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It’s all been done…. May 31, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in celebrities, football, music, new york city, NFL, nostaglia, opinion, photos, pictures, random references, sports, white castle.

Ooh ooh ooh…it’s all been done…ooh ooh…it’s all been done, before…

That Barenaked Ladies song popped into my head when I read an article this morning that Mark Cuban, the much ballyhooed owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, wants to launch his own professional football league.


Cuban’s idea centers around taking lower round draft picks to populate the league, which will save on having to pay high salaries to players. I actually thought about that point after the recent draft. How many NFL players drafted below the 3rd round actually get a chance to play? I mean not to say you don’t have “gems” later in the draft (i.e. Tom Brady) or guys that weren’t drafted at all (i.e. Tony Romo), but by and large most guys drafted end up on practice squads or playing in Europe. So conceivably this idea of another league, which if they do it right should be positioned as a development league, could stick. Not to say it’ll be popular as NFL football on Sundays…but if minor league baseball works…then why not “minor league football?”. People love to tailgate. As long as they kept ticket prices down and did some zany local market promotions (like the minor league baseball team in Sauget with the deep fried White Castles at their concessions) they can get decent crowds at games.

I honestly think this could work though. I was an avid and rabid fan of the New Jersey Generals of the USFL in the early 80s. Mainly because it gave me a local team to root for since I was a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Walker hitting the hole for the Generals

Plus Herschel Walker ended up getting a “promotion” to the “big league” a few years later landing a spot on the Cowboys. But it doesn’t just end with Herschel. Look at all of the great NFL talent that came directly from the USFL:

Future Super Bowl Champion and MVP Doug Williams of the Redskins

Future 4 time Super Bowl participant Jim Kelly of the Bills

Future Super Bowl Champion and one of the greatest scrambling QBs in NFL history, Steve Young of the 49ers

Reggie White would become arguably the greatest defensive end ever to play in the NFL for the Eagles

Without the USFL, we may never had been introduced to Flutie Flakes and longtime fan favorite Doug Flutie of the Bills

Other players who made an impact in the NFL coming from the USFL include:

Mel Gray – RB/KR Lions
Mike Rozier – RB Oilers
Bobby Hebert – QB Saints
Albert Bentley – WR Colts
Anthony Carter – WR Vikings
Ricky Sanders – WR Redskins

So when done right, an alternate league can yield some great undiscovered talent. Even the short-lived XFL contributed to the NFL by giving them Rod Smart of He Hate Me fame. Plus the NFL also stole the XFL’s roving field cameras and started using them during games (despite the NFL saying these were once-in-a-lifetime revolutionary cameras which as anyone who watched the XFL know was complete bullshit).

So even though I hate Mark Cuban because he’s a meddling pompous asshole who complains and whines about everything (hmm…remind you of a Mr. Steinbrenner?), I wish him well with this new league. After all, I’d love to see the next Herschel Walker or Doug Flutie in action before they hit it big!



1. roger - May 31, 2007

awesome….i used to love the generals!

2. trevor - May 31, 2007

nice…forgot all those guys were usflers

3. ethan - May 31, 2007

yankees suck! yankees suck!

4. dean - May 31, 2007

didn’t know those guys played for the usfl….funny

5. FanProphet - May 31, 2007

Hopefully for the sake of the players that do not have the talent to play in the NFL they will find success here. It will never compete with the NFL but as long as the league shows profit, go for it. Come check me out ( fanprophet.com ), maybe I can write on all the unknown players with limited talent.

6. Thos - May 31, 2007

You forgot XFL star TOMMY MADDOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you’d be surprised how many 3rd and 4th rd picks are actually playing in the NFL What will be interesting is if Cuban offers the 2nd rounders more money than they would get in the NFL. It then becomes a $$$ vs prestige thing.

funny that you bring this up as well, the Dallas Morning News just put up the cowboys top 10 non drafted players some interesting names in there


7. dan - May 31, 2007

ha forgot about tommy maddox…although he’s no “he hate me”

8. candice - May 31, 2007

i have no idea what you guys are talking about…sorry…although i’ve heard of doug flutie and steve young!!! 🙂

9. Thos - May 31, 2007

ethan is late on his yankees suck post, he should be here by now lol

10. Thos - May 31, 2007

my bad missed it sorry ethan

11. whatpushesmybuttons - May 31, 2007

Fan Prophet…Thanks for stopping by. Will definitely check out your site. Although you never know…Flutie was long considered not to have enough talent to play at the professional level but i think he did pretty well for himself in the nfl. I think the difference is size. You may get a smaller player in this new league compared to the massive beasts that play in the nfl…but i wouldn’t mind seeing smaller, quicker more athletic guys…it worked for the usfl. those guys flew around the field. Arena football is pretty entertaining too with the motion offenses and quirky rules. I agree it won’t be an NFL type caliber of game…but it can prob come close. Wouldn’t you love to see some Boise State vs Oklahoma type games…with hook & ladders and statue of liberty plays???

12. janet - May 31, 2007

umm…yeah…like candice i’m lost…although those are some funny pictures!

13. mr. blogger - May 31, 2007

flutie was clearly on steriods…

14. nincompoop - May 31, 2007

hah..nice…yeah…maybe he was on growth inhibiting steriods! haha

15. tiffany - May 31, 2007

good song…its in my head now too!

16. victor - May 31, 2007

maybe steriods were in the flutie flakes!!

17. howie - May 31, 2007

Reggie White was half the size of the guys who played now…but he was still the man back in the day!

18. mr. x - May 31, 2007

yeah…flutie definitely looks like he’s on the juice alright 😉

can’t believe how “small” the players were back then…you can argue more than half the nfl is “on the juice”

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