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Southern Hospitality May 29, 2007

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So spent my weekend in rootin’ tootin’ Nashville. Cool city – fun filled and action packed. We had our Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challege at Bass Pro Shops in Nashville on Saturday so that was entertaining watching these guys compete. Unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit Graceland to bust out my Elvis impersonation, but an Elvis impersonator did come into the bar on Saturday night. Although he was wearing a red plaid jacket. I turned my head to the group I was standing with and said “Elvis didn’t wear plaid, did he?” Need to investigate that a bit more.

We stayed at this 5 star hotel called The Hermitage. Awesome place. Everything in the place was treated with white glove service, right from the top hat and coat tailed bellhops to the marble encased bathroom counter and floors. The lobby was exquisite with a huge arched ceiling and chandeliers galore.

The lobby of the Hermitage

The bedroom was awesome as well, with a king sized bed with at least 800 tread count silk bedsheets and soft down comforter and pillows. The bathroom was huge as well, with a sunken tub and separate glass doored standing shower. They even had a separate room for the toilet. Yep, a separate little room. Cool stuff. Just an awesome hotel all around and just a few blocks from downtown Nashville. And affordable too…my room rate was only $249 a night (which for a 5 star hotel is really good!)

The down comforter and silken bed sheets await

I happened to grab dinner at the hotel one night at their bar (The Oak Bar). I of course went for the traditional Fried Green Tomatoes which were outstanding. They looked and tasted just like crab cakes. Delicate enough to cut with a fork but meaty enough to withstand the breading I can tell you “FGT” is definitely worth all of the hype!

Just like the watching movie, I cried tears of joy eating some Fried Green Tomatoes

I also treated myself to some Fried Quail in a Jack Daniels demi-glaze. It tasted like a sweet and sour fried chicken – unreal. The bartender said their fried quail dish is their answer to chicken wings down there. I’d have to agree. I think I would’ve eaten the bone if it was edible – it was that tasty! Paired with a local brew called Yazoo – and you had yourself a great dinner worthy of a Rachel Ray Yum-O (more on her in a bit).

We went out on Broadway in Nashville on Saturday night, which is almost like a Carson City meets Times Square meets the Vegas strip. It’s basically a three block radius filled with bright lights, street performers and bars galore. Downtown Nashville is hoping on a weekend night, with most of the bars having long waits just to enter. Each bar has their own band playing and for the most part they are no-frills kind of places with people drinking, dancing, hootin and hollerin as the band cranks out country rock and blues classics. We visited both Lola’s Bluegrass Inn and The Stage in Nashville. Both places were hoppin but The Stage was truly packed. There must have been 300-400 people jammed in their. Looked like a Frat house party with an open pit of people rocking away and a balcony for those who wanted to oversee the action from above. Although I’m disappointed we didn’t hit any Honky Tonk bars so didn’t get to see any line dancing or any boot scootin booging going on. But nonetheless, I’d definitely recommend visiting Nashville if you’re looking to spend a fun weekend away.

The Stage in Downtown Nashville

And about that whole stereotype about people marrying young in the South. I had known it has existed but to see it first hand was eye-opening. Literally everyone over the age of 18 was married down there. The 24 year old worker at Bass Pro Shops was upset that it took her that long to get married since she looks “old now”. Are you kidding? Then again compared to everyone else who was married down there she did look old. Out at the bar there was a bachelorette party. The bride to be was maybe 21 at most. All of her bridesmaids were around the same age as well. Not one of them didn’t have an engagement or wedding ring on their finger! Unreal. I’d feel bad for anyone over the age of 25 who was single down there. It would probably mean you’ve either been divorced, widowed or you’re really the runt of the litter. It’s like in Kindergarten they tell you: Ok Billy Bob, you’re gonna marry Peggy Sue when you turn 18. Or else no grits for you. Understood mister? Crazy stuff especially coming from the Northeast where people by and large wait till they’re at least old enough to drink before we get married.

Anyway, back to Rachel Ray. Came across this hilarious video on YouTube of a montage of Rachel Ray from $40 a day. The video is cut closely so it shows her “orgasming” on camera about the food she’s eating. Pretty funny stuff if you have 2 minutes to spare while you spill your Chinese food all over your keyboard during lunch.

