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Things that make you go hmm…. May 30, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in bathroom humor, comedy, common sense, funny, humor, opinion, pedestrian behavior, photos, pictures, sarcasm, sex, signs, travel, weird.

So Juliana sent me this link yesterday to a picture posted in a Belgium playground.


Innocent enough playground description right? Children holding hands. Playing on swings. Fucking each other up the ass.

I guess that’s what they call the Belgium Dip? I mean really though…I know sexual rules are less stringent in Europe than they are here but starting at the playground…that’s a bit too early, no? You can say, oh, they’re just describing a wheelbarrow game. But honestly, how close do you get to the person who’s legs you’re holding during the wheelbarrow? Close enough to have your dick in their ass? I think not. You’re holding by the ankles…maybe the calves. Unless you’re hung like Ron Jeremy I don’t think you’re getting close enough to penetration. Could you see this picture in an American playground? Bad enough kids are having sex starting at 13 these days. Don’t need to be giving them new positions to try out!

Anyway…it reminded me that I forgot to share a few silly pictures from my London adventures with y’all. Oops. Here’s some more pictures/signs that will hopefully make you laugh a little on this “hump” day (Wednesday is often called “hump” day since it falls in the middle of the week – for those a little slow on the uptake).


Nothing says entertaining your guests like a little “cockfighting”

Remember, people with chlamydia feel healthy, just like you do!

Take me to Cockfosters, pronto!

Taken in a London “loo”…”Sir, would you care for a hot towel, mint, condom?”



1. Mr. Blogger - May 30, 2007

hahaha..nice…the belgium dip…funny.

yeah, a bit descriptive for the playground! although that’s europe for you!

2. ethan - May 30, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

3. roger - May 30, 2007

Wait…does that say: “This is for the gentlemen only although the ladies will enjoy looking on”???

4. dean - May 30, 2007

it appears so…went onto the blogger site for a better picture…but its a little fuzzy. what gives?

5. candice - May 30, 2007

“But honestly, how close do you get to the person who’s legs you’re holding during the wheelbarrow? Close enough to have your dick in their ass?”

Ok..i just spit out my morning coffee all over my keyboard. hahaha

6. tiffany - May 30, 2007

hahaha that’s hysterical!

7. trent - May 30, 2007

wait…you mean you’re NOT supposed to get f’d up the ass during the wheelbarrow???? shit. i feel so violated!!

8. janet - May 30, 2007


9. bob - May 30, 2007

ha trent…i know a good psychologist you can go to if needed

10. nincompoop - May 30, 2007

i don’t see what the problem is…the sign makes perfect sense. you hold hands. you play on the swings. you fuck her up the ass. you declare victory. what’s wrong with that???

11. whatpushesmybuttons - May 30, 2007

i knew you’d guys would have a field day with this.

nincompoop: ha yeah…nicely done on the “declaring victory” part…

dean: the picture is fuzzy for some reason…took a picture of the book…but yeah, that’s what it says.

12. quagmire - May 30, 2007

“Unless you’re hung like Ron Jeremy I don’t think you’re getting close enough to penetration.”

I guess I’m in luck then! Giggidy…giggidy…goo!

13. victor - May 30, 2007

Sexy time? Hi-Five!!!

14. mr. x - May 30, 2007

who wouldn’t enjoy watching a little cockfighting every now and again! 😉

15. barry - May 30, 2007

this certainly brightened up my wednesday!!

16. trevor - May 30, 2007

haha…oh man…i’ve looked at that picture 20 times already..crack up every time!

17. neil from the uk - May 30, 2007

i agree…us british sure are some silly ones aren’t we!

18. tony the tiger - May 30, 2007

I have chlamydia and I feel Greeeeeeeeeaaaaaattttttttt

19. jerry - May 30, 2007

oh i hold the person i’m wheelbarrowing by the waist….not all of us are hung like ron jeremy! 😉

20. Buffy - May 30, 2007

Isn’t Austin Powers Belgian?

21. harris - May 30, 2007

he’s english…maybe goldfinger was belgian?

22. moral blogger - May 30, 2007

ok…so i see we’re back to “inappropriate” blogs…and just when i thought it was safe to come back

23. alex - May 30, 2007

oh…suck it trebek! you rogue.

24. xtory - May 30, 2007

did you take all those pictures yourself???

25. lauriekendrick - May 31, 2007

Wow…so THAT’S how those fuckers make Belgian chocolate!!

laughed my ass off over this one, Chris!!!


26. bethany - May 31, 2007

hahaha…nice laurie…disgusting…but funny…think i need to wash my eyes out now 🙂

27. mike - May 31, 2007

what’s that white spot on the big figure in the foreground…right on his stomach?

28. trent - May 31, 2007

that would be the cumshot mike! hey-oh!

29. roger - May 31, 2007

jesus trent…come on…don’t point out the obvious 😉

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