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Dancin Fool June 1, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in asshole of the day, comedy, common sense, critique, current events, dancing, fashion, funny, humor, music, new york city, opinion, pedestrian behavior, sarcasm, signs, stupidity, television, video, world news.

Before I begin…a big asshole of the day goes to the lady who blatently cut me off on the way up the stairs getting off the 6 train at 33rd street this morning. Not only did she cut me off when there was no one behind me. She then proceeded slowly up the stairs in the middle of the stairway so I could neither pass her left or right. Then when she got to the top of the stairs, she was confused about where she was so she just stopped and stood there while I almost plowed into her. Then she shuffled her feet slowly in the same direction I was heading. Thanks lady…so glad you cut me off only to not know where the fuck you’re going. Smart move.

Anyway…today is Friday…which is casual Friday in my office. So that means you can wear jeans (no official verdict on whether Hawaiian shirts are allowed). However today I’m breaking the rules. I’m being a rebel. I’m wearing shorts. Yes shorts. Why? Because why should guys have to suffer wearing collared shirts and pants why girls get to wear next to nothing on hot summer days. Like it’s fair that I have to sweat my ass off in pants on a 90 degree day while some girl gets to wear a wife beater and a loose skirt. As Al Bundy would say…No Ma’am! Granted some may say they don’t want to see a guy’s flabby arms and hairy legs…and girls are much better to look at. But I have nice legs…so why shouldn’t I be able to show them off too? Plus there’s next to no ventilation in this office so I’d be a much more productive employee at a cooler temperature rather then having to worry about sweating through my shirt and pants. So today, shorts it is unless someone has the guts to tell me otherwise. I think I smell a reform in the workplace coming on. Men of the world UNITE!

So I was shocked to see that Akeelah didn’t win the spelling bee last night. I knew it was rigged! But I got home in time to watch the last finalists duke it out. Here’s one of the last contestants getting bounced from the competition (or go to the Blogger version of this site to view the following videos):


And here’s the eventual champion spelling his final word for the title.


Although if you didn’t see it, the new champion, Evan O’Dorney gave one of the worst post winning interviews ever. Granted he was probably in shock. But Stuart Scott asked him what prepared him for this competition. And the kid, stumbling with a “just going through puberty like any teenage boy would voice” was like…umm…i like math…and the construction of math equations helped me learn how to break down words. It was painful to listen too. I actually turned the TV off. Poor kid. But congrats to him. You’re now gonna be forever known as that Spelling Bee kid. Good luck getting your ass kicked in High School…see how fast you can spell wedgie.

The other painful TV moment last night came during Do You Think You Can Dance. I flipped through the channels just in time to see this doozy of an audition:


Um…yeah…she got moves that’s for sure. She put Chris Brown too shame fa shizzle for nizzle. Although what you missed in this clip was Shane (one of the judges) saying…Do you know this competition? Do you know what we’re looking for? The girl shook her head no. We’re looking for athletic dancers. Not overweight dancers. You’re gonna get killed on this show.

Ouch…brutually honest. Had this been American Idol there would have been a huge uproar. But since no one is watching Think You Can Dance, I’m sure not a peep will be made. Not even from the Fat Persons of America Coalition. But definitely a very “holy crap did he just say that” TV moment right there. Good stuff.

Anyway, it’s Friday. The weekend is here. Time to slather on that tanning oil or SPF 2000 and soak up some rays…and some alcohol! Remember, as this sign says:

Your liver is evil and must be destroyed!

Enjoy your weekend everyone



1. roger - June 1, 2007

haha that dancing video is hysterical! very american idol esque.

That sign is awesome too…where was that????

2. lumburg - June 1, 2007

friday is Hawaiian shirt day…yeah…so feel free to wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt….yeah

3. candice - June 1, 2007

Your liver is evil and must be destroyed!

awesome sign! couldn’t agree more! heehee

enjoy your weekend too!