View Rachel Ray’s “orgasm”



1. bubba - May 29, 2007

yep—we marry young round here! glad you enjoyed your trip to nashville. its a cool city

2. candice - May 29, 2007

welcome back! you were missed!!! looks like an awesome hotel! sounds like you had fun!

3. gary - May 29, 2007

you might be a redneck if…. haha…sounds like nashville is a good time though, need to go check it out someday

4. ethan - May 29, 2007


5. roger - May 29, 2007

ethan – for once i agree with you!

welcome back…was starting to get worried you forgot about bloggin and decided to chew some tobacco and watch nascar 24/7! haha

6. howie - May 29, 2007

that rachel ray video is hysterical – she’s such a tool

7. bob - May 29, 2007

how’d you know i was eating chinese food over my keyboard???

8. Nashville is Talking » People Perception - May 29, 2007

[…] the age of 18 and live in the South? Surprise! You’re married: And about that whole stereotype about people marrying young in the South. I had known it has […]

9. nincompoop - May 29, 2007

rachel gay is more like it

10. dean - May 29, 2007

how original nincompoop! never heard THAT one before. YOU must be proud of yourself!

11. trent - May 29, 2007

hahaha…fuckin awesome dean

12. mr. x - May 29, 2007

holy crap…you shit on anyone who is not married in the south!

i smell me a shit fight coming on….


13. nm - May 29, 2007

I’m not sure I trust the powers of observation of anyone who thinks that Graceland is in Nashville. (It’s in Memphis.) So I’m wondering whether you may just have missed a few single folks in their 20s and 30s.

14. loonytick - May 29, 2007

Or someone who goes honkytonking on Lower Broad and then expresses disappointment about not going to honky tonks.


15. whatpushesmybuttons - May 29, 2007

NM: never insinuated that graceland was in nashville (i know its in memphis – would have taken the 3 hour drive west if i had the time). just was saying i didn’t get a chance to visit graceland since i’m a big elvis fan and all.

Plus…for the record i did see three single guys at the stage on sat night. but they were throwing beer at each other all night and rubbing their beer soaked bodies all over each other. so either they were gay or they were the “runt of the litter” as I mentioned above. i’m sure not everyone under the age of 30 is married…but 95% of the people seem to be. which i’m not saying is a bad thing…just different from life up here.

16. whatpushesmybuttons - May 29, 2007

Loonytick: hah…i know the traditional honky tonk bars are not on broadway…those are the “tourist trap” places…i was just along for the ride on sat night (we were filming stuff for TV for Field & Stream)…we know where the honky tonk bars are…just didn’t a chance to make em there. 🙂 next time though

17. mr. x - May 29, 2007

haha…told you the shit fight was coming…love it!

18. roger - May 29, 2007


“Seeing as how I’m gonna be 43 or 44 when I get married (yeah, for the first time, ever), reckon I should just go join the next carnival or circus freak show that rolls thru town?”

ouch…dude…they’re killing you with that one.

19. mr. blogger - May 29, 2007

looks like you’ve created more of a shitshow than rosie o donnell!

20. mantooth - May 29, 2007

reckon you may wanna stay clear of the south for a bit! 😉

21. ace - May 29, 2007

he’s the honky tonk man…he’s cool…he’s classy…he’s bad!

22. ned - May 29, 2007

haven’t seen someone get shit on this much since cartman’s mom in that episode of south park!

23. janet - May 29, 2007

OMG!!!! hahahaha…

24. trevor - May 29, 2007

NED – hysterical!!! that was the german shizer video episode right???

25. ned - May 29, 2007


26. jessica - May 29, 2007

correct me if i am wrong but the touristy honkey tonks you speak of are THE honkey tonks — i dont think there are “local honkey tonks.” tourists are the ones that go to those bars away, not the locals. that is not really what people living in nashville go do for fun. i have lived here virtually my entire life and i only hit the honkey tonks with my out of town friends visit.

27. jake - May 29, 2007

you mean they don’t have a traveling freak show for people who are over 40 years old and not married? huh…i would’ve thought they would’ve by now 😉 haha

28. tiffany - May 29, 2007

haha…seems like everyone is taking you literally these days!

29. jessica - May 29, 2007

oh, one more thing. i didnt get married til i was 28. lots of people i know are 30, good looking and single. are you sure you weren’t seeing other tourists who were young and married??

