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Queer Eye for the “Street” Guy June 5, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in celebrities, fashion, humor, lunch, new york city, pedestrian behavior, photos, pictures, sarcasm, television.

So once again I’ve managed to run into Carson Kressley. This time he walked by me on 34th and Lexington as I was out for a midday stroll during lunch. I would have said hi to him but he was on the phone. So I did what any responsible citizen would do. I took a picture of him hailing a cab!

Maybe I can be one of those tabloid journalists right now for the Enquirer or Star.

Ooooooh look it’s Carson Kressley hailing a cab in his summer finest.

Carson successfully hails a cab!!!!

Maybe there’s something to this whole paparazzi thing afterall…hmm…



1. candice - June 5, 2007

haha nice…yeah, must be nice to be able to go around taking photos of celebrities all day!

2. bob - June 5, 2007

ha…good thing you weren’t chasing him into the cab because the cab could’ve sped off and got into an accident. not that that’s ever happened before with any celebrities.

3. tiffany - June 5, 2007

wow…celebrities take cabs too…just like the rest of us! great undercover work! hahahaha 😉

4. elyse - June 5, 2007

i think you’re secretly vying for a spot on the show! heehee

5. melissa - June 5, 2007

When you are around…when you are around…all things just keep getting better!! haha

6. janet - June 5, 2007

haha…oh boy here we go again…sung stuck in head!!

7. lizzie - June 5, 2007

that outfit is HOT…wonder where he shops! haha 😉

8. lauriekendrick - June 5, 2007

Ooooh, you aall haggin’ it up for Mr. Carson Kressley…the Hitler Youth lookin’ Queer Eye guy!???!

You all up and takin’ his picture and everything. So uh..what now? You all gender confused or some shit?

Sounds like it’s another dude that pushes your buttons these days, Yo!

Kressley keeps his queer eye in his pants…and it’s winking at you!

Jai—Culture Expert

9. Johnny Jacobs - June 5, 2007

Do you think he’s thinking, “Did I leave the iron on?”

10. mr. blogger - June 5, 2007

Laurie – you’re hysterical!!!!

11. whatpushesmybuttons - June 6, 2007

Laurie: umm….yeah. you got me. gender confused. Secretly I was hoping he’d give me advice on the latest fashion trends for the summer…

Although for the record I don’t think i’m his type…i’m not muscle bound nor fashionable. So none of his queer “eyes” are winking at me…trust me on that one.

Now Kyan….he’s the one who makes my blood boil 😉

Stone Phillips is hot too….although Mike Douglas….ummm…Mike Douglas…he’s the only white guy to make me moist.

12. roger - June 6, 2007

hahaha…a little nutty professor reference there i’d assume? 🙂

13. abarclay12 - August 3, 2007

I love Carson’s shorts. He’s totally don’t ask don’t tell’d out.

14. Alfredo - August 12, 2007

hi friends, soy de Venezuela y no me pierdo su programa de verdad son muy buenos los felicito lo hacen muy bien saludos desde Venezuela, cuidense bye bye.

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