4. bob - June 1, 2007

was that janet jackson in that video??? hahaha (pre losing all of her weight of course)

5. tiffany - June 1, 2007

haha..i saw that too!! i was like OMG did he just say that! i’m sure that’ll show up on best week ever or something

6. freddie - June 1, 2007

don’t watch the show but looks like its funny auditions just like american idol! need to tune in a bit more. thanks for the laugh!

7. trevor - June 1, 2007

if she’s on the floor let me know so i can run away! hahaha

8. ethan - June 1, 2007

yankees suck! yankees suck!

9. gary - June 1, 2007

i’m calling the work police and having you written up for a violation for wearing shorts in the office!

10. whatpushesmybuttons - June 1, 2007

Bob: hmm…no verification on whether that’s fat JJ or not…or whether she ate JJ…ok…i’m not being nice. shame on me.

Gary: hah…good idea…fashion police for the office. although you better watch what you say around here…staff from “magazines” may be reading for ideas for their next features.

11. gary - June 1, 2007

ahh…good point…especially those magazines that have a “new york” focus that take the “time out” to read this blog!

12. roger - June 1, 2007


13. mr. blogger - June 1, 2007

You’re now gonna be forever known as that Spelling Bee kid. Good luck getting your ass kicked in High School…see how fast you can spell wedgie.

hahaha…i was gonna say lay off the kid..he’s just a nerd…and now a rich nerd…but you’re right…bring on the abuse! he better go to a “spelling friendly” school!!!

14. whatpushesmybuttons - June 1, 2007

Roger: That sign was from some bar on 3rd and 22nd i believe…didn’t catch the name of it…looked cool though!

Mr Blogger: yeah…i mean the kids wrote his ticket to college scholarships galore…but still out in the “non-spelling bee” friendly world he better put those martial arts skills he’s acquired to work. actually kudos to him for studying martial arts and being a math nerd. he knows he’s gonna get bullied so might as well learn how to fight. i wish i was that smart as a kid. 🙂

15. trent - June 1, 2007

yeah good point..could you imagine if you were a bully and got your fucking ass kicked by a math/spelling nerd! now that would be embarrassing!!!

16. melissa - June 1, 2007

ah…lay off him guys…he’s cute in a nerdy sort of way

ok…i can’t do it. i was a bully…i’d probably steal his lunch money every day! haha

17. nincompoop - June 1, 2007

N-E-R-D = cool….thanks to the band of course!

18. ace - June 1, 2007

maybe he can get a part in that spelling bee broadway show!

19. elyse - June 1, 2007

see how fast you can spell wedgie.

hahaha…that made my day!! funny shit as usual!

20. bubba - June 1, 2007

Fat Persons of America Coalition.

nice…finally a group for me to join!!! haha

21. ben - June 1, 2007


22. h-dog - June 1, 2007

damn…that’s a fattie right there…her milkshake ain’t bringing NO boys to the yard!

23. truman - June 1, 2007

don’t want to start a shit fight but you’re right about the whole shorts vs pants thing…especially in the summer..women can get away with short shorts and tank tops and flip flops and that’s acceptable…guys can barely get away with tshirts…forgot about shorts…it really is a bit unfair. but truth be told i’d rather see female skin than male skin…no offense to your “nice legs” of course! haha

24. susan - June 1, 2007

ahh but youre forgetting an important fact…us girls need to shave our legs do our nails, etc, etc in order to wear shorts…guys can just throw them on…girls can’t. so there’s more to just wearing a tank and shorts.

25. trent - June 1, 2007

shitfight commence! ladies and gentlemen take your corners!!

26. ned - June 1, 2007

hawaiian shirt, shorts and flops are my office attire…don’t know about the rest of you unlucky bums out there…such is life in the big cal a forn i a

27. roger - June 1, 2007

lucky bastard

28. Thos - June 1, 2007

you have to wait for friday for a maybe Hawaiian shirt day?

you poor not tech field bastards.

once the summer hits it’s shorts and sandals everyday baby.

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