30. jessica - May 29, 2007

i dont mean to sound bratty, i am glad you visited our fine city. i just think its hard to accurately judge a city if you are only hanging out in the tourist area and not the places where the locals go…

31. suth'ner - May 29, 2007

sure you were in nashville tennessee? you could have been in nashville georgia or nashville arkansas or nashville ohio or nashville illinois…you get my point.

32. whatpushesmybuttons - May 29, 2007

Jessica: you’re right…i would have much rather gone out where the locals go and not so much gone to the tourist areas. i just thought there were other, more genuine “honky tonk” type bars in nashville besides the ones in the downtown/broadway vicinity. But I think I was using the term honky tonk out of context. I now realize that those are the traditional “honky tonk” type places that are down on broadway. My apologies. Not that those places aren’t fun, but you’re right…to experience nashville, I’d rather go to non touristy places where live music may/may not be played..if so, preferably something with some down home bluegrass, jazz, etc. Any suggestions on some local, off-the-beaten path spots for my next visit?

as far as the married question…i saw a lot of young couples at the mall, at bass pro shops and downtown…but granted those are all tourist destinations that people drive from kentucky, alabama, louisiana, etc to go too…so you may be right about me seeing other tourists who were young and married…

although for the most part getting married at a younger age can be attributed to more of a southern tradition that northerneasterners (like myself) tend to stereotype as people from the south. so i didn’t mean any offense by that…i was just playing into the naive stereotypes of northerners, especially new yorkers. i’m sure if i spent some time in the south i’d find wonderful people like yourself of all ages who may or may not be married…just ironic that the one stereotype that i had heard about heading down there basically came to life before my eyes. as i mentioned its definitely not a bad thing…just different that what you find up here.

33. jessica - May 29, 2007

next time you come to nashville, try the bluebird cafe — a lot of tourists go there but its off the beaten path and the talent that goes there is amazing – its always packed. funny thing is that its located in a strip mall a minute or two away from the most upscale shopping in town.

its not country, but try mulligans on 2nd ave for a good time. they have good irish bands and its a great pub atmosphere. if we go downtown, we go there more than anywhere.

for awesome blues to make you feel like you are in the french quarter, go to printers alley go to bourbon street blues and boogie bar.

poke your head in just about any bar that there is live music and you will almost always hear someone extremely talented. even karaoke here is like listening to a talent competition.

and you are guaranteed to get great music in those honkey tonks you previously talked about (my favorite is legends) you wont get a good feel for the locals, thats all.

come back and enjoy. you definitely were spot on when you mentioned yahoo beer. yahoo pale ale is my most favorite beer! it is delish!!

34. william knight - May 29, 2007

well said…and i agree with you…the stereotypes are a bad thing and don’t do much to help southerners reputations…

doesn’t necessarily apply to all southerners…but its just a way of life down here…people marry young.

don’t know what all the fuss is about…its just the truth.

nashville sucks btw ….come down to bama instead.

roll tide roll!

35. jessica - May 29, 2007

omg! YAZOO not yahoo. I need a nap.

36. malcom - May 29, 2007

White Horse is another good “touristy” spot to visit

37. whatpushesmybuttons - May 29, 2007

thanks for the suggestions jessica…much appreciated. i’ll be sure to check them all out. when i spoke to one of the workers at the hermitage he was telling me (much like you confirmed) that none of the locals went down to broadway unless it was necessary. so i’ll be sure to wander off in a different direction next time. we did eat at a great “off-the-beaten path a bit” restaurant called the Germantown Cafe…food there was awesome! Funny though how they served a lot of random dishes like Salmon and Talipia. Even the locals we were with were making comments about the “locally caught” salmon. hah. But I stuck with some good ole fried green tomatoes and a lamb shank…and a nice cobbler for dessert. speaking of nap time…just thinking about that meal is making me tired!

38. jessup - May 29, 2007

Auburn all the way baby! Sink Tide Sink!

39. bedlum - May 29, 2007

I’ll take SEC school for 200 please.

Y’all suck…go Tar Heels!

40. julie - May 29, 2007

Yep – Nashville Star is 10 times better than that American Idol bullshit!

41. Juniata - October 8, 2007

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