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American “Idle” May 23, 2007

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So I’m probably the only person in America (or the world for that matter) who didn’t watch American Idol last night. Well make that Bridget & I since we went to grab dinner at the Barking Dog. We got back at 9:15 and I flipped on Fox to see some guy giving a monologue type performance on stage. Then I remembered Idol started at 8 not 9. Oops. Oh well…I’m sure I didn’t miss much and I don’t really need to watch tonight to know who wins. Cause I know. It’s Jordin Sparks.

How do I know? Well the two best female singers got knocked out already in LaKisha and Doolittle, and Blake is basically playing the Clay Aiken to Jordin’s Kelly Clarkson winning role. I read online this morning that she even shed a tear while singing the new Idol single – “This is my now” or something like that.

So she pretty much just wrapped it up. America loves a crier.

I won’t be watching tonight. I have better things to do. Like laundry. That and I won’t be voting either. Mainly because I can’t vote for Jordin. Why…because I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and her dad, Phillippi played for the Giants. Although Sparks did play one season for the Boys in 2000, hauling in 5 INTs. Although they didn’t win the Super Bowl that year and by and large he was a Giants player for his whole career. So can’t root for the enemy and thus can’t vote for her. Sorry Jordin. Although you’re gonna win anyway. Sorry to ruin the surprise for everyone.

IF I did have to vote…I’d vote for Gretchen Wilson.

My “Idol” vote goes to Gretchen Wilson

And don’t give me this bullshit that you can’t vote for someone else besides the final two. I’m voting for Gretchen simply because her song “All Jacked Up” has popped into my head more than any other song over the past few months. So I’m basing my decision on that.

Don’t know the song? You should get to know it. It’s a boot stomping, head nodding, rootin-tootin good tune. Great also for working out in the gym and perfect for sculpting those abs for the summer. I think it should be the official song of the Jersey Shore for the summer. Hell, maybe even the MLB should adopt it in a new marketing campaign.

Bonds will star in the new MLB Marketing Campaign – “All Jacked Up”

Makes perfect sense, since all of the players have gotten “Jacked” over the past 10 years off steriods and human growth hormones.

Actually I think I may even go ahead and produce the marketing video for them. Would be pretty easy to do. You could just flash before and after pictures of Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, Giambi, Sosa, etc. You can start out with them as they came into the league, skinny and non-muscular and show pictures of them downing vitamins or injecting the HGH into their asses gradually becoming bigger and bigger. All while “All Jacked Up” plays in the background. Not a bad concept…maybe I should get a job in marketing someday 😉



1. janet - May 23, 2007

haha…america loves a crier…so true, we really do!

2. howie - May 23, 2007

ha..yeah i think jordin has it in the bag…good for her…she’s pretty good

3. mr. blogger - May 23, 2007

haha…yeah…that would be an awesome promotion for the MLB…good idea! get on that will ya!

4. jessica - May 23, 2007

great song! LOVE gretchen!!!!

5. dean - May 23, 2007

No way…Blake’s got it in the bag!

6. roger - May 23, 2007

you got it wrong…Bonds added all that muscle through hard work and dedication! 😉

7. gary - May 23, 2007

It’s a boot stomping, head nodding, rootin-tootin good tune.

oh brother….you might be a redneck if….

8. tiffany - May 23, 2007

I wholeheartedly agree…All Jacked Up is a boot stomping, head nodding, rootin-tootin good tune!!!

9. bob - May 23, 2007

gretchen is hot!!!

10. victor - May 23, 2007

love how she has redneck on her guitar…classy stuff!

11. benjamin - May 23, 2007

enough with the american idol crap…the show sucks!!

no discussions about Lost??? 24??? Good…quality programming!

12. moral blogger - May 23, 2007

nice play on words with the American “Idle” …very witty…

13. elyse - May 23, 2007

using your rationale…i’d have to vote for Chris Daughtry! his song has been stuck in my head for weeks now!!!

14. nelson - May 23, 2007

sanjaya is THE american idol!

15. ace - May 23, 2007

jesus christ…he’s 10 times bigger than he used to be…forgot about that!

16. trevor - May 23, 2007

i would argue the first “muscular big guy” in MLB was Canseco…besides the “fat” guys like Fielder.. but jose was prob the first to look like he used steriods.


17. ethan - May 23, 2007

yankees suck! yankees suck!

18. bubba - May 23, 2007

the real american idol is nashville star! tons better talent there!

19. Thos - May 23, 2007

i can honestly say I’ve never seen a second of American Idol and i feel so good about that.

I’ll be watching the real reality tv tonight Sox-Yankees.

20. Juniata - October 15, 2007

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