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Not half bad! April 26, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in eating, food, humor, lunch, movies, new york city, opinion, random references, restaurant.

So yesterday I took a walk for lunch to Madison Square Park (those will remember that my last time in the park I ran into a begging squirrel). On my way to the park I stopped at Subway (largely thanks to the $1.99 6” sub coupons I have at my desk). It was hotter than hell in the Subway for some reason and when I looked down at the cold cuts it looked like they were wilting away. So instead going with a cold cut sandwich like an Italian BMT or a Subway Club, I asked for grilled chicken. Lo and behold they were out of grilled chicken. Crap. (They were also out of coffee – brawl ensued. Airplane movie reference if you don’t get it). Scrambling, I saw the chicken cutlets and since they looked like the only healthy (as in appearance) alternative, I decided to go for a chicken parm.

Yes, a chicken parm. At Subway. I know, I know…I’m a Brooklyn boy. Getting a chicken parm at subway for me is like someone from New England ordering a Manhattan Clam Chowder. It’s just not right. I got the sandwich on Italian bread with provolone cheese (since they don’t have mozzarella cheese at Subway) and they toasted it in their “ovens”.

Unconfirmed reports say Subway chains use Easy Bake Ovens to “toast” their sandwiches

For toppings I got tomato (added some sweetness) and green peppers (added some crunch). I got a drink with my sub and decided on a “crazy concoction” of ice tea, lemonade and fruit punch (talk about a sugar rush). After passing on the chips and cookies (although I love the cookies at Subway – very underrated. Especially the white chocolate macadamia), I ventured into the park searching for an open seat. I passed the Shake Shack which had an hour long line yet to order food no one was at the pick up counter waiting for their order. Hmm…bizarre. Maybe they ran out of meat! (another brawl ensued). Anyway, after searching through the entire park I finally found an open bench, plopped down and prepared myself for a disappointing lunch option.

I took my first bite and you know what…it’s not half bad! The bread was nice and crispy. The chicken was actually edible and not too rubbery. The tomato sauce was nice and sweet. The green pepper gave the sandwich an extra crunch. I looked at the sandwich in confusion and took another bite. Same result. Pretty good.

Even Mikey would like Subway’s version of Chicken Parm

Now I’m not about to say it comes close to any “authentic” chicken parm hero, but if you were in a pinch and needed a chicken parm fix, Subway was actually not a bad alternative. It was probably more to do with the crispiness of the bread from their “toasting”, but all in all it’s probably one of the better things I’ve ever eaten at Subway. I’m sure if Jared were around, he’d wholeheartedly agree!



1. candice - April 26, 2007

i know…the subway cookies are soooo good! never tried the chicken parm though…i’ll have to try it!

2. roger - April 26, 2007

ha they may use easy bake ovens….can’t see what’s behind the counter! where’s geraldo when you need him!

3. guido - April 26, 2007

whats a matta u? you cant getta the sauce from subway!!! fagettaboutit!

4. trevor - April 26, 2007

Manhattan Clam Chowdah sucks!

5. ethan - April 26, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

6. mr. blogger - April 26, 2007

that ain’t right…chicken parm at subway that actually tastes good! what is this world coming to!!!

7. shayna - April 26, 2007

i’m more of a 6 inch tuna girl

8. janet - April 26, 2007

a 6 inch tuna girl? i prefer the foot longs! hey-oh! hahahaha 😉

9. mr. x - April 26, 2007

woah janet! that’s hot! haha

10. roger - April 26, 2007

hey now!!! this is a “family friendly blog”! hah

11. anonymous - April 26, 2007

hey janet – i got a foot long for ya!

12. trent - April 26, 2007


13. anonymous - April 26, 2007

what’s that trent…you want a footlong in your asshole???

14. whatpushesmybuttons - April 26, 2007

hey now…easy guys. don’t make me start having to moderate the comments up in here! innuendos are ok…let’s not get crazy though. i’m sure the FCC is just dying to shut me down – this will just give them ammunition to do so! 😉

15. tiffany - April 26, 2007

yeah…pipe down y’all. although janet started it! haha

16. dan - April 26, 2007

what ever happened to mikey?

17. quotes - April 26, 2007

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

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18. bob - April 26, 2007

didn’t he die from drinking soda and eating pop rocks???

19. candice - April 26, 2007

hahaha…OMG you remember that rumor??? haha

20. whatpushesmybuttons - April 26, 2007

yes that rumor was floating around for a while…but i’m happy to report that “mikey” is alive and well and apparently works as an advertising manager for a radio station here in NYC (unconfirmed reports he’s also a WPMB reader).

And apparently Mikey’s name is really John Gilchrist.


21. trevor - April 26, 2007

bullshit! mikey died…that’s just a conspiracy theory…the makers of pop rocks needed a quick coverup so they wouldn’t be sued up the wazzoo!

22. mr. blogger - April 26, 2007

well we saw what happened when you mix mentos with diet coke? and pelicans explode when they eat ex lax…so maybe it is true that mikey died from the pop rocks/soda combo…hmm

23. howie - April 26, 2007

mikey liked it…he really really liked it…until he died. haha

24. roger - April 26, 2007

dude…that’s so wrong

25. gary - April 26, 2007

that’s actually the funniest thing anonymous has said on this blog. too bad he’s still a prick…i thought we told you to stop posting here?

26. sam - April 26, 2007

didn’t they recall all of the easy bake ovens????

27. janet - April 26, 2007

i believe they did!

28. chris - April 26, 2007

yep they did…Easy-Bake Ovens Recalled for Repair Due to Entrapment and Burn Hazards


29. roger - April 26, 2007


30. candice - April 26, 2007

yay! congratulations! i would hope that faithful viewers like us help contribute to your success! 😉

31. Janet - April 26, 2007

See —- i told you this blog was the best!!! Great work!

32. dean - April 26, 2007

glad the recognition is starting to pour in…keep us laughing!

33. mr. blogger - April 26, 2007

kudos on the acknowledgment! thanks for improving my mental well being on a day-to-day basis!

34. tiffany - April 26, 2007


35. douglas - April 26, 2007

who would have thought something so cute and purple could be so harmful to children! that’s like finding out barney (another cute and purple ‘play thing’ for kids) is a child molestor! haha

36. Thos - April 26, 2007

NO COFFEE!!!!!!!

Surely you can’t be serious!!!

forget easy bake, nothing makes a good snack like the Cornballer!!!!

37. mr. x - April 27, 2007

congrats on blog of the day! great stuff!

38. david - May 2, 2007

ok…so i tried the subway chicken parm…wasn’t that bad actually – not the best i ever had, but certainly not the worst!

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