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Now That’s a Turkey! April 27, 2007

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So, last weekend one of my co-workers, Mara, went on her first hunt. She got invited to participate in a turkey hunt with a team of world renowned hunters known as the Drury’s. The Drury’s are best known for their hunting videos and programming, called Drury Outdoors.

Anyway, Mara had never hunted before in her life, and the fact that she got to experience her first hunt with a distinguished group of experts was a great learning experience. We were in the same hunter safety course together a few months ago and see was the first out of our group to have the opportunity to hunt (I’ve only gotten to shoot clay targets – unless you count playing Big Buck Hunter at the bar!).

There was tons of pressure on her, since undoubtedly she was nervous being that this was her first hunt. Also having to hunt with a team of expert hunters adds to that pressure since you basically don’t want to look like a fool. If that wasn’t enough to make your hands tremble, her hunt was also being filmed for television! Yikes. Nothing like getting thrown to the wolves (no pun intended).

For those who have never hunted turkey before it’s pretty intense. You have to be fully decked out in camouflage from head to toe since turkeys tend to notice florescent colors (normally you would wear hunter orange for safety, but for turkey hunting orange is a bad thing). You have to be incredibly quiet and still and shoot quickly. Since the target of a turkey is much smaller than say a Whitetail, you have to be accurate with your shot as well, lest you want turkey feathers flying around everywhere.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that Mara’s hunt was an incredible success! Not only that, but she took down a 29 pound turkey! That’s right. 29 pounds! Unreal! Most of the hunting experts, and some on staff here, have never taken any turkey over 25 pounds and most people don’t even get to see birds that size!

Mara’s turkey was bigger than her!

View more pictures of the bird and learn more about her hunt here

Could you imagine how many people you could feed with a 29 pound turkey! That puts any Butterball turkey to shame, that’s for damn sure! How would you even fit that in an oven? You’d need an oven at least four times the size of an Easy Bake Oven to fit that turkey in it (a little Zoolander reference for you). Hopefully she’ll bring some leftovers in the office. I could use a few “Trips to Phan” right about now!

I know most of you out there are probably anti-hunting, especially those who were born and raised in the city, but for those that are “more forgiving” about hunting, you’ll probably appreciate a story like that.

On the lighter side of “news”, today is Friday (yippee!) and thus it’s What Pushes My Buttons video day! Woohoo.

Today’s video comes courtesy of Avi, who forwarded me this rap video parody of George Bush taking shots at Kanye West. Pretty humorous. I particularly love the part where Bush is wearing the bandana. Also there’s a funny part with Cheney and a shotgun (which ties in nicely to the turkey hunt story!). You can watch the video on the Blogger version of this site

Besides that I’m off to stadium on saturday to watch the Yankees undoubtedly drop their 7th game in a row courtesy of the Red Sox. And having the guys come down from Boston this weekend to rub it in should make the loss feel even better. All I can hope for is another trip to White Castle for a Crave Case to make me feel better! Maybe I can improve on my 9 burger showing from last time. Although this time around, its all about the chicken rings baby! uh huh.


Enjoy your weekend everyone!



1. roger - April 27, 2007

holy crap that’s a big turkey!!!

2. trent - April 27, 2007

dude you love the white castle don’t you??

3. candice - April 27, 2007

is that a real turkey???? it looks so fake in that picture!!

4. janet - April 27, 2007

wow…look at that bird!!!! its twice the size of her…

nice zoolander reference btw!

5. dean - April 27, 2007

chicken rings = yummy goodness!

6. bubba - April 27, 2007

y’all a bunch of rednecks!

7. mr. x - April 27, 2007

jesus christ look at that thing!

8. mr. blogger - April 27, 2007

boooo to condoning the death of innocent animals on your blog….oh and can you pass the gravy? 😉

9. ethan - April 27, 2007


10. gary - April 27, 2007

i take it you were one of the 9 new “sportsmen” referring to in that article? 🙂

11. tiffany - April 27, 2007

umm….how can you get chicken to be round like that???

12. shayna - April 27, 2007

good question tiffany!! can’t be natural.

13. howie - April 27, 2007

its the special “round” bird they’ve been secretly developing!

14. whatpushesmybuttons - April 27, 2007

howie: actually i think white castle has been developing a viral marketing campaign based on a ” holy chicken”…haven’t seen the video though.

gary: yep i sure was

shayna/tiffany: one bite of the chicken ring and you’ll fall in love, regardless of how “unnatural” the shape is!

15. sam - April 27, 2007

ha…nice..a holy chicken…what do they use for the burgers though?

16. trent - April 27, 2007

that would be horse manure!

17. candice - April 27, 2007

eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww trent. gross!

18. harry - April 27, 2007

holy fuckin shit…i’ve hunted turkeys before but ain’t never seen one that big!!!

19. nelson - April 27, 2007

gobble gobble!

20. Thos - April 27, 2007

white castle will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

maybe we can even trick bridget into eating one 🙂

21. peter - April 27, 2007

you might be a redneck if….

22. gothchick - April 27, 2007

trent: everyone knows white castle is made with people. yummy, delicious people

23. dan - April 27, 2007

ok…now i’m seriously disturbed! 🙂

24. elyse - April 27, 2007

i’ll take your word for it that the chicken rings are yummy…i’m not much of a white castle girl…especially if they’re made with people! hahaha

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