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That ain’t right! June 4, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in asshole of the day, bathroom humor, common sense, critique, opinion, pedestrian behavior, stupidity.

So I walk into the bathroom before and open the stall door.  I look down and see shit stains on the seat.  Not on the back of the seat, but on the front of the seat and the middle area between the seat.

What the fuck?  I mean seriously, did someone basically shit their pants and it all got over the seat?  Were they unaligned on the bowl that badly???  Were they acting in a German Schizer video? 

Come on man…if you’re gonna “miss”, at least wipe the seat down.  Fuckin gross.  But I guess people just “leave it to the janitor”.  Well you know what asshole, janitor’s are people too!  I was a janitor for a summer and had to clean shit off toilets because of scumbags like you.  Fuckin asshole.  Go shit on your toilet seat at home like that and see what happens.  If you’re married, your ass is on the couch for the next year.  If you’re single, you have to clean after yourself.  So why shouldn’t the workplace be any different.  Unreal.

P.S.  I would’ve taken picture of said seat but figured that would be completely crossing the line and grossing everyone out.  So just take it from me…it wasn’t a pretty sight. 



1. roger - June 4, 2007

dude…fucking gross…i hate when people disrespect the bathroom like that!

2. mr. blogger - June 4, 2007

well said…people expect everyone to clean up after them….or “wipe their ass” for them…scumbags

3. candice - June 4, 2007


4. dean - June 4, 2007

ummm….yeah…great….thanks for sharing! asshole! haha (no pun intended)

5. howie - June 4, 2007

if its on the seat its probably on his ass tooo….gross!!

6. trent - June 4, 2007

what a fuckin asshole!

7. nincompoop - June 4, 2007

looks like he’s a real shithead

8. bob - June 4, 2007

looks like you got the “shit end of the stick”!

9. janet - June 4, 2007

ok ok guys…we get the point!

10. melissa - June 4, 2007

double ew….is all i have to say!

11. neil from the uk - June 5, 2007

talk about shitty luck!

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