob - June 8, 2007

Obviously Mr. Lemerond, who went to “Dartmouth” and therefore has no sense of humor…


5. tiffany - June 8, 2007

haha….funny stuff…yeah, people just are in it for the fame…this guy is digging a bigger hole from himself…don’t be surprised if the next step is suicide!

6. elyse - June 8, 2007

woah..tiff…a little harsh no? although you’re probably right…i can see him killing himself after his lawsuit blows up in his face. or moving to wyoming. which would be the same thing 😉

7. victor - June 8, 2007

I think Sioux City is gonna sue YOU for using their name as a “pun”! hahaha

8. candice - June 8, 2007

I take offense to the “run like a girl” part…i can run pretty damn good! my arms don’t flail away like a chicken shit.

9. trent - June 8, 2007

haha nice…what a sissy boy!

10. trevor - June 8, 2007

tell us how you really feel about him! 🙂

11. ethan - June 8, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

12. mr. x - June 8, 2007

i think i’m gonna sue you for making me laugh so hard all the time! hahaha

13. ned - June 8, 2007

i could watch video of him running away over and over again…hysterical

14. dan - June 8, 2007

I get sued. I like. Hi Five!!!!!!!!!!!

15. melissa - June 8, 2007

haha…you crack me up…good pee wee reference!

16. napoleon - June 8, 2007

gosh…the guy is such an IDIOT!

17. Tom Accuosti - June 8, 2007

I love the Peewee reference!

I can’t imagine somebody being so unhip to what would actually occur in that kind of situation. Yes, you’re embarrassed, but nobody knew who you were, except, maybe a handful of cow-orkers. But how could a Dartmouth boy not foresee that filing a lawsuit would be the surest way to have his face plastered all over the internet?

“Everybody has a big but. Tell me about your big butt, Jeffrey.”

18. moral blogger - June 8, 2007

awesome word of the day…way to spread more filthe

19. nelson - June 8, 2007

ha…sounds like someone’s a cranky pants…what’s a matter moral blogger…you gonna run away like lil’ ole jeffrey???

20. melanie - June 8, 2007

you tell em candice! us girls run perfectly normal…when we need too 😉

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