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Terrible call…just terrible May 8, 2007

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So last night I was at the Yankees game with Bridget, Paul and Juliana (thanks to Juliana for getting corporate seats for last night’s game that were only 13 rows off the field allowing me to scalp my meager bleacher seats). In typical Yankees fashion they failed to score any runs with runners in scoring position, leaving the bases loaded once and leaving 6 runners in scoring position for the game. Just one hit in that situation would have yielded at least one run – but clutch this team is not.

Anyway, they actually got a decent pitching performance from their rookie starter Matt DeSalvo, who went 7 strong innings, only giving up 1 run on 3 hits (2 of which came in the first inning). Nursing a 2-1 lead in the 8th, Kyle Farnsworth came on to pitch. With two outs, Jose Vidro hit a cheap ground ball up the middle just past the reach of Jeter. Willie Bloomquist came on as a pinch runner for Vidro. What happened next will go down as one of the worst calls in major league history – and I was there to witness it first hand.

Bloomquist tried to steal second. Posada’s throw was on line and Robinson Cano applied the tag in plenty of time to tag out the stealing Bloomquist. However the umpire called him safe.


Take a look at this picture.


How many feet was he out by? Three? Four? And he was called safe.

You can view the video recap of the game to see the replays

Granted the game is played at full speed, but still, it was plainly obvious to everyone in the stadium that he was out by a mile. Even using the cardinal rule of “the ball beating the player” would have been excuse enough to call him out. But come on dude that wasn’t a hard one to make. It wasn’t even close to being a “bang bang” play. The umpire, Gerry Davis, flat out blew the call. Mr. Davis will now go down in infamy as making one of the worst umpiring calls in recent memory. Right there along with the infamous Don Denkinger call in game 6 of the 1985 World Series between the Cardinals and the Royals that ultimately cost the Cardinals the game and the series.


There’s also a famous portrait out there that shows an ump making a safe call at first when the player was out by a few feet. It wasn’t a Normal Rockwell, but something similar. Despite searching this “wealth of information” we call the “internet”, alas I can’t find shit on it. But I used to have the damn picture so I know it exists. Maybe I’ll have to dig it up tonight at my parent’s house.

Anyway, back to the game. Much to my surprise, Don Mattingly, who was filling in as manager due to a suspended Joe Torre, didn’t come out to argue the call. Cano hopped away thinking he made the tag but didn’t raise a fuss. The call was that bad it was shocking. But the Yankees lack any fire and passion this season so they didn’t argue the call. If I were them I’d be hopping mad. I’d scream in the umps face. Make him throw me out. But nope, they went along with their “gentlemanly play”. If that was Paul O’Neill out there he would’ve argued until they carried him off with police escorts. Same with Billy Martin or Lou Pinella. But nope…this team has a much passion as a quilting night at a senior citizens home.

You know damn well Zimmer would’ve protested the call last night, helmet and all

Granted, the call was completely terrible, but you got to score more runs than 2, especially with the offense the Yankees have.

But the game will be remembered for the bad call. Even if it’s “only May” and the call was not made in a crucial playoff or World Series game thus it may not get the attention it deserves. But it should. Because it should go down as one of the worst baseball calls of all time.

Thankfully for my own sanity I had the salvation of a Starbucks Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte this morning to put me in a better mood. That, along with an Apple Fritter (with its 0 grams of fat – its much better than it looks btw!), made my morning much cheerier thanks to the impending sugar rush that came along with the meal. Oh Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Whipped Cream, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!


Post Blog Note: Apparently umpire Gerry Davis admitted to blowing the call.

“The throw was to the first-base side and pulled Robinson toward me a little bit, so I couldn’t see the runner’s hands. Normally when the runner is tagged on his backside, his hands are at the bag. That obviously wasn’t the case tonight,” Davis said.

Umm…yeah, but how do you miss something that far off? I mean it would be different if Bloomquist was closer to the bag, but the ump “assumed” that the runner was safe because the tag came on his legs. Come on. Umpiring 101 says you need to watch the play or get in position to make a call. Not just assume that because the tag was on his legs the runner was safe. Especially when he was 4 feet off the bag. Bushleague.



1. roger - May 8, 2007

that was a fuckin atrocious call last night…that ump should be fired

2. candice - May 8, 2007

holy crap he was out by that much????

3. ethan - May 8, 2007

yankees suck!! yankees suck!!

4. trent - May 8, 2007

is that an apple fritter or a piece of shit??? hahaha

5. dean - May 8, 2007

i agree…this yankees team lacks passion. they’re a bunch of passionless overpaid pussies…any of the old yanks would have blown a gasket last night. billy martin would have kicked up all of the dirt in the infield.

6. howie - May 8, 2007

I agree worst call in MLB history…had that been an important game it would have been a bigger stink.

7. barry - May 8, 2007

fuckin ump should be shot!

8. elyse - May 8, 2007

i LOVE cinnamon dolce lattes!!!! sooo good!

9. gary - May 8, 2007

The Fix is definitely in!!!

10. janet - May 8, 2007

poor yanks…can’t catch any breaks this year!

11. trevor - May 8, 2007

ouch…hadn’t seen the replay – but i agree that’s a terrible call – even if i’m not a yanks fan

12. mr. blogger - May 8, 2007

this team has a much passion as a quilting night at a senior citizens home.

haha…hey, the seniors get fired up during quilting night!!!

13. victor - May 8, 2007

yeah…i’m not a yanks fan but can see where you’d be pissed off…bad call

14. lizzie - May 8, 2007

trent – that’s disgusting!!! although it does like a piece of glazed turd! hahaha

15. tiffany - May 8, 2007

thanks guys…i think i just threw up in my mouth…hah

16. mr. x - May 8, 2007

you eat pieces of shit for breakfast????

17. candice - May 8, 2007


18. roger - May 8, 2007

Noooooo. haha…awesome line Mr. X

19. whatpushesmybuttons - May 8, 2007

trent: dude – disgusting. trust me, it doesn’t taste like shit, although looking at the photo it could be mistaken for it.

Mr. X – very funny….good reference. 100 points for you!

I can see Starbucks being upset by this conversation and ultimately suing the shit out of me.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

20. nelson - May 8, 2007

hah…seems like shit is the word!

21. soxlover - May 8, 2007

dude i don’t know what you’re looking at he’s clearly safe in that picture

22. thorton - May 8, 2007

you can see that the player on the cardinals in the picture above is CLEARLY on steriods! haha

23. bob - May 8, 2007

zimmer was on steriods – you see the size of his head for christ’s sake!

24. olore - May 9, 2007

I really enjoyed listening to Michael Kay whine on & on about the play. I watched it live & agree it was a pretty bad call. I think the pic you posted is a bit misleading, it looked a little closer, even in slo-mo, on TV. Definitely a blown call though.

Man I really love when calls go against the yankees. Sorry, but it’s true. I think you’d agree that they’ve gotten their fair share over the years….

Jeffrey Mayer anyone ?

Go Red Sox! … Becket 7-0 !!!!

25. lauriekendrick - May 9, 2007

Atrocious call. By the way, you’re getting The Rocket. I like Roger. We’re very close in age and were at UT together. I wish him well in his pin stripes.

I’m sick….some sort of upper respiratory bullshit and I won’t be writing for a while. I’m down for the count, so I’m referring my readers to your page, so I linked to you on the post I left for today.


26. Thos - May 9, 2007

olore it could have been worse, you could have had to listen to

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