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Knee Deep in “SPAM” April 25, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, eating, food, nostaglia, opinion.

Sorry about the delay in posting this am. I’ve been knee deep in “SPAM”. No, not spam e-mail, but the actual product SPAM. You know, as in the canned meat. We’re in the midst of trying to develop a creative idea for SPAM that reaches the crux of our audience (the readers of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life). SPAM has this new single serving pouch that they’re taking to market and will be supporting the launch with an ad campaign this fall.

The new SPAM single serving package

I know most of you are disgusted by SPAM, and truth be told I’m not the biggest fan of it either. As a child, all my father ate were SPAM sandwiches – cold ones at that. He used to tell me all the time I was fortunate that we were able to enjoy and afford warm food like White Castle and KFC for dinner. But on occasion he’d whip up some SPAM sandwiches for me to remind me how fortunate I was. I cringed and protested, but ate them begrudgingly. And with lots of ketchup.

I noticed that the Spanish deli across the street from me has tons of SPAM cans on the shelves, so I know it’s still popular in some hoods. But by and large, for those living in the metropolis areas of NYC, LA, Chicago, etc, SPAM is on the lowest end of the food chain. Some people and some restaurants probably would resort to eating dirt before they ate SPAM. Regardless, in the heartland, SPAM still goes strong.

Actually I found out through a colleague (and SPAM expert – he co-authored the SPAM cookbook) that the Asian community, specifically in the northwest, has taken quite a liking to SPAM. Maybe it’s because of its “tofu-like” texture, or the fact that like most Asian cuisine, SPAM contains ridiculous amounts of sodium. In fact, this single serving package I have on my desk has 730 mg (or 30% of your daily allowance) of sodium. Actually out of the 210 calories contained in this 3 oz. serving, a whopping 140 calories of fat. Ouch. However it is a “low-carb snack” (only 2g of carbs) and does contain 14 g of protein and 4% of your necessary iron for the day. So it’s not that bad for you (unless you’re watching your cholestoral of course).

Although I’ll give Hormel (the parent company) their due. They have come up with an easy and convenient way to eat SPAM on the go. Much like the tuna manufacturers have developed easy-tear pouches for tuna, the SPAM single serving is great for those in need of a quick, portable snack. Actually SPAM lists a whole “SPAM Idea O’ Wheel” of ways to eat your SPAM single. The ideas include a SPAM Egg & Cheese on a muffin, a SPAM mac & cheese, a “SPAMburger” and even a SPAM necklace. Although they recommend using the package to make a necklace, not the actual piece of SPAM to make the necklace. Although if you’re ever in the mood to get mauled by a dog or a pack of hungry wolves, then by all means make yourself a SPAM necklace.

Anyway I’m gonna get back to creative thoughts about SPAM. We have an idea centered around the annual SPAMARAMA event in Austin, Texas. Next year is the 30th anniversary of the event so we’re thinking one lucky winner can win a trip down to “SPAM heaven” and delight in eating nothing but SPAM for a few days. Personally, I’d take a White Castle or Popeye’s trip of the same variety…but hey, how often can you get to eat sweet & sour SPAM?



1. candice - April 25, 2007

ewwww. SPAM is sooo gross! yucky

2. bubba - April 25, 2007

man…i love me some SPAM….hmm hmm…yummy!

3. roger - April 25, 2007

dude, i happen to like fried spamburgers…good stuff, if you drown it in enough ketchup!

4. gary - April 25, 2007

us city folk don’t eat spam! that’s like eating rat!

5. tiffany - April 25, 2007

can’t say I’ve ever had it…although doesn’t look so appetizing!

6. mr. blogger - April 25, 2007

No thanks! I’ll stick to real meat please!

7. howie - April 25, 2007

ugh…spam…just saying it gives me the heebie jeebies!

8. mr. x - April 25, 2007

haha…it’s “tofu-like” texture! funny. albeit tofu is about 100 times healthier! 😉

9. dean - April 25, 2007

gimme a double spamburger with extra cheese and pickles! Yum-O! haha

10. ace - April 25, 2007

martha stewart would drop dead if she ever had to cook spam!

11. whatpushesmybuttons - April 25, 2007

ace: could you imagine. i could totally see her during commercial breaks. she’d be like: get this fuckin shit out of my fuckin face…it smells like dog shit. ugh. get it away! hahaha.

12. janet - April 25, 2007

hahaha that’s hysterical! i can picture that too!

13. shayna - April 25, 2007

OMG…could you imagine martha saying that…that would be a great outtake! haha

14. ethan - April 25, 2007

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

15. dan - April 25, 2007

the question is are you gonna eat it???

16. anonymous - April 25, 2007

SPAM’s taken off since SPAMalot was a success on broadway.

17. roger - April 25, 2007

no shit anonymous…you don’t say?

18. candice - April 25, 2007

hahaha roger…

19. whatpushesmybuttons - April 25, 2007

anonymous: thanks for pointing out the obvious!

Although I think SPAM hit it big time when it was mentioned in Cyprus Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane”. You know the verse:

“toss that ham in the fryin’ pan, like spam, when I come in slam,
Damn, I feel like the son of sam”

that my friends is hitting the big time!

20. roger - April 25, 2007

dude you’re the fuckin best! how do you remember this shit!

21. candice - April 25, 2007


22. trent - April 25, 2007

Insane in the membrane (INSANE IN THE BRAIN)…good shit. love cyprus hill

23. gary - April 25, 2007

The lights are blinking
I’m thinking
It’s all over when I go out drinking

24. h-dog - April 25, 2007

I prefer the line: Fat boy on a diet, Don’t try it, I’ll jack your ass like a looter in a riot

25. tiffany - April 25, 2007

that whole song rocks!!!

26. marilyn - April 25, 2007

ok…i have to admit…even though i’m afraid too…i now officially LOVE THIS BLOG! you guys are all awesome! keep commenting!

27. olore - April 25, 2007

We so need a SPAM dish at the next superbowl event !

I’ve never tried it, but funny story: I was at a diner with a bunch of friends back in high school & we were trying to explain SPAM to my buddy Dan. So we go up and sit at the counter and Dan spots the cook grab a can of spray & spray it on the griddle. Dan turns around & all of the sudden there is bacon on the griddle. He thought he just witnessed a miracle. He was like “That SPAM shit is awesome! It’s like spray-on bacon.”

It only took us 20 minutes to explain to him what he saw was the cook greasing the griddle with PAM, not SPAM.

Why am I friends with these people?

If you ever post a blog entry about jump starting a car, I got a doozy on that topic too!

28. thos - April 26, 2007

Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam. Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam!

29. sugar smacks - April 26, 2007

It’s about time someone expounded on the flexibility of SPAM. I haven’t heard ANYTHING about SPAM since Monty Python’s rant.

Personally, I think SPAM ranks up there with canned Vienna weiners on the hideosity scale, but whatever. It’s good, in a nostalgic way, to see SPAM back in the fold.

30. whatpushesmybuttons - April 26, 2007

I love canned Vienna Weiners. My grandmother used to make them for me all the time!!! good stuff. Until i got older and found out how bad they are for you. Now, like Sardines, i just can’t get the courage to eat them anymore. Damn sodium intake…why does sodium have to be so bad for you!!!

31. sugar smacks - April 27, 2007

Funny, I JUST started getting all about the sardines, last month. I used to be afraid of them (they reminded me of tin foil), but now, I am all about them, with some crusty old bread. I feel like a sailor when I eat them. I eat them right outta the can sometimes.


I’ve never been all about the vienna weiners.

p.s. thanks for visiting me blog

32. candice - April 27, 2007

eww…sardines! grossy!

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